The Liberal Agenda – Alternative Aotearoa Political Left Election 2020 Conference


A one-day seminar for the Environmental, Social and Economic Transformation of Aotearoa live streamed on The Daily Blog.

Attendance Free
Register via email to: bronwensummers@gmail.ocm

Organisations presenting include:
Greenpeace, Better Futures Forum, Child Poverty Action Group, State Housing Action, School Strike for Climate, Extinction Rebellion, Unite Union, Council of Trade Unions, Migrant Workers Association, Just Speak, Quality Public Education Coalition, Action Station, Auckland Action Against Poverty, People Against Prisons Aotearoa . . . and more



    Big drivers of change are at the political level, but individuals can influence these processes. We can’t afford to leave it all to a youth movement.

    A challenge for the social-ecological Left.

    Horizontal and vertical networking and joint action by civil society organizations and science.

    The power of Now.

    Now…… or perhaps Never.

  2. Some good and practical suggestions, indeed.

    …including life streaming and online participation.

    But: collecting concerns is not enough.
    But: collecting concerns is not enough.

    Rough framework:

    “System Change. Now.”

    1. Socio-economic conditions and ecological parametric quantities urgently requiring public responses by civil society and academic institutions.

    2. Evolving role of civil society organizations, non-government organizations and critical academe to drive adequate local governance, effective climate resilience measures and sustainable system changes.

    3. Pathway(s) and envisaged milestones toward a society beyond the neo-liberal paradigm gradually imposed over planet Earth during the past 50 years.

    4. Potential contributions by respective CSOs, NGOs, scientific groups, public audience to build the prioritized pathway.

    5. Networking and organizational matters. Logistics and communications.

    +++ Important doctrine: rights-based not charities-based implementation approach.

    Just thinking aloud…


    Mozambique – Amon Düül II (1973)

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