Can the Green get over 5%? In the ‘new reality’, does it matter?


Over the last few weeks pundits on the Right and the Left have taken my 3 year old argument the Greens won’t get over 5%.

The math part of the argument is simple. The Greens have gone backwards in every election for the last 9 years and they always over poll before the election. Todays 6% can easily by under 5% on election day. I’ve also added that the international vote that always saves the Greens won’t go to them this year because Jacinda is such an internationally celebrated phenomena.

The why the Greens have slumped however is a tad more controversial than the math.

I’ve argued that the Greens reliance on twitter praise has driven them to virtue signal their woke middle class identity politics so much so they have actually alienated voters rather than attract them.

The Greens have abandoned real environmental progress against climate change (promising to maybe do something in 30 years IS NOT A SOLUTION) and they’ve dumped a broad-church social justice platform in favour of pure temple mantras that manage to include via exclusion.

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Remember Green attempts to use the terror atrocity in Christchurch to push their argument all white people were culpable for that violence because of micro aggressions and casual racism…

Christchurch vigil or political rally? Why some people walked out of Auckland Domain event

Speeches calling out racism, colonialism and white supremacy at an Auckland vigil for victims of the Christchurch mosque attacks had some attendees leaving early, saying it was “too soon” for such discussions.

…when your woke activists starting point is that all men are rapists, all white people are racist and anyone supporting free speech is an actual goose stepping Nazi, there’s not a lot of wriggle room.

The Pride Parade take over by Woke activists, 4th wave feminists and non binary allies two years ago is a perfect example of where the Greens have ended up culturally.

Previous to their demanding Police not wear their uniforms, the Pride Parade had become an essential cultural event shared by all BECAUSE of the inclusivity and love tactics by the Rainbow community throughout the 80s, 90s and 00s.

This inclusivity and celebration of difference won support in the straight community and as Pride grew, homophobia receded in NZ. Genuine progress had been achieved, however woke activists in the here and now felt Trans issues had not been recognised and they embarked upon a wrecking ball campaign to demolish and destroy the past with all the passion of ISIS rebels blowing up ancient religious statues.

Just listen to what those Woke activists had to say in their own words to appreciate how politically toxic their activism has become…


…as social media has become totally ubiquitous within all our lives, those easily identifiable woke green activists screaming abuse at you in your social media feed for the latest outrage doesn’t ‘wake’ you up, it simply creates alienation.

This is why the Greens have barely managed to poll over their disastrous 2017 result and with Jacinda over shining everything they say and do, the Greens have become those people you actively avoid rather than engage with.

I say all this as someone who has voted Green my entire adult life.

Green Woke Activists think they can win the election if they simply cancel all the voters who don’t agree 100% with everything they have to say.

I’m not sure that’s a winning strategy.

While the Greens step towards a wealth tax has made it more likely they will cross the threshold, the simple truth of the new reality we find ourselves in is will it matter?

Bryce Edwards says Labour’s fortunes rest with the Greens.


However I would argue that the new reality has set in motion a change in the psychology of the electorate, that voters new found solidarity and gratitude towards Jacinda could combine to create an unseen before wave of support for Labour that will be able to win them an unprecedented MMP majority.

With Winston unable to campaign for health reasons and the National Party Boag Dirty Politics meltdown, Labour have never had it so good.

The question on September 20th won’t be can the Greens get over 5%, the question will be who cares once Labour’s 50%+ landslide occurs.


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  1. I don’t want the Greens out of parliament, and think they are a genuinely required as a cattle prod for Labour to take action on progressing certain laws. I hope the caucus orient themselves to environmental reform, comprehensive drug reform and constitutional reforms, which seems to be Chloe‘s M/O. The radical left element of the party will be their death – with the fringe social justice nonsense, especially within the current economic situation.

    • Yes and the other question is, – is it good political health for just one party to be elected,.. we’ve seen it all before under FPP whereby party’s became arrogant , pursued only what they deemed important and sidelined large chunks of the electorates wishes. We’ve seen the colossal gall and corruption under 9 years of John Keys govt and what he got away with,…and after another similar 9 years many things could happen regardless of any party.

  2. Back in the days when some people thought communism was a viable alternative, it was the natural destination of the the perpetually angry. Then the 1980’s happened and communism was shown to be a mirage, the angry bunch suddenly had no home and the die-hards migrated to the green movement.

    So here we are today, with the same childish, attention seeking behaviour but clothed in green. All those pranks to gain publicity for green issues, climbing up buildings, swimming in front of ships and chaining to gates aren’t really about the environment at all. No, it’s all about spoiled rich kids acting out.

    • Andrew – I think it’s worse than that, and I say this as someone who supported the Green Party well before it was hijacked by some of its current activists, and unlikely to support it again – even though it does have some good people. We need a Green party – but not this one.

      The turning point for me, was the Muslim Massacre vigil when brown Green females, not just tarnished the history of my parents’ and grandparents’ and great grandparents’ generations, but expressed hostility to contemporary white NZ’ers, portraying them as the enemy to the already deeply traumatised folk of the Muslim community. That was cruel. Nor do I see how any politician who appears bigoted towards a large section of society, can properly represent them in Parliament.

      What were they hoping to achieve ?

      “Let’s rake over the crimes of the past to create anger and diversion in the present ! Because that’s the only way we can heal”. (Andrew Lawrence, comedian)

      “…make me an instrument of your peace
      Where there is hatred, let me sow love
      Where there is injury, pardon
      Where there is doubt, faith
      Where there is despair, hope…”
      Where there is darkness, light
      And where there is sadness, joy.” (Francis of Assisi, Saint.)

      I’m not asking for saints in government, and some religious nutters are as divisive as the haters, but that night, I saw Marama Davidson as joining the queue of Richardson, Shipley, and Bennett, as women contributing to societal harm, when we need people in Parliament striving to be inclusive, and to heal.

  3. I posted this elsewhere, but it really belongs here (too)

    New housing needs to be “Green”.
    And, amazingly the Greens have now begun the move in that direction! (Finally!)
    Here is the link: Green Party Wants Solar Panels for State Homes

    As part of the plan, the Greens want to upgrade all 63,000 social and community homes with solar panels and back-up batteries, to save on power bills and enable them to share clean energy with their neighbours.

    The grants would be delivered in partnership with existing solar companies and not-for-profit energy organisations.

    The party policy stated the rooftops of state homes were an untapped opportunity to create free electricity from the sun. They could become virtual power plants, sharing clean energy, saving households thousands of dollars each year.

    The plan also includes a Government grant to halve the price of installing solar in privately-owned homes, and offer grants and low-interest loans for businesses to transition. More at the link

    Now if they would only include rainwater tanks for backup, and NZ wool for insulation..

  4. I too would like to see Ricardo Menendez March in Parliament, only Sue Bradford and occasionally Marama Davidson, have ever truly advocated for beneficiaries in Parliament itself.

    Labour should not govern alone or we will never see neo liberalism rolled back. The Greens are needed in the next Govt. whatever their Twitter crimes may be.

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