American Military Industrial Complex franchise owner up for New Zealander of the Year?


Wait, WHAT?

New Zealander of the Year 2020 nominees revealed

We’re a step closer to determining the 2020 Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year.

The shortlist is out, and includes children’s rights champion Anne Gaze, cancer campaigner David Downs and vaccinologist Helen Petousis-Harris.

Awards manager Anne Rodda told Newshub there were nearly 1000 nominations for the main award.

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“This process means that you’re recognised by your peers and by the country. So that’s got to be really at the core of it – that’s the beauty of the whole thing. This is what the country thinks.”

Rocket Lab founder Peter Beck, performing arts champion Jennifer Ward-Lealand and reproductive rights campaigner Dame Margaret Sparrow are also among those still in the running.

Ok, so my nominations of Pania Newton and Matthew Blomfield have been ignored, but Rocket Lab founder Peter Beck has???

Rocket Lab, the American Military Industrial Complex NZ franchise founder has been nominated as New Zealander of the Year???

Though often characterised as a New Zealand company, Rocket Lab is a US domiciled military contractor whose investors include Lockheed Martin and the CIA’s venture capital firm.

…why is an organisation with CIA venture capital and Lockheed Martin backing being nominated for anything as prestigious as NZer of the Year?!?!

If he wins, it really says something about the wilful ignorance of New Zealanders.


  1. This video here shows how the usa military and defense budget is actually over 1 Trillion dollars per year .
    $ 1,285, 000 ,000 ,,, 1285 Billion per year.

    There is a breakdown of the spending at the 10 minute mark ,,,,,, rocket lab would be in the left hand column somewhere…

    the usa military is also one of the worlds largest CO2 polluters ,,,,,

  2. “…why is an organization with CIA venture capital and Lockheed Martin backing being nominated for anything as prestigious as Nzo of the Year?!?!”
    Well, it could be because he ( it) has backing from CIA venture capital and Lockheed Martin?
    You do know, right, that when the paparazzi destroy the British monarchy in our eyes the ‘mericans will scoop us up?
    We’ll become South Pacific Hawaiians but colder and we’ll equally become over run by these kinds of fuckwits.
    Show us your butt hole !
    Interviews with some of NASCAR’s most ridiculous, drunk, and sophomoric fans (NSFW)

    Here comes the future dumbasses!

  3. ” If he wins, it really says something about the wilful ignorance of New Zealanders ”

    And stupidity , you can blame the corporate msm for some of that and the 45% who insist on voting for the National party after what they did and did not do for nine years.

  4. This is the same outfit that received far right Maori hater Don Brash as nominee for services to free speech or white supremacy or something. Most New Zealanders will never meet these people, know what they do, be influenced by them or vote for them. I recall Beck selling the public on his disco ball which he reckoned once ejaculated into space would be a symbol of humanity. At least his rocket fetish isn’t as twisted as that of that other CIA asset, Elon Iron Musk, who wants to pollute the world’s space with more than 40,000 satellites to improve telecommunications, or bring the internet to every human, or something.

  5. ‘Very strong transport equipment orders in the US saw their December durable goods order data rise sharply, up +2.4%. But defense orders drove the result. Excluding defense orders, American durable goods orders actually fell -2.5% in December from a very weak November. And year-on-year, overall durable goods orders were down -3.7% and the non-defense orders were down -6.9%. It is hard not to come to the conclusion that the Pentagon’s buying is all that is holding up this data.’

  6. “If he wins, it really says something about the willful ignorance of New Zealanders.”

    I don’t think it’s so much a case of [him] winning potentially, it’s more a case of AO/NZ’ers not giving a fuck.
    ‘NZ’er of the year’ is such naff ‘mericanistic shtick.
    Shame on Kiwi Bank for getting down and plas-tacky with it.
    We, us, all of us are AO/NZ’er of the year. We all deserve a fucking medal.
    I read that rockets are to be launched from the Oamaru Airport.
    I’ve heard on reliable authority that it’s best to be south of the 45th parallel when the climate becomes, shall we say, ‘eccentric’.
    That’s just above Oamaru.
    There will be a lot of bleary, dead old eyes on AO/NZ at this point in time.
    We AO/NZ’ers don’t need rockets. We’re going to need a razor backed 20 km high by 100 km wide wall patrolled by killer drones and robots encircling our coastlines.

  7. I’ve posted this elsewhere, but it really belongs here, I think, so:

    We (AO/NZ) have recently become a step-off point for their military satellite surveillance ops, and a potential launch pad for testing space weaponry.

    Which means we’re at risk of becoming a target country in any future war, something we had managed to avoid until now.


    • Hey we are a part of 5 eyes spy network and Kiwis should realise that happened behind closed doors, the place where CIA uses money or fear to get what they want.

    • Excerpts from that linked article, which was released last week:

      Rocket Lab announced yesterday it would be launching a small satellite for the US National Reconnaissance Office, a US agency which provides satellite imagery for military and intelligence use.
      The launch will take place at Rocket Lab’s Mahia launch site near Napier.

      The Greens have expressed concern, “given the current US administration’s aggressive moves in the Middle East”.

      “The Green Party has a longstanding opposition to mass surveillance conducted in international contexts that fall outside of the rule of law,” Ghahraman said.

      “We are concerned in this instance, that surveillance and information sharing comes in the context of the American president expressing an intention to launch attacks against Iran, including cultural and civilian targets that would constitute war crimes.”

      This statement is particularly relevant for the future of AO/ NZ:
      “We believe there needs to be independent principled foreign policy in assessing our national interest, including taking account of concerns that intelligence sharing, even with our allies, may be used to further international conflict, which is not in the interest of global peace.”

      It seems a bit odd that another country’s military surveillance satellite can be launched from our shores at the sole discretion of our Economic Development Minister (Presently Phil Twyford.) Even if the world was not in a state of heightened tensions in the M.E. that would still seem strange and a tad naive.

      Isn’t it time that Aotearoa NZ begin to steer our own clear course into the future, as a nation in our own right? A course that is determined independently of the various ‘big Bro’ types, be they China or the US or anyone else.

  8. US intelligence community infrastructure arrived here in a big way half a decade ago, on top of what was already here: but that top layer is much more sinister, being made up of the same collection of satraps used in countries like the Philippines and Ukraine.

    Behind Rocket Lab you will find CIA-partnering funders like Pierre Omidyar. What else are those bodies involved in funding in New Zealand?

    The global, Washington-based campaign to set up a fusion centre run by the ADL in Silicon Valley to censor online and define what is and isn’t true – “misinformation” and “disinformation” – in partnership with the US government and in particular with the intelligence community.

    How is this later plan being pushed? Via the Workshop, and ActionStation, and other groups and players in the tech industry, government and the media.

    The CIA and US IC has itself wrapped around the Labour-led coalition like a convolvulus in mid-summer. It’s time people on the left noticed and flagged what is going on, because it poses a serious challenge to democratic consent.

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