So basically the National Party want to teach Creationism in schools?


This nonsense faux outrage over teaching children the enormity of the climate crisis managed to go into another sphere of madness this week when National got involved.

Firstly, what the children are being taught doesn’t go nearly far enough, rather than consoling redneck snowflakes for their climate denial ignorance, students should be getting taught on how to nationalise all energy monopolies, transport networks + prosecution of oil industry for crimes against humanity!

Secondly, what exactly is it that National are trying to say here…

MP Scott Simpson blasts James Shaw’s ‘shocker of an interview’ on teaching climate change

Simpson isn’t the first to speak out against the new resource. ACT leader David Seymour said he fears it’s designed to suppress opposing views on humankind’s influence on the climate. 

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Simpson had a similar view, telling Plunket: “The ability for various views to be expressed around climate change issues seems to be lacking from this resource.”

Seymour, MP for Epsom, has criticised aspects of the resource such as an activity called “myth buster role-play” where one student will play the role of an ‘activist’ for climate change and the other a ‘sceptic’. 

…so effectively they are arguing that Creationism should be taught in schools because it’s a skeptical approach to Evolution???

Look, we all get that National are a Party for farmers, bankers and property speculators and that those electorates have deeply vested interests in the pollution status quo, but to actively argue for teaching children falsehoods so that they can be skeptical of the truth is about as breath taking as it gets.

The climate crisis is erupting at speed and force now, radical action is going to be the only action, and to watch the largest Political Party in this country continue to deny that is fast becoming an intellectual obscenity.


  1. When the laws of nature demonstrate that your political values aren’t legitimate then the laws of nature must be wrong and vehemently opposed, denied, invalidated, ridiculed and vilified.
    It won’t change. Global warming demonstrates that you can’t use the earth’s resources without consequence and that controls are required on individual endeavour. That doesn’t ring well in the ears of those on the right.

  2. Scott Simpson is the Nat. Party spokesperson on the Environment and Climate Change. Scott Simpson is the MP for Coromandel. I live on the Coromandel. Scott Simpson is such an embarrassment.

    • Sadly though there are enough farmers, bankers and property speculators around the Coromandel voting for the moron as he was voted in by thousands. Saw him speak in Thames many years ago, when he was new to politics. He came across as reasonable. Now entrenched in National he speaks like they all do, arrogant, condescending and belittling. As I say he is a moron and prefers to quash the science on climate change with the “I know best” arrogance.
      As for Seymour, for fuck’s sake he would be a no one without having being gifted a seat in parliament, so his opinion is as good as mine!

  3. I thought see- more is into freedom of speech he should be into freedom of views and thoughts not just his own either

  4. When the MP for the ‘rotten borough’ of Epsom speaks, why should anyone listen. The Presstitutes are talking him up, so ACT may get an extra seat and his ‘pay masters’ might get back into Government.
    This electorate fiddle together with the list system should be amended to stop the rorts it allows. e.g ‘paid for MP’s’, e.g. The far right anti (90% of Kiwis party, i.e. it is ONLY for the wealthy and not particular bothered about their nationality or allegiance), that calls themselves National (how ironic).
    Sad to say, IMHO we are nearer to an effective oligarchy here in NZ but delude ourselves to believe that we live in a democracy (with one law for all…..don’t make me laugh !!!).
    Seymour is a joke and an UTTER embarrassment to NZ and should stop anyone’s belief that we have a democracy.

  5. You need to look in a mirror sometime Martyn, while I admire the unshakeable faith you show for various issues there are often 2 sides to the story & refusing to let others share their opinion would seem to go against the recent article you had about the Canterbury bricklayer with a book phobia.

    • Bonnie’s argument is good for the inclusion of similar opinions into the curriculum: Flat Earthism, Young Earth Creationism, denial of HIV connection to AIDS, Homeopathy.
      These opinions should be heard, in fact, the younger and more uncritical the minds to be targeted the better. Citizens of Crankville have rights too – everybody’s opinion is equal. 5 minutes of Google research is just as valid as academic study and peer reviewed research.

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