The funniest thing about a Chinese Spy inside the National Party 


The most hilarious part of having a Chinese Spy inside the National Party is how much the rest of the planet is laughing at us…

NZ Chinese MP ducks questions, interviews

New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has challenged opposition leader Todd Muller to “stand up for this country” and address Dr Jian Yang’s membership of the National party room.

The secretive Yang has been an MP since 2011 and has not given an English-language interview in this term of Parliament.

…everywhere else reacts in shock at how NZers just allow this to happen…

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Hong Kong-based Financial Times Asia editor Jamil Anderlini, who broke the story of Yang’s previous allegiances in 2017, told TV1 Yang’s position in Parliament made “New Zealand a laughing stock globally and in China”.

“How can you get away with this stuff? It’s unbelievable,” he said.

“When it comes to our closest allies in the Five Eyes [intelligence-sharing agreement between USA, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ], it’s a source of bewilderment.”

…National Party voters NEVER mention that they have a Chinese spy inside their caucus, it’s silently ignored, the woke activists consider any criticism of China is xenophobic and attack anyone as racist who brings it up and the Government are so terrified of embarrassing China, they say very little about a Chinese spy inside Parliament either.

So we have National Party voters who ignore a Chinese spy, woke activists screaming racist and Government MPs too frightened to anger China, it allows for Dr Jian Yang to not have to face any english speaking interviews  or any scrutiny at all.

I’ve never started a petition for anything before, here is the first one I’ve created here.

Sign to have Jian Yang removed from the National Party and send a message that even if the politicians are too frightened to stand up to China and the media too timid to cover it, the ordinary citizen on the street can roar over the both of them.

There is no place for a country with the appalling human rights record and mass surveillance fetish of China in our politics.

Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice going into this pandemic and 2020 election – please donate here.

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    • @ Bert. Dead right. ( OMG? Was that a pun…? Dead right? )
      I’m equally amazed that little bill the traitor’s finally found something shorter than himself. Wonders will never cease.
      And little billy, one of the few far right wing farmers out there who would have been quick to throw their brothers and sisters under buses are now those responsible for our AO/NZ having to suck up to the yuan like a vacuum cleaner sucks up duck feathers at a wet market.
      AO/NZ, it should be remembered, had healthy trading relationships with Britain, Europe and the USA for years until little billy clones popped out of their pods and fucked up farming, our farmer’s trading partners ( By buying junk from our export competitor, Australia while the Aussies fucked us on the deal for example. ) and turned AO/NZ’s urban into cocky haters and that division has been very profitably exploited by a few scum with a keen eye for good coin, aye boys?
      @ Bert. You’re correct, in my opinion, in your assertion that it must surely be corruption that’s lead a Chinese national into the Natzo fold. As sure as it was corruption that allowed peter theil to become a citizen of AO/NZ after only twelve days in Godzone mate.
      And one must surely remember? It’s not the 52 thousand people who earn their sole income from the land who must now marry the eldest ugliest son or daughter of any natzo to stay within the ‘family’ who are to blame.
      It’s the 4,948,000 of the rest of us.
      Mandatory voting mate. That’d sort it. Besides, voting’s still an anonymous way of expressing one’s opinion effectively.
      Petitions are a great way to collect personal information, so thanks but no thanks.

      • Well spoken. And little Billy of the self righteous no euthanasia and anti weed fame whilst profiteering off the slave wage Labour kiwis were expected to live off, save for a massive home deposit, care for their whanau and anything else $15 an hour could get you . In the meantime little Billy happy to take dodgy donations from dark places.

  1. What about selling of list MP seats for a measly $100k, hopefully that gets addressed as well.

    Looks like one nation is not afraid to stand up to China…

    India bans TikTok, other Chinese apps amid border clashes

    If the world’s richest man and in the tech sector, has spy ware on their phones and attempts to blackmail him potentially from foreign governments… you have to wonder if our own MP’s have an open line to foreign spies and what they have on NZ MP’s…

    Hack of Jeff Bezos’s phone

  2. He, Mr Yang is a public figure drawing a public wage based on this factor he should have an obligation to make himself available. If he does not want to make himself available for public scrutiny he should not be in parliament. He is not in China he is in NZ and we are a democratic country and we have expectations of our government representatives. If he is so concerned for his privacy he needs to go and get another job because he is not suited and probably should not have been there in the first place.

    • … ”The secretive Yang has been an MP since 2011 and has not given an English-language interview in this term of Parliament.

      It allows for Dr Jian Yang to not have to face any English speaking interviews or any scrutiny at all”…


      I am in agreement with you, michelle . I find this not only offensive but quite lewd. Lewd that this individual thought he could come here, and not only embed himself in our parliamentary system, – but in one of the largest political party’s of this sovereign nation.

      Deceit is not the word I wish to convey but lewd, – with all the perversions that word inspires. A grubby , filthy little parasitic tapeworm who believed that just because of certain weak willed, avarice filled National party members opportunistic inclinations he could worm his way in with impunity. And that to me is a form of lewdness.

      It is also the custom of this country to at least speak and be prepared to speak in a language that is understood and accepted by the greater majority of the citizens of this country. And the official languages are Maori and English. It is considered EXTREMELY RUDE to not comply with those wishes.


      You DO NOT come to this country and assume you can hide from our customs and still retain the office of an elected official that is a taxpayer funded position and continue to draw that salary yet refuse to communicate with the electorate that put you there !!!

      • Agree with you Wild Katipo and the fact Yang has be allowed to do this and get away with it for so long. I find it insulting also that he does interviews for the Chinese media in his native tongue we have right to questions this and we have a right to call this behaviour out. In the meantime others are being called out, it just doesn’t seem right.

  3. Well, Martyn Bradbury , I think you’ve exceeded yourself. I really do. It takes a brave individual to stand up and state the obvious. But my next question is , …where did we get all these spineless politicians from?

    A cheap two dollar shop?

    Why is it,… left to members of the public to have to raise the issue and point out the obvious to our handsomely paid and lavish life-styled living elected parliamentarians?

    Are their spines made of jelly?

    Do we have to hold their hands daily?

    Are they selectively blind when suits and touting the PC mantra of racial equality to cover their true agendas despite the Australians saying ‘access denied’ because of dubious credentials and the ‘alleged’ charges of being a spy tutor at a large military spy academy in mainland China?

    Or is it something else, something we,… as the unwashed public ,…are not privy to? Such as lucrative business deals , shares, trusts and the like?

    Or even the promise of yet even more wealth to our great and glorious leaders if we suffer a Chinese spy in our otherwise liberal democracy…and not just a common garden variety spy, – oh no – but an ‘ELECTED’ MP spy in one of our major political party’s , no less…

    James Bond would have approved with accolades I am sure…

    Goldfinger Theme Song – James Bond

  4. In this multilateral world there is only one truly rogue state. And it isn’t China.

    ‘The US has bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of one of the two drugs proven to work against Covid-19, leaving none for the UK, Europe or most of the rest of the world.

    Experts and campaigners are alarmed both by the US unilateral action on remdesivir and the wider implications, for instance in the event of a vaccine becoming available. The Trump administration has already shown that it is prepared to outbid and outmanoeuvre all other countries to secure the medical supplies it needs for the US.

    “They’ve got access to most of the drug supply [of remdesivir], so there’s nothing for Europe,” said Dr Andrew Hill, senior visiting research fellow at Liverpool University.’

    Taking a line from the Spartacus series: “Kill them all!” (Anyone who not American, and any American who is poor, or black or yellow or brown).

    • In this multilateral world there is only one truly rogue state. And it isn’t China.

      No, China is very definitely in the ‘rogue state’ category and they do seem to be worse than the US as they want direct control of the rest of the world and they’ve set about buying it.

      • Yup China is a lot worse than the US – and the evidence of this is becoming increasingly apparent (and for those that don’t yet see this China is currently Nazi Germany in the mid-30’s).

    • truly rogue states… the list is growing well past America and Israel to China and so many others – half the time USA and Israel helped train or influence the other rogue states rogue governments or dissidents! They do not learn from their mistakes.

  5. Jian Yang = CCP’s plant in NZ politics.

    As a publicly paid political representative of HM’s Opposition of NZ, Yang should be compelled to give interviews. Otherwise he is sacked. Simple. So why is he still there?

    • I suspect he was instructed to lay low, firstly by Key then by Bridges and/or by his puppet masters in China, so we’d all forget he is there and everyone would move on. Only giving interviews in Cantonese or Mandarin or whatever is an affront to all Kiwis and the National Party and Jian Yang himself need to be taken to task over that.

    • He’s still there because he gives the National Party lots of donations which the National Party is happy to accept. They just don’t ask where that money comes from.

  6. No no leave him there – the spectacle of National trying to suck up to the US and China at the same time is too good to miss!

  7. When Jamil Anderlini talks of “our closest allies in the Five Eyes” he reveals where his own loyalties lie – and that is not with New Zealand. Under the watch of successive Labour governments the New Zealand security services have burgled the embassies of Czechoslovakia, India, and Iran on the instructions of MI6 and the CIA and engaged in a vast range of foreign-inspired activities which directly conflict with the political and trading interests of the New Zealand state and its people. In comparison, the risk posed by a PRC sympathizer within the ranks of the National Party is trivial.
    If you want the intelligence services of foreign powers to dictate the actions and policies of the New Zealand government, then vote Labour. If you want them to only have influence, then vote National.

    • You have that the wrong way around.
      Mururoa, no ship visits, not joining the war in 2003 – Labour.

      • You can’t deny that these breaches of international conventions, carried out at the instigation of foreign intelligence services, were carried out under the watch of Labour governments. Clear evidence that the NZLP has put the demands of foreign powers and their intelligence services before the interests of the people of New Zealand.
        Mururoa ended with a Labour government subverting the rule of law in New Zealand by releasing from prison the two French intelligence agents who murdered Fernando Pereira.
        The National Party has an appalling record of capitulating to the interests of foreign powers, but any objective assessment would reveal Labour’s as worse by a degree of magnitude.
        National Party politicians need to be bribed or intimidated before they will sacrifice New Zealand’s national interests to those of foreign powers. Labour politicians will just because they believe that is what good little colonials should do. Right back to the times of Michael Joseph Savage.

        • Objective. Meh, you seem unaware of what happened under the John Key government – the whole Internet Party hook up with Snowden and Greenwald – 2014 election period was an expose – must have passed you by.

          Mururoa is an atoll – French testing in the 70’s. You are confusing it with the Rainbow Warrior – 1980’s.

          The no ship visits, the refusal to participate in the 2003 action, indicate an independence of action and decision-making than applied by a National government.

          • Well, that is interesting. The Labour government of 1972-75 opposes French nuclear testing at Mururoa. Good call. But by 1985 a new Labour government has desisted from direct action against French nuclear testing and the NGO Greenpeace has taken up the baton. French agents then sink the Greenpeace ship “Rainbow Warrior” at the Port of Auckland killing Fernando Pereira. The SIS is nowhere to be seen, but the police and public combine to track down the saboteurs. The Labour government of 1984-85 then sends them home to France with a pat on the head.
            Yes, I can see that until 1975 Labour was willing to take on a second rate European power that was defecating in our backyard. Not any more.
            The New Zealand public led the charge on nuclear ship visits. Labour was forced to concede (happily in the case of David Lange, but only reluctantly by the majority of his cabinet). But Labour continued to do things like burgling the embassies of friendly trading partners on the instructions of the CIA and MI6.
            Helen Clark tried to have a bob each way in Iraq. Supporting the British in Basra (while they were committing heinous war crimes) but trying to avoid putting any of her own troops in harm’s way.
            Not flash. National’s colonialist record is also, as I have noted, appalling. But Labour remains the colonialist party par excellence. Right from the time when Michael Joseph Savage intoned “where she stands we stand.. where she goes we go”. The Labour Party is colonialist by conviction, and does not limit itself to defending the geopolitical interests of the United Kingdom. For example the Fraser government supplied military backing to the French colonialists as they attempted to regain power in their IndoChina colonies from 1946-49.
            If you want to support a colonialist party that is your free choice. But don’t kid yourself that in doing so you become a paragon of patriotic virtue. You are just helping to perpetuate a colonialist regime which for far too long has caused immense suffering to our people.

  8. A member of parliament is there to represent his or her constituents in parliament, and has no obligation to speak to the news media. When speaking in parliament an MP is required to use Te Reo Maori, English or New Zealand sign language. Outside of parliament they can use whatever language they choose. It would seem that Jian Yang keeps close to his constituency, which is more than can be said for many Members of Parliament. Since when has it been a crime to lack fluency in English? If Jian prefers to express his opinions in the Chinese language press, let him do it, and if his opinions are in any way objectionable then let him be called to account in any public forum or media. But don’t try to lynch him just because he finds it easier to communicate in Mandarin than in English.

    • Oh Geoff that’s a very very long bow your trying to draw there. Forget the interview issue and focus on his background.

    • He’s a party list MP, but I get your point – the Chinese hand over money to National and get a Chinese MP who can speak Mandarin.

      • That is the way the colonial political system works. Far from ideal. Rather than pouring vitriol on New Zealand’s Chinese community, it would be helpful to take a hard look at how truly undemocratic the system has become, and work towards more democratic alternatives.

          • Vitriolic would be a euphemism for some of the comments on “The Daily Blog” directed against New Zealand’s Chinese community. Check out some of the comments from “JacindaFan” for example. Then go read the “Security Chiefs’ Memo” to Jacinda (leaked to “The Financial Times”) which urges her to initiate a “public discussion” on the role of the Chinese community in New Zealand society. That was code for “lay out the ground for a pogrom against the New Zealand Chinese”. Exactly what we are seeing here.

            • Totally agree Geoff Fischer. Must be about time for a another statement from prof Brady and her friends at the wilson centre.

        • No it is the way the National Party works – offering seats in return for money – as the now well-known exchange between Bridges and Ross demonstrated.

          And its hardly an attack on the Chinese resident or citizens here to note how this went down.

          • I totally agree, this is not anti Chinese sentiment, my bridesmaid was a wonderful Chinese friend. The Bridges/ Jamie Lee Ross tapes is a classic example of money influencing politics to buy an election.

  9. Jian Yang could always use a translator – maybe one of those he taught English to could come here to take up the skilled worker position ….

    It’s more a case that he has little interest in our domestic politics and national affairs, just an agent of influence for the Chinese community (maybe international as well as domestic) to a National government, an MP for those who speak Mandarin. That someone so closely linked backed to the mainland is in such a role would have a sanguine impact – maintain a compliant to authority nationalism order.

    It’s probably little more than that, others would be active in an overseer of the community roles, and others would be the ones focused on gathering intel.

  10. “Jamil Anderlini, Financial Times Asia editor who broke the story about Dr Yang three years ago, said he was “astonished” that someone who had spent 15 years working in Chinese military intelligence was in Parliament.”

    WTF is this dodgy Chinese spy an MP, given he is a known liar on his immigration declaration (which should bar him from citizenship and Parliament)? Oh I know, the Natz want to suck up to Chinese money no matter that they have to sell NZ to the Chinese to get there.

    And he won’t even talk to the media – shows how much he ‘loves NZ’ as he supposedly said.

    We should be very very careful about our relationship with China – everything has strings attached, and the values of their government are not our values e.g. now they’re sterilising Uighur women.

  11. I guess the joke is also upon the NZ National Party for confirming how OWNED by the Chinese Communist Party it truly is.

    But then it’s likely the Chinese have ‘donated’ more money to the NZ National Party coffers since 2008 than any other group. And this is National’s way of saying”Thankyou very much for your kind donations”(applying the Telethon song that many of us may remember so well).

    Since Jian Yang obviously doesn’t like dealing with English speaking low income NZ voters and even English spekaing NZ news organisations it shows he has a contempt of NZers through and through. Which means he would be seen mingling with any low income NZers but expects us low income NZers to fund his lifestyle and perks of the job i.e the NZ taxpayer paid wages etc.

    To have an MP who has clearly shown his contempt of NZ and NZers indicates National have an unworthy MP within their midst. And so either National OWNS up to being OWNED by China or they demand Jian Yang resign from the Party.

    Either way National are showing how lowly they have been prepared to stoop to. The “BUY(by donation or Chinese Communist Party links) INTO NATIONAL AND BECOME ONE OF ITS MPS” days must surely be numbered by now???!!!!

    National have demeaned itself continuously by entering into the deal of unpleasant bed partners with whomever gives them the most money in the form of donations. But then the rot must have set in about election time 2008 for the all too pervading smell of desperation to be still with the NZ National Party ‘ranks’ to this day.

    • I noticed I made a typo mistake in my earlier posting. I had written: Which means he would be seen mingling with any low income NZers but expects us low income NZers to fund his lifestyle and perks of the job i.e the NZ taxpayer paid wages etc.

      What I meant was:
      Which means he would NOT be seen mingling with any low income NZers but expects us low income NZers to fund his lifestyle and perks of the job i.e the NZ taxpayer paid wages etc.

  12. If he can’t front up to his constituents and media in NZ he most definitely does not belong in our government! Ethically very wrong

  13. The three critical questions are:
    1. What is the going price to secure a high place on the National Party list?
    2. When are they going to release the list? Only two and a half months to the election and they haven’t released the list yet? (Smells of confusion in the party).
    3. What number on the list will Mike Hosking be? (Anyone running a sweepstake?)

    • Mike the lefty – “What number on the list will Mike Hosking be?” I think Mike’s volunteering to be the first name-cognisable person to be snuffed out by the virus to prove what a shambles everything is. Good Christian sort of stuff, seeing as…

  14. Remember this from last September? Simon Bridges and Jian Yang took a trip to China, together with Mr Brownlee. That was about “furthering trade relations”, right? Well, yeah… maybe nah.

    During the trip, Bridges, National’s Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Gerry Brownlee and National MP Jian Yang met with one of the most powerful people in the Communist Party of China – Guo Shengkun.

    Guo is one of 25 people with a seat on the Central Politburo, which oversees the Party. He is also the Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission, which oversees all of China’s legal enforcement authorities, including the country’s police, intelligence agencies and courts. understands that in general diplomatic practice, Guo isn’t the person to meet foreign opposition delegations. Guo was formerly the Minister of Public Security. Excerpt from Bridges Singing From Chinas Songbook

    At the time, the Asia editor of the Financial Times, Jamil Anderlini, tweeted: “Why is the leader of New Zealand’s biggest opposition party meeting with the head of China’s secret police? And why is he in Beijing with a New Zealand member of parliament who spent 15 years working for Chinese military intelligence?” Nat MP Jian Yang Organised Bridges China Trip

    And now, right on cue as Beijing’s National Security Law is being enforced in Hong Kong, Mr Bridges is suddenly brought in from the cold. He’s welcomed back into the National Party Shadow Cabinet and is handed their Foreign Affairs portfolio.

  15. Further to my comment above:

    So, the Chinese Administration wanted one of its most powerful figures, who oversees the country’s domestic surveillance and will be instrumental in the handling of pro-democracy Hong Kong protests, to meet with New Zealand’s Opposition Leader.

    It wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask why. From previous linked article of Sept 2019

    “Instrumental in the handling of pro-democracy Hong Kong protests.”
    We’re seeing the end result now, the ending of pro-democracy activism in Hong Kong.

    Also from that linked article:
    Asked for his view on the “illegal” and “violent” pro-democracy Hong Kong protestors, Bridges said: “We understand and accept China’s sovereignty in Hong Kong.

    And this:
    Yang didn’t mention in his CV a decade he spent in the People’s Liberation Army-Air Force Engineering College or the Luoyang language institute run by China’s equivalent of the United States National Security Agency. That agency, the Third Department, conducts spying activities for China.

  16. That linked article asks, “Is New Zealand being played?”
    Well, if that were so, wouldn’t they now be calling for our silence?

    Oh, wait.. China Urges NZ to Stop Interfering

    Our “interference” consisted of an expression of concern:
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters on Wednesday morning issued a statement, saying New Zealand had “consistently emphasised its serious concern about the imposition of this legislation on Hong Kong without inclusive consultation or the proper involvement of all of Hong Kong’s institutions”.

    “Interfering”?? There’s a certain irony here, given that their man Yang is so securely embedded as an NZ National Party MP.

    So, will the National Party now also voice concerns over the Hong Kong security law? Or are they already too compromised? …And will we only hear The Silence of the Natz Carrie Lam[b]s?

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