I have nominated Matthew Blomfield for NZer of the Year


Last week I nominated Pania Newton for Young New Zealander of the Year, for her incredible leadership at Ihumātao and this week I am nominating Matthew Blomfield for New Zealander of the Year.

Matthew stood up to the most venomous cyber bully Troll NZ has ever known, Cameron Slater, and Matthew won.

Despite Slater colluding with Blomfield’s business partners to destroy him and despite Slater magically receiving a stolen computer with all Blomfield’s personal emails details, despite a violent home invasion that saw Blomfield beaten and his house shot at, despite the humiliation and torture Slater forced upon him,  Matthew Blomfield refused to back down.

He refused to be intimidated.

He took Slater to Court for defamation and despite all the legal tricks and delays Slater could muster, Matthew won and in the most delicious karma ever, ended up owning the entire Whaleoil blog.

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In an age where online bullying is rife and septic Trolls like Slater usually triumph, Blomfield stood up and showed real courage and tenacity.

That kind of bravery deserves recognition and should be celebrated.


  1. [Comment declined for publication. Potentially defamatory. You have also omitted key factors such as the Court judgement. – Scarletmod]

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