Why we must social media shame Martin McVicar and his 3 other absconders


So this alleged arsehole Martin Mcvicar, allegedly cuts a hole in his quarantine fence so he can go get some booze and he joins the three others, the old woman who climbed a fence to go party (seriously girlfriend, at 43, stick to Netflix & chill rather than clubbing), the delicate wee flower who just had to go to the Supermarket and take selfies (who feels really triggered everyone is going to know his name once he gets charged), and overnight a fourth case of some 60 year old who broke out and started knocking on neighbours doors.

Now not for one second did anyone think we needed this level of compulsion over quarantine because we all simply assumed those New Zealanders fortunate enough to get back into the country would appreciate the privilege they had in coming home!

It’s VERY important that NZ social media roundly criticises and denounces Martin McVicar and his 3 mates because it’s only the ritualist humiliation that online media does so well that will terrify quarantining NZers to take their obligations seriously.

There’s also another important reason.


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As a culture, we haven’t shared a unique universal experience like the lockdown since the war and it’s produced an enormous gratitude to Jacinda while spawning a toxic solidarity that turns on anyone risking that sacrifice.

The naked reality is that our grotesquely underfunded Ministry of Health (everyone remember the measles epidemic fiasco last year?) doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of coping with a full blown Covid-19 outbreak and our ludicrously pathetic track trace system couldn’t track trace a virus if the virus was a cat and the track trace was a hungry dog locked together in one single room with a pork chop tied around the cats neck.

Our ONLY defence is stopping this plague at the border so we have to get medieval on anyone who risks that only safety valve.

Normally Social media is only good for…

  • Alt Right Nazi recruitment
  • Sulking gun nuts
  • Sulking anti-1080 activists
  • Woke social media lynchings
  • Cancel Culture Aficionados
  • Wellington Twitteratti Struggle Sessions
  • 5G causes cancer advocates
  • and Instagram Influencers who have turned to OnlyFan porn to make ends meet.

so let’s use social media for what it’s really supposed to be used for, outrageous public shaming of a tiny misdemeanour in the hope that such a public flogging will terrify every returning NZer into behaving while in quarantine. Allow those incandescent with rage to put the blame where it should be, on these individuals and not the Labour Government.

We’ve successfully processed 30 000 Kiwis through this system, 4 have behaved appallingly. The NZ Herald, Mike Hosking and Tova will personally blame Jacinda for that and rather than allow our toxic solidarity explode all over a Government that is actually saving us, allow it to channel, via social media, onto those whose personal demons drive them to do stupid, stupid, stupid things.

Is this a solution?

Of course it isn’t, but keeping the sleepy Hobbits of Muddle Nuzilind busy screaming at those who they feel have risked their lockdown sacrifice is a far better outcome then having those same sleepy Hobbits of Muddle Nuzilind turn on a Government that is actually protecting us.

This is what we is now. This is who we are.


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  1. Woops, my mistake..I thought this piece was written by Garth McVicor. Reminds me of your outrage the time someone spray painted your garage door..

  2. What an ageist twat you’ve grown into Bomber! WTF do have against 43 year old women having a night out?????
    My significant other and I play music at various gigs and OMG we dance and sing and drink and we’re in our 60’s. Wake the fuck up you miserable prick! age is no barrier to the boogie.
    I heard Buddy Guy play when he was 70 and he tore the place apart none of the slow arse younguns could keep up!
    Hell my grand \ma had her last child( number 7) at the age of 43 so did my mum.
    43 ain’t old!

    • The latest absconder was obviously a disturbed individual and is being cared for instead of crucified by know nothing pundits. This absconder just the fourth among thousands who have played their part correctly.

      Amy Adams sneering into the TV cameras with her best ‘born to rule’ facial sneer ( which she does without even trying), laying the blame on the government because of a mentally upset woman’s cry for help shows the cruelty side of National mps who wouldn’t know empathy if it bit them on the arse.
      At least Adams didn’t use Muller’s favourite ‘shambles’ word- too close to home I presume.

  3. These people will be dealt to by the full arm of the law. We do not also need to drag them through the social media coals and bully them to death. Let the law teach them their lesson we don’t need to publicly crucify them on the cross. Be kind.

  4. I have been pissed off at the way that social media has been used to ferment trouble and spread lies and maliciousness. Sweeties who belong to the let it all hang out mindset can go jump. I would gather up these pathetic individuals who can’t discipline themselves and forego any bit of excitement they can imagine, and put them in isolation in jail. As you note Martyn we are underfunded on everything that is important, and these circus followers from Brave New World are as irresponsible and empty headed as the imagined adult-children in that scarily prophetic novel by Aldous Huxley.

  5. Removing a person’s spending power whilst in managed isolation would have reduced the chances of 2 of the four absconding. The penalties for absconders are far too lenient. Quadrupling them … $16,000 fine AND 2 years in prison would be a much better deterrent. Hell, would we even need to police the facilities?

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