Sir Russell Coutts is the perfect hypocrite for this protest


Sir Russell Coutts heading to Parliament anti-mandate protests

Decorated Kiwi sailor Sir Russell Coutts has announced he will join anti-mandate protesters outside Parliament in Wellington.

I’m sorry, what?

“I’m against discrimination and the ‘them and us’ society that is being promoted by our current political leaders,” he said.

“I’m against creating different rights, laws and privileges based on race.”

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The man who got his knighthood for services to corporate yachting, a man in an industry who managed to get $250million taxpayer dollars for a white billionaires toy game is daring to mouth off about different rights, laws and privileges on race???

He is the walking contradiction of someone who has benefitted from different rights, laws and privileges based on race!!!

Sir Russell Coutts is the perfect hypocrite for this protest!

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  1. Russell is such a deep thinker he hasn’t figured that out yet Martyn.
    Lives in a well padded bubble that completely obscures reality.
    His delusions will evaporate quite quickly.

  2. Looks like just another ageing male desperately seeking significance and trying to ward off senility, bit like Trevor.

    • Ageism?,… or perhaps he is doing what he feels is right,- and at any rate, shows the diverse demographics involved in the protests, which kinda’ countermands the MSM/ beehive narrative, don’t it just…

        • Yep and there’s a lot of Dirty Politics and Alt-Right evangelist (tithe) money involved.
          Perhaps there’s a move to BUY back the America’s Cup from someone in New Zealand with influence.

          Who’s the cabin boy and who’s the captain of this ship?

      • Ken Martin. Ok. I’ll reword that: “ Russell does not look like another ageing male desperately seeking significance and trying to ward off senility a bit like Trevor.” That’s better.
        I’m not going to be kind to him though, that could terrify him. He best go home ASAP, or sail home ,or whatever he does, before somebody does an in-depth interview with him.

  3. “He is the walking contradiction of someone who has benefitted from different rights, laws and privileges based on race!!!”

    Umm, I think these needs some justification beyond brown man good, white man bad.
    You are inherently divisive and racist.

    • Its more a case of rich man good, poor man bad.

      If you think what Martyn said was rascist, just answer this, “Name one non white yachting billionaire?”.
      Take your time…

      • There are no yachting billionaires, i.e. people who’ve made a billion as a yachtie.

        However, name one non black rapper billionaire. Take YOUR time.

        • Woah there, using your logic, every one who plays league is a professional player, who competes in the NRL.

          So no yachting billionaires, like Larry Ellison? Who owns several yachts, leisure and competitive, who takes part in amateur regattas doesn’t count in your particularly blinkered world view?

        • Jays I could name both black and white opera singers who are at least millionaires, and who are possibly billionaires, but as not everybody is publicly evaluated in terms of money like rap singers apparently are, this is all rather pointless.

          • just gonna say True Romance ‘sicillians scene’ some of the best acting you’re ever likely to see…though as far as ‘sensitivity’ goes, written by tarantino should cover it….it is VG though.

    • I would say more painting with a broad brush,… because there have been many high profile sportspeople and wealthy folk who have actually done a ton of good in this country, not many, but a few.

    • I went to school with a lot of the people you could call “Russells people”, and they are definitely living in their own bubble.. The vast majority of them utterly believe the colonial propaganda, and are proudly “british”, and despise Maori, pacifika, and the Irish, Scots, and londoners from anywhere near the east end… They blow on about being egalitarian whilst actively maintaining the “class divide” that has them controlling everything, including whether people can afford to eat or not, which they can take out of reach if profits get too low for their comfort…
      FYI, you are the only one trying to dumb it down to “White man bad, Brown man good” moronicism… I know him as a privileged wanker.. What’s your experience with Russell and his mates?

      • Happy to be a mate of Sir Russell. Proud of my British heritage. My people built the modern world. You owe us everything. You lack gratitude.

        • What on earth do you mean by that Chris Patch ? Coutts joining the protestors doesn’t gel, Ok ? And he’s not even joining them; he’s staying in no pathetic little tent, he’s there for the ride, and he has hitched his horse to the wrong wagon. Serious error of judgment.

  4. Don’t care what he is, this is what matters. – “I’m against discrimination and the ‘them and us’ society that is being promoted by our current political leaders,”

    • AO the them and us policy is not of the Government making, it is being fermented by the likes of the National Front and Brian Tamaki. Brian is now seeing himself as a Charles Manson figure ready to take over the country with his Haley Davidson Storm Troopers.

    • It’s just Martyns latest attempt to smear anybody who poses a threat to his gear mate Adern.
      Never has anybody been more owned than Martyn is by Adern. I don’t remember him being such a hypocrite regarding Clark.

    • I don’t agree with this sentiment at all AO.

      I absolutely think the government should be making a clear framework for moving out of the mandate phase (which is not now) and they are f’ing idiots for not doing so. Will it make some of the crowd go home? Don’t know.

      As for us versus them, I am afraid I have seen enough examples of threatening behaviour, complete disregard for everyone else’s freedoms (that now make those gathered hypocrites), and laughable attempts to stop people getting a scent of just how off the planet some of the thinking is to say…. ‘pack up and go home’. You could easily say it is these folks creating an us versus them situation.

      Again how many have lost their jobs to private company mandates that are nothing to do with the government?

      The people that are there to protest mandates had a choice and (unless there was a medical reason) made a decision, and for a good number, it was about them and only them or based on misinformation.

      • The government hasn’t had any real push back to their Covid measures until now. No wonder there isn’t any framework in place for moving out of anything let alone mandates. And yes, while there are many issues, mandates and basically all vaccine-related measures are the key. Drop them all and most of them will disperse.

        As for us verse them. Your version of this is totally understandable but that is not the version in question here. The version here is government initiated. For a government that long touted the NZ team of five million, to then willfully and happily split off a sliver of this former team, should have, but hasn’t, unfortunately, raised a ton of questions around the very character of this government.

        And as for the all important issue of choice. When the choice is conditional as in – do this and you’ll get to do that – or you will face this. This type of situation, the current state of affairs today, this is not a choice.

        • AO. That “ team of five million” was a bit of a pr blunder, but its initiators may be too myopic, or too young to see that. It was patronising, even to people who are firmly community focused.

          They can’t talk about “ society”, Thatcher abolished society, and in any case, neo-lib politicians who live on the outskirts of society aren’t in the best position to talk about it. So they came up with a sporting analogy, Kiwi-style, and proceeded to use it as an umbrella to justify whatever they wanted. We’re not all sporting types.

          In a healthy society citizens are free to ask questions and they did so, and in a mature society, the leaders would have said, come in and have a chat. But here, Labour, Nats etc all joined forces and told protestors to sod off, and turned the hoses on them, and at that point they lost the plot, pointed at the police and declared, This is all your fault. Abusers do that.

          • Oh for goodness sake cry me a river. This so called freedom protest is run by children, when these children grow up maybe they can have a meaningful dialogue with the grownups . At the end of the day only babies throw their bodily excrement around the place and at people.

            • Gillian Whether the priest is being run by chikdren or not. Is not the issue, it’s irrelevant

              The issue is that it is happening, and it’s effects and it’s consequences.

              But even if it were children, any half-decent parent or teacher could tell you that confrontation is not usually the most effective or constructive way to deal with recalcitrant children.

              ( Babies biffing their bowel motions around are being creative and having fun; primates throwing faeces at cops are being aggressive and making choices at a very different level.)

              • Applewood correction : Whether the ‘ protest ‘ is being run by children or not, not the ‘ priest ‘ …is not the issue.

        • So who actually takes team of five million in a literal sense? As in cater to every individual whim? Numerically it’s a hell of a lot closer to 5 mil than not.

          I would be inclined to say that of the five million you don’t have to bend over backwards for the ones that are threatening to kill, or abusing people exercising their own right to wear a mask.

          • Why believe what she’s saying, this is one way to look at your point here. Nonetheless, the bigger point here is that this team of five million – thanks to her or not – did pull together and it was only separated by government actions!

            Remember, the government wasn’t bending over backwards, catering to the people – we – did that ourselves. We pulled together and then we were pulled apart.

            End point being, be wary of any entity who willfully and happily divides the people and this is doubly true when those causing division, were preaching, loudly – the exact opposite – not long before!

  5. +1 – tired of the protest, all the media about the protest and all the hanger’s on who have nothing to do, that are trying to capitalise individually and get media attention, off the protest.

    Would help if the government ignored them, rather than trying to have meetings and feeding the idiots like Ray Avery. Nobody even knew who he was until he opened his mouth and hasn’t closed it in a while.

    A typical self promoter on the Labour government’s CV. AKA Ray Avery.

    Only in NZ a person can have an agricultural collage qualification from a no name institution in the UK and then get NZ citizenship in 9 months. After leaving Britain and settling in New Zealand, he was a founding member of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Auckland School of Medicine (on the back of an agricultural collage qualification!)

    Then seemed to milk off Fred Hollows reputation, as he worked for him, to make his own charity in his name of course. (Note charities in NZ don’t pay tax).

    His inventions and ideas don’t seem too successful, The Acuset is a small device designed to control the flow of drugs through an intravenous (IV) drip. It was designed to simplify administering drips and to be used in developing countries without adequate medical care.[8] In 2008 the Acuset was a finalist in the Saatchi & Saatchi World Changing Ideas Awards.[14]

    Clinical trials at Auckland City Hospital in 2008 showed however that the Acuset was not more accurate than an existing device called a “roller clamp” which was already used widely in developing countries.[15] The findings were subsequently published in a medical journal in 2015.”

    “The Lifepod is an incubator developed by Medicine Mondiale with the goal of being low-cost, warm, sterile and robust, and suitable for distributing in poorer countries.[9] As of July 2018, NZ$4.5 million had been spent in development including NZ$2 million raised from public donations.[9] Avery apologised in 2018 for not being clearer to donors about the progress of the work”

    Why do the government keep NZ’s most vocal but poorly performing and qualified scientists, going in the media? Taking their calls, which they then post about, keeping the boring self promoters alive?

    There are actually world leading scientists in NZ, they could be supporting, instead of highlighting nobodies.

    The 70%+ rest of NZ, are tired of these people of dubious reputation and constant self promoters, whose contribution to NZ society seems to be mostly around self promotion and deeds off the back of others efforts.

    Then there are the SIR Russel Coutts types, who value money above everything, and led the Oracle Team as CEO against Team NZ.

    The majority in NZ don’t put their political views on show in NZ unless you are a right wing Moran or left wing woke.

    Only the rich and stupid publicise their political leanings. Middle class keep politics private, maybe because social media comes back to bite you in a country of 5 million when increasingly politics is more important than skill levels and that next restructuring from senior management fraudster/bully Joanne Harrison types and the millions in government funding is led by self promoting idiots like Ray Avery, and is a clean out of moral culture in the NZ workforce.

    The vitriol on social media seems to be an angry minority, who are too stupid to stop themselves or being paid to promote an agenda.

    • Ordinary person writes to the newspaper and is published, with question to the local National MP. Local MP instead of replying publicly, phones person at home to discuss. Disgusting that the convention of, a question raised publicly should be replied to publicly, was not followed. There was an element of suppression and interference there.

    • Avery seems to make a nice living off his innovations….the ‘Life Pod’ to save ‘a million babies’ is real good example.
      The last ETA date he gave was February 2019 as I recall.

      People who donated quite substantial sums are not..amused.

      Tried to get a concert off the ground at Eden Pk to raise more funds…has some nutrition bar that will be a …gamechanger!
      His unsubstantiated destitute orphan back story really pulls the…heart strings.

  6. he sold his arse to the highest bidder…..just like 99percent of jurnos and pollies…I don’t know why people buy into ‘oh he/she is famous therefore their opinion carries more weight’ when most ‘prominent people’ are about as smart as an ‘influencer’ and certainly no more smart than the average kiwi.

  7. Sells NZ out in America’s cup, but takes our water and building resources for palatial projects.

    Coutts water battle off to court

    Russell Coutts has 18-hole golf course in the pipeline

    Sporting superstars splash out on homes that are out of this world

    Russell Coutts: Sailing Away on Hypocrisy

    Don’t forget wage subsidies….. went to some of the richest people in NZ claimed them for their estates and golf courses.

    • Russ is just pissed that he was treated like the rest of us when his silly ersatz boat race in Chritchurch was canned

  8. All protest is good protest. Full stop.

    It should ha e been Tama Iti going down there and taking over. Good job.

    Leave them no ground. Fuck what ever.

  9. The man is all at sea. Perhaps he has Omicron and doesn’t know it yet. He has plotted a course to sail by without allowing for magnetic variation. Sailors understand that they must allow for it when plotting a course. But Sir Russell has to add another personal magnetic pull which is dragging him away from his previously understood route and requires new skills.

    Here are some links to help him brush up on his sailing navigation towards his goal, which he seems wildly confused about.
    So your compass does not point to True north, but to Magnetic north. It’s only a few degrees difference, but since the magnetic pole is off center, the amount it varies is different depending on where you are in the world.

    We all ought to look at this so we understand how clever these sailors have to be when at sea. The trouble is when they come to land they have to deal with people who might go in any direction without any set port of call. Watch out for this aspect Sir Russell. Sir Peter Blake came to a sticky end when he met up with grungy land navigators. Just saying – I think you are better than this bunch of disaffected and antisocial persons ostensibly protesting in Wellington and you don’t understand the minds and aims of these implausible pirates.

    • Andrew. So Where does one get a boat from then ? The Warehouse ? Do they cost very much ? Where do they keep ? WOF ? Maintenance? Ta.

  10. “Anti Mandate’ protests are the perfect platform to hide in plain view a wide range of true motivations.

    Expert-Novice ignorant anti-vax folk. Those that have read relentless misinformation and despite many of them being uneducated eggplants, they remarkably are convinced they have more knowledge than an army of respected experts in their field that have devoted their career to the subject matter.

    Folk that either don’t understand democracy or are anti democracy.

    Folk that show they care passionately about their own “freedom” while at the exact same moment conclusively proving they couldn’t possibly care less about your freedom.

    Lonely losers that have always been square pegs in round holes now find they have people of their same ilk sharing the same common enemy.

    Those that despise the Labour Party and what they stand for.

    Misogynists that can’t resist the opportunity to express their hatred and contempt for Jacinda Ardern and not be called out on it.

    Full on hypocrites

    etc etc etc.

    As an aside, I noted two protestors screeching about the vaccine being “poison” and they refuse to put poison in their body. Both were smoking cigarettes. Hello!

    I also heard another expert-novice tell the TV camera the virus and the pandemic are not real. How can these clowns be that fucking stupid? Experts agree the true number of deaths around the planet from Covid now exceeds 20 million people. That is a lot of people that suffered a bad death and a lot of families that have lost a treasured loved one. Just think of a loved family member of yours and what their loss would mean to you. So if Covid is fake, where are those 20 million people hiding that aren’t dead? What incentive were all the families paid to go along with the conspiracy?

    I hear protestors talking about how dangerous the vaccine is. It’s incredible that people allegedly so concerned about the vaccine also refuse to wear face masks and are happy to walk shoulder to shoulder alongside other unvaccinated people during a pandemic?

    If they happen to contract the virus and require hospitalization, have they got the faintest idea what the harsh drugs are they will put into your body to help save you? Will they protest against those life saving drugs?

    I’d also be interested if the protestors understand why previous generations went to war and in many cases died? The cause they died for was FREEDOM. How do they feel about graffiti on a war memorial in Wellington that respects their enormous sacrifices? How do they feel about using that same memorial as a place to take a shit? Do they think that’s respectful? Does this highlight the true value the protestors place on the freedom of others?

    • “Misogynists that can’t resist the opportunity to express their hatred and contempt for Jacinda Ardern and not be called out on it.”

      I think you nailed Jeremy.

  11. To quote Damian Grant, we dont get to decide who can protest or what they protest about.

    Also, we are all good and bad, a sum of our parts. Even buttholes get to behave decently from time to time.

  12. Couttes may not be a Nazi or a redneck or a hippy or unemployable or a karen or a religous nutter or an anachist or a facist and hes certainly not working class but the one thing he and his protesting ilk have in common is selfishness and self importance.

  13. Russell got confused. Some mentioned foiling and he did not realize they meant tin foiling ( hats as opposed to hydrofoils)

  14. Russel Courts?

    Ok. And whom else can we expect to throw their support behind the protests? Thingy? the Ingham Twins? The drummer out of Dance Exponents? The Dog from Footrot Flats? Rooster MacPherson from the Rotamahunga B.P station in 1987?

    • UBR
      Everyone of them is a kiwi. Jacinda said she will lead a govt for all people. Clearly not, now that the shit has hit the fan and things are not so rosy. Where is she, this Jacinda, this PM for all people? Is she talking to them? Is she only a PM for the ‘compliant’ people? Does she only engage with people that nod along in agreement?

      • The behaviour of many of these people is far from what true Kiwis aspire to. But you wouldn’t understand that I guess.

    • I think Burton Silver’s Bogor will feel compassion for the poor beasts in Wellington forced out of their utes, their natural homes, and put a hedgehog in every tent. And John Clarke will look down kindly twinkling a little with fond memories of our schemes and designs.

  15. Hypocrite’s indeed I remember Roger Douglas declaring in 1984 that his main goal was to dismantle privilege ! He did just that and removed it from all the old vested interests in Muldoon’s fortress and re created it for men like Coutts.

    Where has he been during the long years of austerity which has created economic refugees and levels of destitution that he will never ever really have to confront. Where was he when the shyster and his gangsters were financially raping the country for their wealthy constituents and donors while after promising no tax increases they lifted the rate of GST that hurt a large number of New Zealanders and selling a going interest in our state assets that never belonged to Key and English in the first place.

    He was out in his taxpayer funded yacht and retiring to his mansion where he obviously has become bored and now is interfering in the protest in Wellington.

    A corporate sportsman who joined the other deplorables and was given a knighthood. Money and influence really can buy anything.

  16. No fan of Coutts, or the Americas Cup.

    But would you mind explaining exactly how he has “benefitted from different rights, laws … based on race”?

    • Allow me @ MB.
      “The man who got his knighthood for services to corporate yachting, a man in an industry who managed to get $250million taxpayer dollars for a white billionaires toy game is daring to mouth off about different rights, laws and privileges on race???”

      • No news there CB. I’m still waiting for Martyn to provide examples of different RIGHTS and LAWS based on race in NZ.

  17. We must remember that all and everything about our politics is a lie embedded within a lie on top of a lie beside a lie below a lie. Our politics makes Vulcan Chess look like tiddly winks.

  18. I call bullshit Bomber. Sir Russell won the America’s cup for New Zealand. He’s done more for New Zealand than 99.9% of the population. He deserves respect and he’s right. Anything other than a color blind approach to race is racism.

    • If you think that a sailor has done more for New Zealand than dedicated paediatric surgeons – or even orthopods – or the hard working farmers who established the first dairy co- ops, the dedicated teachers of children serving decades in class rooms, the Scots who founded New Zealand’s first university at Otago, the high country pioneers and sheep shepherds, and the toilers on the Canterbury plains who transformed wilderness into a sea of grains, the intrepid explorers who mapped this young country and traversed the first mountain passes through the cold Southern Alps, the poignantly idealistic founding fathers of cities in wildernesses, the entrepreneurs who set up fledgling industries in an empty country and oversaw the first exports of frozen produce to ailing Britain, the housewives who made their own soap and spun fleeces to produce the garments which their children wore before so much collapsed in the face of cheap imported trash from China, and the singers and music makers who bring joy into so many other people’s lives, then I query your prioritising.

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