Dear New Zealand – can we talk about China and National yet and please sign this petition to remove a Chinese Spy 



Hey everyone, how are you.

Look, I appreciate that anyone who questions Chinese influence in NZ politics gets outed on twitter as a xenophobic racist, but only the Spinoff really listens to the woke anymore and I think we are getting to a point in all of this where National’s constant acquiescence to Chinese Business is fast becoming a national security issue…

US democracy watchdog Freedom House accuses MP Todd McClay of ‘echoing’ China to ‘justify mass detentions’ in Xinjiang

National MP Todd McClay has been accused of “echoing” the Chinese government to “justify mass detentions” in Xinjiang, in a damning new report about China’s growing global influence. 

McClay is criticised in the report for how he has characterised facilities in China’s Xinjiang region – often described as “detention camps” – where it’s understood millions of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities are detained.  

“New Zealand lawmaker Todd McClay recently referred to the forced indoctrination camps for Muslim minorities in Xinjiang as ‘vocational training centers,’ echoing the terminology used by the Chinese government and state media to justify the mass detentions.”

…I simply don’t trust the National Party when it comes to handling our economic interests with China because the National Party itself is completely wedded and compromised personally to wealthy Chinese interests.

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At this stage, National is less a political party and more a front for Chinese business interests which are a front for the Chinese Government.

We don’t want to be ruled by Beijing any more than we want to be ruled by Washington, we want an independent NZ who acts in NZs interests, not bloody China’s or America’s.

Right now we have an alleged Chinese Spy inside the National Party Caucus! Show the real level of outrage this generates inside you by signing the petition I set up this week demanding that Jian Yang be removed from National Party List.

The National Party and their private business relationships with Chinese business can’t be ignored any longer, it’s time to call them on it and demand change.


  1. As the Chinese practice so should we.


    Mine and many other New Zealanders grandparents fought for FREEDOM and against TYRANNY.

    We should remember that when we stand in the early morning at ANZAC day.

  2. yes welll said mosa and Martyn.

    We canot be controlled by foriegn Government’s – whatever persuation they are.

    Just look at the US Democatic Party ‘impeechment procceeedings against President Donald Trump’ citing corruption by an alleged phone call to Ukranie Government asking them to invesigate a US citizen (Hunter Biden) for possible corruption.

    So we cannot have a chinese spy in our Parliament either can we, since this will create a possible corruption setup to persuade NZ MP’s to vote or investigate NZ citizens?

    • Cleangreen: “We canot be controlled by foriegn Government’s – whatever persuation they are.”

      The US has been telling our governments what to do since….oh…. Eisenhower. Probably earlier. When Washington asks us to jump, successive governments have said, how high? All of this has been, for NZ, in pursuit of the chimera of a free trade agreement with the US. The only time we came close to telling the US to shove it was over the nuclear issue, when Lange was PM. And the US has spent the years since, punishing us, in petty and not-so-petty ways. I’m sure that you know about this.

      I scarcely need to point out that said FTA is as elusive as it ever was.

      On the other hand, we’ve had a FTA with China since 2008. China has not demanded that, in return, we commit troops to its imperialist wars of aggression and regime change; nor did it insist on such assistance, as a precondition for signing a FTA. It helps, of course, that China does not engage in imperialist behaviour; has not done so. China is interested in trade; that’s what its history shows.

      I don’t doubt that China sees value in working to ensure that trade conditions in this country are favourable to it. I guess that NZ also works to ensure trade conditions in China are favourable to our interests.

  3. Very sadly, it’s all part of the NZ takeover….oops sorry, I of course meant “gifting”.

    Nationals priorities.

    1st….Money, greed and power.

    2nd….everything else.

  4. Where is Winston positioned on all of this ?

    The Nationalist crusader !

    Lets clean up this dirty old town Mr Peters.

    Now that he has a good reason too act tough he has runs and hides.

    Opposition is one thing but how different it is when you hold a ministerial warrant.

    The pressure not too do anything must be enormous.

    Trade agreements and Chinese money negate all other considerations.

    • Mosa,

      We all witnessed what unfolded when Shane Jones had the audacity to suggest that Indians bleating about arranged marriages not being treated the same as traditional western marriages could go back to where they came from. Winston is just boxing smart. He put a stop to capital gains tax as there was no real downside for his party with that despite NZ desperately needing a CGT to bring some equity back into our tax system.

      If he crusades about the Chinese immigration tidal wave now, what will happen?

      1) Status quo will remain with immigration.
      2) He and his party will be branded racist in these excessively PC times.
      3) It will create a huge division with Labour.
      4) It will turn potential voters off NZF.

      Here’s what I think Peters will do.

      1) Keep his head down and only make “safe noises” as the election nears.
      2) Return to the negotiating table straight with a position of strength after the election and dictate any coalition partner must immediately make a massive reduction to immigration.

      Both National and Labour would happily sign up to that if it meant them being back in Government.

      For Winston and NZF, job done….again.

    • I don’t see how you can claim its ‘racist’ or ‘idiotic’….

      This is about national sovereignty and corruption .

      I don’t like the Mont Pelerin society for what they did to our once egalitarian nation, – yet they are English based ( London Square Mile , – and in that particular scurrilous group , there is found people of ALL ethnicity’s , – does that make me a racist??? ) .

      We are talking about a nation , – not an ethnicity. And in the land of the Chinese Communist Party ( ironic that the far right wing National party are so far up the CCP’s backside all you can see are their toenails… ) , – there are MANY ethnicity’s. Some of whom the CCP don’t like. And those that they don’t like get sent to ‘vocational training centers’.

      Do you like that , Marc?

      Would you be prepared for you and your family to live for extended periods of time in a CCP ‘vocational training center’ ?

      No. Didn’t think so.

      And the reason why is because you know, sitting behind the safe confines of your computer in your own home that will never happen to you and yours.

      Why then , do you defend the CCP and its excesses ?, – the same CCP that has groups like Amnesty International reporting on so many human rights abuses? And by implication , – the National party that seems quite OK with it. Not only that , – but to forge lucrative business deals which benefit themselves , their mates and ultimately – having an ‘alleged’ Chinese spy in their caucus, – AND , – creating foreign policy’s based on the accruing of their own personal wealth and business deals constructed by insider knowledge and….. ‘ favours’, – that drag us kicking and screaming into that sphere despite the fact most of us are well aware of the CCP ‘s human rights abuses.

      That is NOT what our elected politicians who we pay so handsomely are elected to do. That may work fine in some South American far right wing ‘ junta’…. but not here in NZ.

      You see, that is why I mentioned the Mont Pelerin society , – because of its agents in most country’s. They are multi ethic. Yet , that same parasitic streak which runs through them runs through many of our own politicians . In fact , both Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson were BOTH board members of that ‘society’ of thieves. Both of them in either Labour or the National party, and both of them in key positions , – Finance Ministers. So without being tribal , I think we can safely say those who destroyed NZ’s wealth and peaceful way of life kind of destroys your attack line of ” what about Labour”.

      Do you like mass poverty and people sleeping rough at night?

      Which is what that ‘ society’ produced right here in NZ.

      By the same token, – do you like the treatment of ethnic minority’s under the rule of the CCP?

      Spare us your faux racist accusations.

      I assume you would be quite happy to cozy up for financial reasons with any number of either far left or right political regimes that oppress and commit genocide on its own ethnic minority’s.

      Which begs the question… just WHO is the RACIST here?

      • I dislike the CCP as much as you, the MP in question was once educating those who were going to become spies for Mainland China, but has he not left China and changes his occupation and life rather to get away from the confines of Mainland China?

        There appears to be an obsession by some here to think every Chinese who once worked for their government cannot ever be trusted, so that smells a bit like racist to me.

        • Is it being racist to suspect corruption?
          I thought not. It’s about holding an opinion on perceived corruption, Trump being a great example, it does not make me a racist.
          Remember the Bridges tapes?

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