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  1. English ‘Christian’ school to fine parents every five minutes they are late

    Can we start fining the buses and trains that are late, too when they impact on everybody’s time?

    If schools implemented this in NZ, and with the amount of congestion in Auckland, and the cost of living which means that parents have to work longer and longer and the cost of ‘after school programmes’ is huge, while wages are low, a good percentage of children would be in CYPS care – so I guess due to CYPS bed shortages apparently the last resort is to house the kids in NZ jails… (yes CYPS kids in jail due to shortages has happened in NZ)…

    • Very practical savenz. That’s the sort of thing we need to incorporate in our systems to make NZ great again.
      Send them to ‘borstal’ straight off and then they will be right on site, and in the head. /sarc

      • Good idea Greywarbler, NZ kids could then be trained to pack Xmas cards too in jail, like the Chinese prisoners, or make clothes in the child labour sweat shops… It’s win, win for profits!

        But wait there is more,

        keen to make more profits, Auckland Transport officials can often be seen in schools around Auckland giving out tickets to any parents dropping their kids off…

        under woke meets neoliberalism, it’s penalising two birds with one stone, one to make the parents pay for using a car when (in their eyes) parents have all the time in the world and ability to take time off to do the walking-bus-volunteer network or brave your childs life to get them cycling/scooting/walking to school in rush hour.

        If your child does get hit by a truck it’s the parents fault aka Carla Neems. Our laws are fine with business not having sensors to avoid killing the public in known blind spots on their 10 ton trucks parked across driveways.

        Luckily we also meet neoliberal goals by targeting parents, so that transport agencies don’t have to bust a sweat when they have a captive market of capital to make in just 2 x 30 minute time slots per day at each school! Genius!

        If you are blind, disabled or a child, then walk out at your own risk on the footpaths!

  2. Student loans: More than 70,000 overseas-based borrowers in default

    So we are pushing NZ people with an education out of the country, while bringing in overseas students and overseas low skilled job seekers who can straight away or after 2 years generally qualify for NZ benefits and wage top ups and free health care and education for their kids and free super for their parents…

    Something very wrong with neoliberal thinking when you see the social disasters and more and more borrowing from government to keep the Ponzi afloat and you can’t many skilled local people here anymore as our wages and conditions are too low!

    Meanwhile most migrants peoples kids who just arrived in last few years get free education and free health care and 1 free year of tertiary study for their kids and free interests while studying, while ignoring the local Gen X generation who got 10% compounding interest from day 1 of their loan draw down and was sold off as an asset, and no free tertiary education interest while studying and are now criminals if they come back without paying back their loans…

    NZ loves to cheat it’s own people while giving charity to overseas multinationals like Rio Tinto, (pays 25% of the power than consumers), ignoring the mostly foreign owned banks screwing people over here or giving super and free health care to migrants parents and their 11 day old 60yo love interests

    Neoliberlaism in NZ – where profits is one of our biggest exports now, beneficiaries are our biggest imports with low skilled, criminal and income less people coming into NZ to live and get benefits or supported in jail, while our laws go ballistic at locals who are forced out by the low wages and huge education debts…

    BTW – most of dual residents children, can avoid the student loans easily by having multiple passports, it’s the locals being pinged the most and too scared to come home!

  3. The bigger question is why there are so many private agencies doing this work, the government should be doing it’s job not having so many different groups doing social work!

    Clearly getting overseas people not familiar with NZ is a disaster waiting to happen with social work! The disgusting abuses in care by agencies like Salvation Army and church groups to name a few as well as government is clearly not being taken seriously with every man and his dog being able to become a social worker bought in from overseas, and work with vulnerable people at cheap rates of pay becoming the norm!

    NGO social work agencies feeling the pinch after Oranga Tamariki pay rise

    • Can someone design one that is clever and not grisly? I reckon there would be money in a badge like that and it would give us a feeling of being part of a community of thinking people.

  4. NZ happy to target Air B&B in Phil Goffs, bed tax but no plans (of course) to tax big corporate hotels as a percentage of their bed tax take as tourist tax, surprise, surprise… or make tourists pay a levy towards their ACC, transport/roading and health costs when things go wrong here! Instead we have 4 million tourists using public health system and hotels and roads, and many essentially living here with relatives, as our health system grinds to a a halt, our roads gridlocked (and petrol taxes used for tourists airport highways) and there is no longer quick health care and preventative care available for citizens…

    Amsterdam to increase tourist tax to reclaim city for residents

  5. savenz
    Your comments are always well thought out and explained. It is always informative to read them and they are so relevant to reality. That’s the sort of RandR we need today. The thinking citizen can’t afford to take the equivalent of the RandR that used to be taken last century, to relax after a tour of duty at something, usually war or a nasty battle, or some other epic outbreak. We are being moved sometimes minutely, sometimes through a catastrophe, towards the edge. Your comments are timely, and as I said entirely relevant and I think are usually about NZ matters.

    It is so easy to overlook our own deepening problems and be distracted by the actors who have been elected to august positions overseas, or to suffer quick brainfarts of empathy for the problems of developed wealthy countries, as in NZ students raising money for Australian bushfire-decimated people. Their own country and politicians should have enough money to show care for their own, especially with the profits made from their banks in our country. Our own people need love and concern too, while we can still hold an arm up to show distress.

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