Peters criticism of Israeli annexation plan ‘all gums and no teeth’


Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa is pleased that the Foreign Minister, Winston Peters, has today expressed serious concern at Israeli plans to annex large parts of the Occupied West Bank, but says the New Zealand government is failing to use any leverage to get Israel to take any notice.

PSNA National Chair, John Minto, says the statement is ‘all gums and no teeth’.

“New Zealand governments have been saying ad nauseum that Israel should give up territory which it occupied in the 1967 war, ever since Israel fought that war to take more Palestinian land.”

“However by never joining with other countries to put real pressure on Israel to comply with international law and United Nations resolutions, Israel is now poised to commit another flagrant breach of international law and extinguish the last hope that Palestinians could ever achieve statehood.”

Steps New Zealand should be taking to back up its criticism of Israel include:

TDB Recommends
  • suspending our bilateral agreements with Israel
  • prohibiting the importation of products of illegal settlements made in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
  • instructing the Superannuation Fund to disinvest in any Israeli company complicit in settlement activities or land confiscation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
  • ending arms and military equipment purchases from Israeli companies
  • closing the Israeli embassy (as we did when Israeli Mossad agents stole New Zealand passports in another breach of international law)

“We still import Israeli goods from the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and our Superfund still invests in Israeli companies which profit from illegal settlement building and the occupation.”

When Russia annexed Crimea our then Foreign Minister Murray McCully put in place some limited sanctions on individuals associated with the annexation. Despite much more egregious and long-standing breaches of international law and UN resolutions by Israel, Peters is signalling no such steps.

“Any objective look at the situation will show Peters’ claim of New Zealand’s “principled and balanced approach to the Middle East Peace Process” is a fairytale”. The conflict derives from Israel’s brutal military occupation of Palestine in the first instance.  It is not a “both sides have legitimate issues and grievances”, as Mr Peters claims”

New Zealand should also NOT be calling for direct negotiations to solve these issues because the power imbalance will prevent a solution based on justice for Palestinians. Instead we must insist that Israel abide by international law and United Nations resolutions and take action with other countries to force compliance on this rogue state. That is the only path to peace based on justice.

John Minto says Israel has become increasingly identified as an apartheid state.

“New Israeli nationality laws have reinforced the permanent supremacy of people with Jewish ancestry over the indigenous Palestinians.”

As Nobel Peace prize winner and South African Archbishop, Desmond Tutu, says “we should name it apartheid and boycott”

New Zealand has a proud history in the fight against South African apartheid. We must do the same against Israeli apartheid”



  1. You got this right, John.
    Except your international Law solution is compromised by American abrogations of Eg war crimes perpetrated by its guardians galavanting through the Middle East ( and where ever).

  2. Winston Peters remarks are predictable.
    I want to know what the leaders of the OTHER parties have to say. This is an election year.
    I also want to know if the Labour Party would again be willing to turn the Foreign Affairs and Defense portfolios over to a coalition party.

    • The PM will do whatever she needs to be in goverment and if that means Winston gets foreign affairs he will. I think anyone is dreaming if they think Labour without Winston would ever really censure Israel, let’s face it keeping in with the U.S. is what we have done as a country for a very long time, and until some other more powerful country says enough is enough little old Kiwiland will sit on the sidelibne.

  3. @ JM. You write.
    ” Peters criticism of Israeli annexation plan ‘all gums and no teeth’”
    That’s because the israelis, and the zionists in particular, have control of our right wing and no doubt our left wing politics.
    Read this? No? Seriously. Read this.
    RNZ. ( RNZ. Once was ours but is now the mindless, rotting gob-hole vomiting toxic bile for the NeoRight. )
    ” Are Rocket Lab’s enterprises in our national interest? ”
    To quote RNZ
    “Rocket Lab likes to think of itself as the FedEx of space, essentially. The idea is it has these small rockets that it can launch quickly and cheaply, and that allows people to put satellites into orbit on a much faster basis, and at a far lower price, than in the past.”
    But wait? There’s more !
    ” And over the past decade the company has gone from strength to strength: attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in investment from companies like ACC, Callaghan Innovation, and US arms company Lockheed Martin.”
    I liked “…in investment from companies like ACC,…” didn’t you? Been hit with an acc levy recently? Been refused treatment by acc for age related pre-existing conditions recently?
    Wait, wait…? More to come…
    “It’s also carried out work on behalf of the Office of Naval Research – the main research agency for the United States Navy and Marine Corps – and the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is the Pentagon agency tasked with developing technologies that “maintain and advance the capabilities and technical superiority of the United States military”.
    Was that just a little bit of poo some of you did?
    While we wring our hands about a very nasty flu the fucking zionists are looking down our shirt collars from 100k up. Or is that ‘out’?
    I liked The Terminator movies but I never realised they were an operations manual for times to come.
    These, are heady times.

    • There is only 1 star wars you need to worry about, “Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back”. (Rev 12:7) but the good news is you can be on the winning side.

      • ” We are talking about the two gravest crimes against humanity – Apartheid and Genocide. They are being committed in the name of Zionism.”

        “South African law professor Prof. John Dugard, former special rapporteur for the United Nations on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories, had written in a report to the UN General Assembly in 2004 that the Israeli Apartheid regime is “worse than the one that existed in South Africa”. Out of office over a decade later, Dugard regarded the Israeli crimes as “infinitely worse than those committed by the apartheid regime of South Africa.”

        Baleka Mbete, chair of the African National Congress, said in 2012 that the Israeli regime is “far worse than Apartheid South Africa.”

        Israeli writer and journalist (Haaretz contributor) Yitzhak Laor wrote in 2009 that Israel’s Apartheid is not only “worse” but also “more ruthless”.”

        gaby who posts as James at TS, supports genocide and apartheid ,,, and defends it by accusing others of being anti-Semites….

        I’m not sure what gaby calls the jews who oppose the apartheid and genocide committed by zionists …. ie International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

        Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression
        “From South America to South Africa, and all over the world, Israel, often acting together with the United States, has undermined popular movements by supplying weapons, technology and training to repressive governments.”

  4. So many tired old tropes and outright lies it’s hard to know where to start. Israel fought a defensive war in 1967, not a war to seize Palestinian land. Israel bashers always lie about the history, trying to claim Israel started the war, when they had after all, to defeat 5 Arab armies hell bent on their annihilation. Israelis dug thousands of graves, fearing the worst. There was no ‘Palestinian land’ to take because the Arabs had rejected partition in 1948. Judea/Samaria was occupied by Jordan, and Gaza by Egypt. The Arabs have no state because of their continuous rejectionism, intransigence, and terrorist violence. This is why they are now sidelined while Israel continues to build solid friendships with Arab neighbours. Can Minto show us one sign or placard in an Israeli city that reads: “Jews Only” or “Arabs Only”, equivalent to signs of the South African apartheid era? Of course not, because Israel is not and never was an apartheid state. Arab/Israelis enjoy all the same rights and privileges as Jewish/Israeli citizens. Security measures taken to protect one’s civilians, Arab or Jewish, from wanton murder are not ‘apartheid’. The extension of sovereignty to Judea/Samaria will go ahead

    • Oh look !? gaby just coughed up a hair ball of logical fallacies.
      You can see them just lying there waiting for someone to crawl into.

      • Exactly the kind of puerile response one can expect from a person who operates on hate only with not a single cogent rebuttal to offer. Pitiful, really.

        • Hate? Realy? Have you looked in a mirror lately? Support for murderers of children can do that to you

      • Allow me to show what a puerile creep and Pitiful bullshitter you are gaby ,,, gaby is also the poster james at TS ,,,, I guess he knows that ‘james’ reputation is self earned shit-house … 🙂

        Anyway ,,,,

        “Israel’s Palestinian citizens are not equal citizens. They are subject to some 50 discriminatory laws, not to mention occasional ethnic cleansing. Their dispossessed brethren are kept away because of Zionism,”


        “The Discriminatory Laws Database …: These laws limit the rights of Palestinians in all areas of life, from citizenship rights to the right to political participation, land and housing rights, education rights, cultural and language rights, religious rights, and due process rights during detention. Some of the laws also discriminate against other groups such as gays, non-religious Jews, and Palestinian refugees.”

        the “Prawer-Begin Law” will oversee the forced displacement of up to 70,000 Bedouin citizens in the Naqab (Negev) and the dispossession of 800,000 dunams of their land for exclusive Israeli Jewish development.

    • Maybe you should find out what happened in AD70? You could also consider the nations backing Israel if you want a comprehensive explanation for their success in battle. This website used to have a map showing the changing land areas for Israel & Palestine which succinctly explains the unrest in those nations.

    • Which of Israel’s propaganda unit do you work for Gaby.

      Just deal with one lie here
      Arab/Israelis enjoy all the same rights and privileges as Jewish/Israeli citizens

      Unless you serve for two years in the Israeli DF then you are not entitled to lots of things even when you live in Israel.
      Arabs are not entitled to go into the israeli DF

      I find it hard to believe you didn’t know that Gaby.

    • You don’t need to have the signs Gaby it is all in place – legislation that is how it is done, and that is how they controlled every person of colour in S.A.

    • Walking into villages and shooting unarmed women and children so that there is no one left to claim the land they covet is defensive in no one elses eyes. Shooting even the villagers that had supported them when they first arrived is a play taken straight from the colonial settler manual of genocide perpetrated against the inhabitants of North America. Thanksgiving anybody? Only with blood and steel. Those brave Israeli soldiers shooting up the defenceless. This is the true meaning of terrorism. And we get to see it still today. Palestinians throwing stones against Israeli armour and the poor frightened soldiers fearing for their safety pick out individual children. Watch them through their scopes. Looking for justification to pull the trigger. Finding it easy. And Gaby you expect us to side with you?? On the side of a machine gun and against the targeted child?? Get a grip for gods sake. Like the 2 small boys playing football on the beach?? Now dead of course.

    • Gaby your posts are consistently inaccurate.
      Israel attacked its neighbours in 1967 as the first move to expand its territory by occupation.

  5. Good Post….Israel is a menace to peace in the Middle East!

    ….No self respecting humanist Jewish person can accept the violation of Palestinian rights to their own land and to live in their own land

    …New Zealand must take a much stronger stand

    …and also to Israel’s plans to take over the Syrian Golan Heights

    …and warmongering against Iran

  6. I think you, Gaby, would do well to read the writings of e.g., Ilan Pappe (citizen of Israel). Gilad Atzmon is another writer of relevance to “all things” Israel.

  7. Dear Gaby.
    In saying “There is no Palestinian land to take because the Arabs had rejected partition in 1948′ you are suggesting Tangata Whenua of Palestine ‘gave away’ their birthright – their living on their ancient lands – by rejecting a document imposed upon them by the anglozionist Balfour, signed by the indebted Churchill and handed to the bank of Rothschild. A document designed to dispossess them their lands and birthright by signature or not, either way ?!
    You’d have to describe that as a bigger ‘steal of the century’ than ever Jarod managed to pull off the recumbent Trump.

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