Pania Newton for New Zealander of the Year


I have nominated Pania Newton for Young New Zealander of the Year.

Her passionate defence of Ihumātao and articulate attack on colonialism has made her a leader worth following. Her confidence, kindness and refusal to back down has shown a backbone of courage that is rare.

Settler Nation NZ won’t accept what is happening at Ihumatao – private property that has been stolen from Māori never being returned is the central plank of our economy, so watch for the backlash especially aimed at attacking her.

Pania is a role model and she should be celebrated.


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more in the mean time hoskings is frothing out the mouth with his Maori bashing

  2. Just offer her a well paid entertainment show on the TV and she will be happy and become quiet. Is that not how ‘free enterprising’ Kiwis and Anglo Saxons, particularly their governments, do operate in general?

    A fashion label perhaps? Pania Fashion with a ‘rebel look’? Air NZ uses Maori designs, she could sell fashion and get ‘rich’, instead of protesting.

    • ‘Peaceful Maori’ DISOWNED, RAPED AND DESTROYED AS A RACE, that is the true story, never mind Anglo Saxon racist self righteous BS, you are done and destroyed now have to beg.

  3. Marc Pania is NOT a low life street fighter she is up against the Colonisers, the govt, packers like yourself, Simon begins bridges and everyone else and guess shes got a whole lot more batting for her.
    Just you stay in “your dark little hole” throwing paper darts to nowhere in particular, so we know where to come to, to empty our bowels, you’re welcome!

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