Ummm Shouldn’t Winston be taken to task for this outrageous falsehood???



So, ummmmmm.

About Winston.

Now when word first broke that he had hired the dirty politics operators behind Brexit, he contemptuously ruled it out…

Winston Peters denies hiring political operatives dubbed the bad boys of Brexit, to help run NZ First campaign

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…but now it turns out that Winston was wrong and NZ First has hired the Brexit dirty politics team…

‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ confirm contract with NZ First, promise ‘Winston on steroids’

…so on the 7th of July Winston was denying something he now admits to yesterday?

Folks, Winston can’t just lie to our faces and be allowed to get way with it, that’s outrageous!

It’s also incredibly dangerous to allow social media Brexit manipulators like Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore who used Facebook and Cambridge Analytica to become involved in NZ politics.

On the Left we have told ourselves that vast swathe of people who don’t vote are poor and brown and disenfranchised, and while that is certainly true, it also includes a large number of angry white men who don’t bother voting because they feel culturally alienated by the current paradigms of micro-aggression policing and Millennial sensibilities. This group of males are economically paranoid by their perceived lack of cultural power and whose economic anxiety clashes with being told they are the ones with the privilege.

Rather than engaging, these male white voters simply shield themselves in apathy and cynicism and don’t vote.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica changed all this. They suddenly had hundreds of data points to know how to precisely push those angry white non voters into rage fuelled voting machines. This manipulation of white male anger become the driving force that saw Trump win, Brexit win and Scott Morrison win.

Can Banks & Wigmore harness culture war white male resentment without Cambridge Analytica micro messaging insights? Do those trigger messages still reverberate in a pandemic environment?

Surely the alienation that made white male anger so harvestable for Trump, Brexit and Scott Morrison evaporates because of the solidarity of Covid?

In a pandemic environment, these games of political spite seem far less certain because people have real threats to their lives, not imagined cultural inferiority complexes.

With Crusher Collins clearly intending to trigger the same culture war hot buttons NZ First are now actively chasing, the race to trigger angry white men will see a spike in divisiveness aimed at getting a reaction out of woke Green activists which will echo resentment around social media feeds.

If you are an alienated angry white male, watching that Woke Green activist screaming in your social media feed is all you need to support whatever they are screaming against.

Will the NZ Woke take the bait? They sure as fuck will.

Woke activists foolishly made a huge deal about Todd Muller owning that stupid MAGA hat when the truth is that Crusher embodies the political revenge fantasies of Trump in a way Muller never could.

This is rapidly going to become a very messy election.

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  1. Yesterday Winston stated that our country is crying out for strong leadership.
    For Christ sake, he does think we are stupid after all.

    He was, and maybe still is the Deputy Prime Minister, and has been for the last three years.

    It is time he sailed off into the sunset

  2. Winston always has been as slippery as an eel, and a well-polished professional liar. That’s why he has been so successful: telling people what they want to hear whilst championing his own exceptionalness.

    I personally wouldn’t trust him to bring back the change out of $5 for the purchase of a loaf of bread you ask him to buy for you.

  3. @ MB. You ask.
    “Ummm Shouldn’t Winston be taken to task for this outrageous falsehood???”
    I ask: Which one? There are so many.
    I think, that, because we don’t have mandatory voting those whom are motivated to vote become stratified and entirely manipulatable. As we’re about to see.
    Look at neoliberal National, for example.
    Those so inclined will vote to make sure national stay ‘in’
    ( While they steam up their glasses as they finger the money of others. ) while the rest of us, and I’d argue the majority, give up, stay home and get pissed.
    That’s why we’re in the shit we’re in.
    Did you hear of this little known fact about winston peters? When he was born, he was born inside a Trojan horse. Was true. Seriously. His mother and father just kept feeding it pin stripe suits until a fully fledged winston fell out at the dawn of the neoliberal take over of our AO/NZ.
    Did he then wipe roger douglas’s greasy finger marks off his bank account to go to work.?
    I do know he was photographed with don brash doing tea, Mr Bare Chest But No Undie Bulge himself. The Donster who murdered my mum and dad and consigned me to a tumultuous life of swear words and a phobia of anything in a suit.
    I think it’s time for mandatory voting and it’s time for Labour to publicly recognise and accept [it] was parasitised by a National Party initiative to inject Labour with a neoliberal hit squad disease which infected old Labour and brought it to it’s knees while making ‘good coin’ in the process.
    An engineer might see that ‘process’ as a mechanical thing that desperately needs to be rewound by its criminal makers.

    The 26th of July is James Lovelocks birthday.
    He’s 101. He’s also simply awesome.
    Meet Mr Gaia himself.
    James Lovelock.
    winston peters is a crook in my opinion. His mentors are crooks too, in my opinion.
    But they have one weakness. They’re in a minority.
    Most of us in AO /NZ are good enough people. We care about each other more than we care about making millions and billions.
    We just must vote.

  4. Good points Martyn – this certainly concerns me. Winston and NZF are now in the weigh-up more disadvantage than advantage in Parliament.

    • Everyone discovers this after voting for him once and finding out he lied.
      He’s run out of gullible people at last, a shame because on paper what he stands for is good for NZ, turns out hes just another sellout lawyer, always has been.

  5. If it were not for Winston, some of us would not be here today. Borders would be wide open, CCP would be making their presence known, buying up more of our businesses and land etc, NZ would have areas under near-permanent Lockdown, similar to Victoria. Big Oil would still be drilling off the coast, Auckland and other cities’ homes would still be being flogged off to China and other foreign nations. The world’s most corrupt billionaires would still be buying their way in. Police would be heavily armed and the military would be surrounding those in Lockdown. ETC!!! ETC!!!

    “Thank you Winston.”

  6. This is a this is a base analysis beneath this writer. Brexit and Trump represent an emerging different economic system that obviously is bound to happen (happening now) because the old one has totally gutted itself and collapsed, not about white male micro aggression’s. It takes such a leap of total ignorance to think that this system can just keep borrowing and borrowing into infinity. The material world is finite, and that has nothing to do with white man micro aggression. This article missed entirely what is truly interesting here- and it is that we see where Winston and war criminal Tony Blair’s minion- our Queen Jacinda are arm and arm, and it is with the United Kingdom, still. I think New Zealand is to far away for a new regional block with the UK who wants to merge with Saudi Arabia and the Mideast (that is was Brexit was about in reality). But at least we get a glimpse of where the heads are at and it seems it would support a war with Iran. Will you?

  7. BREAKING NEWS – Another Politician Just Lied!

    Just relax, look Winston’s Timeline will reach final destination in 6 months, maybe 24 to 36 months? 5 years tops and he will probably be dead? His political career is in deep winter / fading twilight, poll numbers around his ankles. So obviously in fits of desperation he’s hired some ‘outside’ help to delay the inevitable demise of his political career. Desperate times require desperate measures can anyone really blame him?

    Frankly he should just pull the plug now on his political life support machine, and with the remaining time he has left before shuffling off this mortal coil, go join other retired politicians like Peter Dunne and write stupid nothings on Newsroom, Stuff et cetera, or any other outlet willing to publish his drivel, I mean opinion.

    The real excitement awaits just on the horizon, with Collins and Rawshark, I mean @KimDotcom going toe-to-toe in the public arena.

    Dirty Fucking Politics, the gift that keeps on giving. . .

  8. Collins has ruled him out why does Jacinda not do the same .He has made a fool of Andrew Little at least 3 times and shown it is a poor friend if they want to be push any Green policy. Eliminate his party and make if our Consulate head in a country far away from NZ

  9. Hmm I thought the so called disenfranchised, Culturally alienated gun nut gwogs (grumpy white old guys) were supposed to vote for act!

  10. Winston doesn’t need these two windbags, if anything he is promoting them. These coat tailers should instead stick to their brexit while simultaneously offering 3 million Hong Kong nationals UK residency

  11. He’s toast anyway – with Judith in charge there isn’t a protest vote issue anymore. Ironically he’ll help National if he goes down this route

  12. ” This is rapidly going to become a very messy election ”
    With Dame Judith and her vast network of dirty politics allies , MSM influence and Crosby Textor messaging advice this will be on a par with the Kiwi / Iwi 2005 campaign.
    The armies of Mordor are rising.

  13. Adern is too gutless to denounce him. Even Collins is too weak to completely rule out working with Winston First after the election.
    Regardless of Winston Firsts performance, Adern will remain prime minister sadly. In an ideal world both her and crusher would lose.

  14. Winston is rolling the dice one last time. Anti Labour…anti Greens…Anti-immigration….etc etc etc

    Winston will have it conclusively confirmed in September that NZ is sick to the back teeth of one cynical politician. The polls that came out two months ago not only signaled the end of Simon Bridges, it also confirmed NZF was dead in the water. Two days later, Winston started undermining Labour. One key area was the bubble with Australia that he was adamant should have already started. It was a cheap shot and cynically undermining the Government he was deputy leader of. Thankfully he was ignored. When you look at what’s unfolding in Australia now. It would have been devastating for NZ. With friends like him who needs enemies? More cynical undermining of Labour today that was akin to abuse.

    Not only has he proven just how cynical he is, he’s also showing how angry and desperate he is. Watch for more of the same. He’s also very creative with the truth and has big question marks over issues of trust. His legacy will now be of a man who is toxic and untrustworthy. Bye bye can’t come fast enough.

  15. As a grumpy old white guy, I have a collection of reasons to wring Winston’s neck, should I ever get my hands around it, that vastly outweighs the wildest excesses of the most woke vermin presently in parliament. I wouldn’t feed him to my notional dog, and I wouldn’t vote for him if he died and rose again. I’m less than entirely confident that the shitposting of a couple of Pommie ratbags is going to be enough to change my mind.

  16. Why did he lie about bringing in the off-shore jackals ? What’s going on ?

    If I wanted a fellow who eats raw meat, I’d vote for Tarzan, but I daresay that’s another lie too. Shafting Labour and the Greens is pathetic show-offery and won’t work now that he’s looking corrugated inside and out.

  17. The man who calls himself the ‘handbrake’

    Put a stop to putting cameras on fishing boats….

    Put a stop to an extra holiday to help local tour operators….

    Put a stop to a rent holiday for small businesses locked out of their premises…..

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