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  1. A little bit draconian but shouldn’t those escaping from their isolation that they must have surely agreed to prior to boarding their flight simply be put on a flight back to where they came from regardless of their citizenship status? After all, most, if not all have probably been working off-shore and decided, belatedly it would seem, that this virus shitstorm wasn’t in fact going to go away so they better head home.
    Then, when they get here and are put up in in a hotel with 3 meals a day at zero cost to themselves they decide that the rules that they must have agreed to don’t apply to them and take it upon themselves to go walkabout.
    Plan B would be to put them in a room with some of those that have lost their jobs or businesses so that they can explain why they deserve to stay either out of jail or in New Zealand.

  2. At least the Aussies don’t think returnee’s should be paid for by the taxpayers… but in woke land NZ, anyone from overseas automatically seems to qualify for NZ taxpayer money – no wonder we can’t match Aussie benefits in NZ and have some of the worst ICU bed rates in the OECD…..

    Returning travellers to be charged for New South Wales hotel quarantine

    (The Aussies also got onto giving away Aussie benefits to foreigners buying Aussie residency while NZ are still helplessly stuck in Rogernomics corporate welfare and Neoliberal Globalism welfare mode. )

    Who knows Tarrent might not have chosen to be in NZ to train for his terrorism if NZ government policies did not make it so easy to live here as a foreigner up to no good, while being supported by the NZ taxpayers… due to our 1800’s style immigration policies…

  3. Bums on seats approaches at our universities seem to be creating some disturbing morally corrupt people getting degrees and threatening the integrity of our public systems in their employment by their poor behaviour and permanent harm to NZ’s vulnerable…. .

    Calls for authorities to investigate lawyer’s cases amid fears innocent people languish in prison

    Tribunal strikes off two Auckland lawyers

    Also Venod Skantha one of the first cases of this kind where a doctor gets convicted of murder after litany of poor behaviour previously that was leniently sanctioned, such as being drunk on the job, lying about dead parents, ‘feeling’ up teenagers etc … as far as I am aware went to an Auckland university to study medicine….

    NZ might need to tighten up standards of conduct, not just the quarantine shambles… the entire county now has people who are morally repugnant and incompetent in their jobs preying on vulnerable people… from high paid jobs to low paid jobs.

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