MEDIAWATCH: Q&A Review: What sending in the cops for woke revenge will actually do


Jack Tame is doing the most important journalism right now.

As the middle class Wellington woke scream to send in the military and to replace the Police Commissioner with one that will use extreme force against protestors…

…it is more important than ever that we have rational voices de-escalating things.

Coster is 100% correct, nothing short of batons, teargas, riot police and dogs will shift those protestors after Mallard’s Thursday Stupid Thursday tactics.

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Coster does not want too start a civil war, and this is him pushing back against the Wellington Middle Class woke who see Nazis everywhere.

“Let the ruling classes tremble at Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of all countries, unite! Except in Wellington. Those Lumpenproletariat Nazis can go fuck themselves”

Middle Class Marx 2022

I can’t believe I’m going to have to be the one to say this, but I have to defend the Policing tactics of containment that are being adopted here.

Why don’t we arrest Gangs when they drive a dead comrade to their grave? Why don’t we arrest them when they take over the road? Why don’t we arrest them when they do burnouts?

We don’t do it because the level of force required in a heightened emotional moment would be absolutely over the top for the rule broken.

It’s a Utilitarian approach to Policing and combined with a philosophy of containment and de-escalation the NZ Police are able to Police with consent and trust.

The sudden desire by middle class twitter to define everyone as a Nazi so the Police clubs can go a singing is alarming.

Jack is doing the most important job in public broadcasting right now.

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  1. It may be (Wellington ) journos driving the narrative here, with leading questions for specific outcomes – Polytech journalism popping up for want of alternatives, plus the lamentable shit-stirring which they do to keep their jobs. Nobody normal wants violence.

    • And will the simmering resentment that the occupiers are displaying simply go home with them or will it fester and outbreak somewhere else. The silent majority can threaten all they like. How many will show up with battons and take on their fellow Kiwi’s? Or will you want a full Canadian solution where the state does your dirty work and that drives the resentment underground?

      Would it not be better for the silent majority to stop slurping up the government mis-information formulation and wean themselves of the spin-meisters cool aid?

      Sorry for the inconvenience but the occupiers are protecting the silent majority freedom as well. Your freedom to be silent. Your freedom to believe the state sponsored mis-information. Your freedom to protest against the occupiers behaviour, Your freedom to call the occupiers overlords to account. Your freedom to protect yourself with a vaccine and mask.

      I suggest you read Suzie Dawsons most excellent post “Remembering the Left” also on this blog.

  2. Can well take a poll for Coster keeping his job?

    There needs to be a scapegoat and I bet them middle-class nazi in the labour party are lining him up?

    Somebody will have to take the hit because Jacinda can’t afford to with her polling.

    From a 26pt gap in 2020. To a 4pt lead now and the lifeline, the greens as a saviour coalition partner is looking like dog tucker.

      • Simple answer Daryl. Let it play out.
        When the pollys split and they will. We’ll see finally politicians engage.

        The PM has damaged her reputation even more by having a hissy and cancelling NZ’ders.
        She needs to grow up and realise cancel culture only works, ‘lives’ on the internet, on social media platforms and not in the real world.
        Rules on a social media platform, a private companies platform do not apply in the real world where there are laws that govern, and the arbiters of those laws are government agencies, like the Police and the Judiciary. Not woke middle-class pseudo commie lynch-mobs on twatter and other social media private company platforms.

        Cuddles Coster got given a hospital pass and will most probably be the fall-guy in all this. He’ll probably need a few cuddles after that when that happens?

        Middle-Class LINO Commies need to dial it down and get down there and or shut the fuck up.

        That would be the grown-up thing to do. Do this in the real world, kanohi te kanohi.

        • ‘you don’t agree with me so shut the fuck up’

          isn’t that EXACTLY what you frequently accuse other of saying denny?

          juz askin mate juz askin

      • daryl That’s the major question to be asked but I have not read it before now – maybe I missed it but everyone else, including me, has gone round the important point!

      • Finding the right course now is the conundrum.
        We have a Mexican standoff.
        Wouldn’t put money on the protesters going home while support for them continues to grow.
        Labour have painted themselves into a corner saying while the protest continues we won’t meet with you.Further exacerbated by Mallard saying we don’t negotiate with terrorists
        Poorly managed from the outset.
        Remember though we’ve had protests in NZ that dragged on for months.
        Lifting the mandates may help but that would require an agreement with the protesters up front.

        • Support is actually waning cause many Wellingtonians have had enough of all the stupid antics. And how many have signed a petition to get rid of the protestors it must be near 100 thousand. Not exactly an endorsement.

          • Yeah yeah yeah , and Aucklanders said the same thing about the springbok tour of ’81, happens at every large protest. Makes ’em feel all warm and fuzzy and gooey inside as they pile on someone at work who disagrees with them and then stay glued to their TV’s at 6 o’clock and watch those dirty protestors get the bash. We all know the type.

  3. Many NZ Journalists made the protesters stronger by stirring them up by not questioning the Government actions earlier, and then sneering at the protesters in their reports…

  4. Yes Coster is right, this whole protest is a “hiding for nothing” for Police and encumbent Politicians.
    Police as outlined by Martyn

    The encumbent Politicians because they have all failed to remember the first lesson about being effective “you should always listen to the other fellows point of view, they just might be right, only a fool thinks they have all the answers”
    Right now all 120 of them look like fools.
    They have been in their ivory tower echo chamber bubbles for 2 years now and failed to see what was actually happening to the real people outside.

    So now these 120 politicians have to deal with the “river of evil” as Michael Woods describes them camped outside. AND THEY ARE STUMPED

    The Police won’t / can’t eject them a combination of lack of resources and will to “jack boot” their fellow citizens

    Leave them there and hope they will pack up and go away in time. Hello politicians do you realize that the 2000 odd “permanents” now have 1 Molesworth st as their home address, they have no other home. You politicians have attracted them to Wellington, now you might have find a real solution to homelessness

    Even if Jacinda agreed to the demands and dropped the mandates and discrimination, the homeless will remain on the lawn.

    Politicians you have dug your selves into a hole with your arrogance, what are you going to do now?

    First stop digging and start listening

    • Well the homeless are homeless, why should they not stay on the lawn to remind dear Jacinda and her mates of the work that they are not doing.

      • Reactionary We have all noticed that there are a large number of expensive vehicles blocking the CBD which are those of protesters. Also people can’t easily get to the trains and bus stations because of this blocking practice. Is this a clear and uncontrovertible statement that these people are homeless, and that their vehicles are their homes which they retreat to at night like snails. It is a conundrum.

        Perhaps they should all be offered good dry accommodation to solve the problem, before their vehicles get towed away. Because they should then be confiscated as belonging to criminals who have caused economic hardship to ordinary Wellingtonians just as shop thieves do. to the working proprietors of small shops like dairies. Something to think about perhaps.

      • A slur, reference to Enoch Powells speech when he never akshully said, “The River of Blood!” Words he didn’t say.
        Woods missus probably wrote that for him. Julie’s good like that.

      • Alan. The “ river of filth “ comment from Wood was appalling. It verged on hysteria, and achieved nothing apart from further antagonising people already opposed to the government. If he’s trying to justify Trevor Mallard, it won’t work

        • Yes Woods credibility slips even further.
          Totally inappropriate remarks from a Government Minister.
          Did he and Mallard go to the same school?

    • Most of them are just rubberneckers like the ones who stare at a road accident and hope to see body bags. Same thing. They want to see people getting the bash and pretending its the Saturday night movies.

    • The funny thing is that if you didn’t know Stalin was a communist you would think he was a nazi by the way he murdered so many people.

    • Whoooar. Just as well I put my glasses on @Gargarin. They’re not from specsavers tho’
      I’ve been known to misread tradie trucks that claim to be ‘shopfitters’, immediately perceiving them to be ‘shop lifters.
      I almost misread your “authoritarian fetishists” as ‘authoritarian feminists’. Once upon a time I had the misfortune to flat (‘flat’ – I suppose that’s the best way to describe it) with how they described theirselves:
      separatist feminists. Mind you, I think they were about 13, going on 25.
      Probably about the first time I realised that identity potiks was about to become the shape of the future.

  5. This is a right wing not onlya far right protest. If Luxon, Seymore, Waititi, Pugh, King, Hyde, McKee, Coutts, Alps, cant confront their feral people to tell them to bugger off there is only one option left.

    What the media and commentators don’t understand is that Police will not use force while children, babies, disabled and elderly people present. From day one cowardly protesters were encouraging irresponsible mothers to take their babies and children up to the front line among intimidating haka and other lunatics. Even Trump invasion of capitol hill and at Springbok tour protest children/babies weren’t present. Only a fool would recommend a violent removal of protesters using teargas and batons as children, babies and oldies could be badly injured or killed.

    Canada has just introduced legislation to make it illegal for children to be at the protest in preparation for a violent end. Any concerned parent wouldn’t expose their tamariki to potential health, safety, hygiene and violence situation. Police need to tow and remove all the vehicles (with the help of the army) first then do the same as Canada to get this over.

  6. Russell Brand did imo a MUST SEE video on this topic today:
    He even highlights something about the situation in New Zealand: i.e. that not one single MP has gone out to speak to the protestors (at least not at the time he made that video), Why is that? The left are doing all the things they are supposed to be against! What happened to “defund the police”? What happened to standing up for the working class? What happened to giving everyone a voice? It’s frankly gotten embarrassing.

    • Nitrium
      Talking about RB. As I asked before, where is this mythical Jacinda, the “PM for all New Zealanders” in her own words way back when she won the election? It’s clear she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty from the filthy rabble out there, much like the british royals with their white gloves, and she is shit scared of having to deal with unrehearsed questions for which she won’t have well rehearsed answers…she might end up looking…NOT IN CONTROL OMG!!!! Because that is the sumtotal of her leadership all along…one big rehearsed act of looking in control.

      • Oh c’mon, you’re not telling me the raised eyebrows, the head cocked to one side with the concerned look WASNT part of her PR communications degree training?!!?

  7. Also, it might be time to ‘De-Fund’ NZ Journalism, MSM! Because paying for an influencer rag, ‘Stuff’ $103m and then another $257m for RNZ, TVNZ for ‘pay to play’ low-quality journalism is doing NZ’ders a disservice.

    • because privately owned (murdoch and fox) are soooooo unbiased huh denny?
      check out sky australia for a glimpse of your media future, the lowest common denominator is a height they dream of getting up to.

    • I agree.
      Although to some degree I’m comfortable with a state model as we have with TVNZ & RNZ. But it needs to arms length from govt, in fact so far from govt influence the arms could belong to a giraffe.

      How corrupt or how much influence the govt has over MSM we’ll never know for sure.
      What we do know for sure is; in Labour’s first term Clare Curran and Carol Hirschfeld both lost their jobs.
      With all the smoke, mirrors and hundreds of millions in play, it does absolutely nothing to build trust and credibility, just the opposite, and that’s from a profession consistently ranked less trustworthy of all! Ahead of politicians and lawyers…

      And we wonder why people go down these rabbit holes and come up with conspiracy shit.

  8. I hope the powers are tracking the money flow that is backing this protest. I do not think I am being alarmist to say this could be the start of something bigger as Russia and China take action to expand . Covid has been mana from heaven to those that want to split the citizens into various camps . Divide and conquer that is what is happening

    • I don’t think it’s ‘state actors’ I think it’s a confluence of right wing and evangelical nutters funding this..

      • Really? ,… a pox on all those dirty hippie Nazis , doctors, lawyers, ex police, hard working truckies and right wing and evangelical nutters who lost their jobs because of covid mandates then !!!… That sort of filth don’t deserve to be able to vote so they should be locked and sent off to the gulags forthwith!!!. Heaven forbid they stand up for the freedom to protest and freedom of speech in their democracy while others who want to see them get the bash are the long term benefactors!!!

  9. I am grateful that we have a level headed pragmatic Police Commisioner in Andy Coster; we owe him a debt of gratitude, stuck between the incoherent rantings of the protestors and those of the Speaker of the House.

  10. Peter Kelly. I agree. If I were Coster I’d suggest that the Speaker retire on health or family grounds to help defuse the current situation, and if the Speaker had any decency he would, and if the PM had whatever it takes, then she might suggest this too. We’ve all made sacrifices for the common good, and it might be Trevor’s turn to do so now. Coster’s measured approach has served us well in quite extraordinary circumstances, and journalists or politicians attempting to blame the police for what has panned out up at Parliament should bear in mind that the public are not all simpletons.

  11. All the talk of civil war is a bit over the top. The bulk of New Zealanders are do nothing , complaining comfortable ,arrogant individuals that simply don’t protest because it takes up to much time away from their other worthwhile pursuits.

    • Even if the protestors turned violent most of nation would be against them or apathetic. For every citizen taking up a gun against the Labour Gov, I’m sure there would be several more answering a Labour/Union call to arms. Never mind at a pinch they could go Grand Coalition with Nats, call for Volunteers to an expanded Army and reintroduce conscription if needed. No way this rabble could prosecute a civil war …at most/worst would just go from protest to a limited rebellion/insurrection with maybe a minority-supported lowgrade occasional terrorism act.

  12. I see the Cramer Square mob feature some of New Zealand’s finest citizens. Philip Arps, Kyle Chapman, a bunch of Destiny Church thugs amongst them. All out harassing and threatening the public in Christchurch central today. Threatening the organizers of an anti protest group into silence because “Freedom” means the right to protest their point of view but clearly not any opposing views. What beggers belief here is that after watching the developments in Wellington that the police let this group get established in the first place.

    • If there ever was a ‘potential’ gathering of potential terrorists. This is it Sylvian.

      • I agree DP. The potential for any protest, especially one of this size, to provide cover for terrorist(s) is huge. The attempted storming of Parliament should have been enough for any sane person to run a mile and not want to be involved.

  13. Martyn, you use sensationalist phrasing. You’re in the business of selling posts. I think it’s unnecessary and counter-productive — this isn’t a newspaper or a youtube video. Good reasoning seems to work more or less for other Left blogs. Making Jon Key’s govt out to be the absolute devil wasn’t correct, just silly. Worse, didn’t help the cause.

    A little less what amount to abuse and a little more reasoning.

    About the subject, this is different to Bastion Point and the 81 Tour protests, though I think the Tuhoe raid is more in the Police’s mind. ’84 has undermined democracy in NZ but not as much as America. The protestors are the children of individualism, freed-up media and the 84 ‘meritocracy’ which has abandoned many people. They express their dissatisfaction incoherently but their dissatisfaction is real if not a one of their facts apart from lessening mandates, which we are all discussing.

    But bending over backwards for the verbally irrational, trying to understand where they’re coming from, trying to do the thinking they are not up to — I’ve never found that worthwhile. Reason and democracy go together like ice and cream. Certainly a soft hand is good, the great way of democracy, but I think the commissioner is wrong, these people don’t speak rational, the first requirement. Our democracy still has enough force, unlike America, to push unreason and anti-democracy off the streets.

    Well, that was boring on an evening off. But I’m unreconstructably idle.

  14. Reason and democracy go together like ice and cream. I like that. Maybe that’s one of the factors for America being stuffed.

    “These people don’t speak rational, the first requirement”? They don’t have to ‘speak rational’. What you have to hope is that the voices of rationality will outweigh them.

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