Chinese Spy organises National Party Leader to meet more Chinese Spies


Our favourite alleged Chinese Spy and National Party MP, Jian Yang, has done it again!

New information released by MFAT show he was instrumental in arranging Simon Bridges trip to China where they met, surprise, surprise, an even bigger Chinese Spy…

National MP Jian Yang organised Simon Bridges’ controversial China trip, emails show

Simon Bridges’ controversial China visit was organised by Jian Yang, the National MP who admitted to training Chinese spies, official emails show. 

In late August, he emailed National Party staff with the itinerary he put together for Bridges and said: “I’m rather pleased with it”.

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A member of the Chinese Communist Party’s 25-man Politburo would meet the delegation “although we do not know who that person is”, Yang said in the email. 

That person turned out to be Guo Shengkun, the head of the CCP’s secret police.

…with China’s appalling mass surveillance rights record, with their massive imprisonment Camps for Muslim’s, with their increased desire to take the entire South China Sea and their numerous business interests and encroachment upon NZ politics, isn’t it time to ask if we would be safe from Chinese influence if the National Party, who has a alleged Chinese spy inside its Caucus, ever wins power?

Who would Simon Bridges answer to? Wellington or Beijing?

National get away with this because the NZ Left are too paralysed by Identity Politics to ever challenge National because to do so would be ‘xenophobic’ and ‘racist’.

New Zealand needs to not be dictated to by America OR China and demanding independence and refusing those foreign powers having sway here is not bloody ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’.



  1. It is likely for Simon Bridges and the NZ National Party it’s a case of “you scratch my bank and I will scratch yours”.

    Or rather for the NZ National Party ‘You(China)donate as much money to the NZ National Party Campaign and we will grant your cronies Instant Kiwi citizenship and will turn a blind eye to your human rights violations, your TRIADS already here in NZ and give you more of the NZ land and water to satisfy your(China’s)growing population…”

    As per usual the NZ taxpayers paid for that trip which was probably a Simon Bridges Self-Promotion tour whilst extolling the virtues of the CPC, the Chinese President and all those Bridges rubbed hands with whilst money passed during each meeting/transaction in the NZ National Party coffers.

    And so whilst the NZ taxpayers funded Bridges and co’s trip not one cent would ever go towards low income NZers i.e the very ones Bridges(being a National Party sponger) intends to
    tax off the planet.

    How many low income NZers could the money that went on the Bridges/Brownlee/Yang and co trip could have been better spent feeding NZ homeless people? Probably more than what 4 low income families can make a year!!

  2. We need to take a serious look at this, but everywhere is is found. The Chinese have not taken over our civil society groups through satraps like ActionStation as Washington has; although presumably they are trying.

  3. Well we’ve been answering to Britain, Australia, USA & the trans-national corporate world for our entire existence, so why not China. They’re the next big limousine on the rack for a tiny dependent nation such as us.

    On the other hand, common sense tells me it’s high time we stopped answering to any of them.

    Only loyal NZ citizens should be allowed to stand in local body & national elections. Those with dual citizenship should not be allowed to stand.

    This would test the true loyalty of the Genter’s & Yang’s among us.

  4. national are compromised our security services need to take a close look at the national party and how far does the corruption go is simion a CCP asset if so he has to resign and why hasnt that spy been booted out of nZ yet ? voters need to know who nact is really working for simion needs to provide answers ? if simion has sold nz out he needs to be jailed

    • we need a royal commision with the power to crack open the national party there corrupt and need to be prosecuted and jailed

      • We need a royal commission to look into Parmac who pushed through a change of the epilepsy drug against advice from Med safe causing 5 dead so far . Clarke was aware of a problem after the 3rd death but did nothing. I suppose he will try and blame National for this problem .

        • Your comment is unrelated to the topic trev –
          Trying to create a diversion much?
          Take it TDB Open Mike – You can discuss it there. Otherwise, you’re behaving increasingly like a troll. (NOT saying that you are, – just that this is an example of troll-like, disruptive posting.)

        • yet we see another atttempt by Mr Sennitt to deflect the arguement over the National Party being found to be covorting with a large communist chinese govermnent, who is often seen as meddling in small pacific nations like ours.

          So we need a Royal Comission into ‘Naional Party meddling’ in our next political election, – we see now.

  5. Haven’t heard anything about Jian Yang’s discrepancies on his NZ citizenship application, regarding his past employment in China being dealt with!

    Where China and Chinese money are concerned National’s loyalties hastily stray away from NZ.

    • trump is being impeached for meeting with foreign powers how are we going to deal with national and bridges where are our security services why is the spy still in working in parliament where are the answers how corrupt are national????? the public need answer not a not a no comment this is what the sis are supposed to be doing protecting nz from traitors like bridges and bundle

    • you do know it was Labour that reconized China in 1972 It was Helen Clarke that signed a free trade deal in 2008 and it was the current government that revised the treaty in 2019. China purchased $17m last year a market worth looking after no matter which government is in power. Human rights are not the best but they will not change if we stopped trading so the best we can do is keep the dialogue open .It is just the same with other countries that we deal with . We are too small to be the conscience of the World

        • “That’s what most of Europe said about the Nazis in 1937.”

          Actually as bad as the US is, I would not compare them to the Nazis. So I do believe we should continue trading with the US and having good diplomatic relations with the Americans.

          btw…you were referring to the Americans right? Those who just carried out an illegal extrajudicial execution of a very high ranking official of a sovereign power, and maintain around 800 military bases around the world, compared to China’s single one in Djibouti.

          • Nice try Mark. I’m disgusted by what the US (under Trump) has just done in Iraq too. I’m extremely fearful they may start another disastrous Middle East war against Iran.

            Here’s the big difference though. Anyone in America is free to call Trump a massive fucking arsehole and they do. Some comedians get paid millions of dollars just to make fun of the American president and there’s nothing he can do about. They do it all day, everyday, without fear of being sent to a concentration camp or becoming “voluntary” organ donors. And Trump is gone in 4 years at most, whether he likes it or not. Unlike China’s new Emperor who never won an election and can now stay in power for life after he abolished term limits.

            • Your claimed ‘big difference’, is irrelevant.
              American imperialism did not start with Trump and will not end with Trump. In fact up until now Trump has been relatively restrained compared to his predecessors.

              To the millions of victims of US imperialism, its bombs and bullets, they don’t get the right to vote US imperialism out of office.

              If a criminal gang robs me, it is a criminal gang. How they organise among themselves and how they treat one another within their gang is entirely irrelevant.

          • Conveniently forgot about the CCP’s hostility to press freedom or human rights, its military aggression against Tibet, Japan, Taiwan, its persecution of religious groups, its vast concentration camps imprisoning over a million Uighur Muslims. CCP isn’t Nazism, but its totalitarian Han supremacist ideology is quite similar, just as dangerous. Its propaganda is a lot more sophisticated and insidious.

            • hmmm military aggression against Tibet? Tibet is recognised as part of China, even by all Western nations.

              Japan, Taiwan? What military aggression….be specific.

              And you believe that propaganda about Xinjiang? The only countries which have an issue about Xinjiang are the US and its allies. About twice as many countries, including many Muslim majority countries have come out and supported China’s anti-terror policies.

              • When China invaded Tibet in 1950 its population was 95% Tibetan and 5% Han Chinese. Now it’s 45% Tibetan and 55% Han Chinese:


                Such radical demographic change in such a short time could only have come about through illegal colonisation and ethnic cleansing being committed by China on a vast scale.

                • Supposing your figures are true, that’s hardly radical change over a 70 year period. Nz became about 90% anglon saxin celtic over a much shorter period of time, and Australia is now only 2 or 3 percent Australian aboriginal and the figures are the same for the US and Canada

                  No ethnic cleansing in China though, just people freely moving around their own country. Many tibetans live in sichuan province and other areas of China too.

  6. National are actually a US, not China stooge. They are just mercenary when it comes to China trade.
    From 2017:
    “New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English was flying to the mountainous resort city of Queenstown on Tuesday to meet intelligence officials from the “Five Eyes” network, which includes the U.S. FBI, CIA and National Security Agency”

    New Zealand by being part of Five Eyes is an imperialist country which supports the imperialist misadventures of the US all over the world, and is of course part of the gang which is involved in ‘containment’ of China, accelerated under Obama’s ‘pivot to Asia’

    • Spoken by a mouthpiece of the imperialist CCP which is in the process of undermining NZ democracy and taking over the economy by any means fair and foul.

  7. If the situation was reversed, if Labour had a foreign spy as one of their MPs (let alone one who had lied to get his visa, and had trained other military spies from that country)… well, it wouldn’t have been allowed to ever get this far. The media would have been in frenzied hysteria until not only the spy was deported but half the party MPs would be looking for another career option.

    Can see it now. Dunc and Hosk would be bellowing about it non-stop all day. Megaphones at the ready. Hoots et al would be demanding time-slots on tv to ensure the nation was kept safe.

    Tova would be doing back-flips, and would send any underlings to trail Jacinda 24/7, and be demanding “What are you going to do about it PM?” and “What have you been doing all this time?” and “When, Prime Minister? When can we all feel safe again?” and “Why aren’t you dealing with this at this moment PM?”

    The Spinoff would be publishing lists of all friends and affiliates of anyone in any way connected including the local grocer who served any of the relevant parties or the bus driver who transported someone to the airport. Interspersed with quotes of “Paula says…” (so it must be true).

    Bryce would be up with the international press talking about Jacinda being deeply embroiled in a major spy scandal at home in NZ.

    Even legendary rads like Minto would be banging away about how “I knew this was coming. Told ya’s! She’s a baddy y’know. Remember, she worked for this other Chinese bloke once..”

    And of course our own Mal Evans would have large in-yr-face cartoons of Jacinda and the spy in pornographic positions.

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