This is the EXACT type of bullshit Police over reaction I warned them to not engage in!



FFS – this is the EXACT type of bullshit Police over reaction I warned them to not engage in!…

Far-right activist’s house raided over suspected illegal firearm

Armed police have left empty handed after raiding the home of a far-right activist who they suspected of having an illegal firearm.

It was one of the first police actions targeting firearms owners since the amnesty to hand in recently-outlawed guns and equipment ended last month.

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In an article posted to the Right Minds NZ website, the site’s co-founder Dieuwe de Boer said he was home with his wife and three young children when half a dozen armed officers swarmed through his front door while others ran around the side of the house.

…the right wing gun nut community are paranoid as it is, this idiotic policing will only ensure ACT get 3%!

If you read the places Gun owners congregate online, it is a feckless imagination land of conspiracy fuelled paranoia combined with an astounding level of self martyrdom with claims that by losing their guns, they are the true victims of the Christchurch atrocity.

Police should look to write warnings and destroy any guns found rather than a punitive arrest and prosecution model so as to not enflame events that could spin out of control.

They’ve just gone and done the exact thing they shouldn’t have.

Jacinda won the gun battle by removing a vast number of dangerous guns from our streets, but she could easily lose the war if those who haven’t handed their weapons in believe they are seeing the manifestation of their most fettered conspiracies of the Deep State removing their ability to resist a socialist state.

As ludicrous as that conspiracy is, this is the toxic sludge citizens fed on social media news feeds have become.

Heavy handed forced compliance using law that breaches civil rights will give those alienated gun owners all the righteous grievance they need to radicalise, that is a recipe for social carnage, not social cohesion.

Where the fuck is Stuart Nash to provide some real leadership here and do Police want a far right Party gaining political traction on this?



  1. It is interesting the first police raid for an outlawed weapon is on a family man with their 3 children at home not one of the many gang pads. It looks like an interesting year has just kicked off with a big own goal from the Col

    • I’m sure there’s no suggestion in the comment that getting killed by some lunatic gang member with a weapon deemed to be illegal is somehow worse than getting killed by some lunatic family man with kids who uses a weapon deemed to be illegal.

    • I’m not sure I’m cool with this radical interpretation of the law. Rights without limits are nonfunctional. “Your right to swing your arm ends where my nose begins;” sooner or later any right has a limit where you start trampling on other people and it stops being a right, and becomes a license to prey on innocent people.

      • I have to qualify that ‘White Supremacist’ statement after skimming through their site. There are thoughts expressed on the site that I disagree with, strongly. They are Jordan Peterson fans, but so are, ugh, some in my own wider family.

        • Post-modern-anti-fascists is not a society aimed at universal suffering, it is a policy aimed at a specific threat. Behind the alt right and alt left reactionary forces who are emboldened by Trumps make America great again is a lust for violence and cruelty against the patriarchy and have embraced holly war.

  2. Well said Bomber.

    Shades of the Dot Com raid.

    Operational matters are not the jurisdiction of the Minister but policy is.

    Time to pickup the phone Stuart.

  3. It’s not clear whether the police were acting on de Boer’s postings on his ‘Right Minds NZ’ website, or his submission to the select committee – if it was the latter, then it could be concerning; if he’s another import here 5 mins and appropriating this country’s name, NZ, for his own purposes, then, as a fourth generation NZ’er that irks me – if they don’t like the way that this country functions, then they don’t have to come here. If they think that they’re better than us, they need to think again.

    It may not have been idiotic policing when far-right white supremacists, here, and elsewhere, have some extreme agendas.

    • Pretty appalling comments here of the “get out of NZ, you immigrant” type.
      De Boer has been in NZ for decades, and is not a racist, still less a far supremacist. He’s squarely a Christian conservative who doesn’t care about race and is committed to a democratic state. Think Mike Pence, not Richard Spencer, if you’re capable of making the distinction and realising it’s meaningful.

      As a similar conservative, I’m appalled at how heavy handed these raids are and to me it proves that the Left are all about power and control. 12 policemen raiding a house for an ancient .22 has absolutely nothing to do with keeping the public safe. When a hardline right wing party rises and you all fear for your civil liberties, just remember that you gave these sort of tactics your blessing.

      • What were the police looking for? What they said or what the ‘victim’ said? Did the police specify to the media?

      • Tuhoe raids rings a bell and it was under Labour, sad really it set us back years in race relations the police need a proverbial kick up the arse

  4. If the police had reason to believe someone was holding an illegal MSSA then this story would be as you say Martyn. The problem is this search was based on a photograph of a bunny gun submitted to a select committee hearing. The message is “you partake in democracy, we will send police to raid you for your political views”. Kim Jong Un would be proud of NZ today, we following his lead very nicely an on the way to our own version of his benign peoples republic.

  5. Nash has been very clear the confiscation was for guns designed to kill people, not deer or bunny guns.
    He’s not full of shit, as you were told is he?
    You must be mistaken that police raided the house of a Christian family guy at dinner time with his family because he submitted an old photo of a lever action .22 bunny gun as part of due democratic process in this countries law making.
    How paranoid people must be to see this injustice.
    Take a bow all those who cheerled gun owners as gun nuts.
    Best you send some thoughts to his wife who was distraught to tears.
    The politics of kindness.

  6. Dieuwe de Boer

    “I’m the first of a new breed of young gun-totin’, Bible-bashin’, conservative family men fighting against left-wing regressives. Either that or I’m making a heroic last stand for freedom as the sun sets on Christian civilisation.”

    So, are the cops just meant to raid Maori in the Ureweras, and the drug-peddling gang HQ’s, and leave the nice white boys alone ?

    de Boer’s ‘Gun-totin’ – anti-Muslim preaching – anti-United Nations stance – is not exactly the Kiwi ethos, nor is it something to boast about either; this laddie may need to do a bit of growing up, but he sounds sufficiently shonky for the cops to be keeping an eye on – and revelling in his pathetic martyrdom.

    I’m surprised that he couldn’t at least claim a broken finger nail, or that a dog crushed a geranium on his berm – or know that he is abysmally way way way out of date and time:

    Matthew Arnold 1867

    The Sea of Faith
    Was once, too, at the full, and round earth’s shore
    Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furl’d.
    But now I only hear
    Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar,
    Retreating, to the breath
    Of the night-wind, down the vast edges drear
    And naked shingles of the world.

    de Boer boy should go to the poets for truth – being gun-totin won’t make him a man – or anything very much really – apart from another waste of tax-payer monies.

  7. Ok, so my comments on this are:
    1. Given that ACT are the only party actively supporting freedom of speech, they probably deserve 3%.
    2. ACT are not IMO a far right party in the sense that they seem to be quite socially liberal.
    3. I went to the guy’s website and read the article and he does make a good point. If the police raided my house like that I would be livid.
    4. I (along with a lot of people I’m sure) had never heard of this guy before, so congratulations nz police for the free advertising.
    5. Finally, the people here disparaging him for being from the Netherlands can go fuck themselves. You are all pro-immigration provided they agree with you? Once again, go fuck yourselves.

    • People who fuck themselves are wankers. And it’s likely to be a pleasant pastime.

      I dislike the way this website is a vehicle for people who use the word ‘fuck’ as a generic term of abuse when it’s actually a pleasurable activity, often a tender loving one.

      • Janio – Guess that’s why Meghan Markle said, “Oh fuck” to Harry as their wedding carriage drew away from the old chapel, and bystanders cheered them.

  8. Inside sources have told us that all district commanders have been told to “make examples” of individuals by conducting raids. As yet we don’t know if this was initiated by the police executive or by the politicians.

    Either way this is a most disturbing trend: Using the police for political purposes means we’re heading fast toward an autocratic state.

  9. The children will be traumatised. As were, and are still, the children of Te Urewera. Okay, so they didn’t raid the school bus this time, but a family, with children? No one was being threatened. No one called for help. What is with the police in these crazy overreactions?

    • Yep, whether the adults are right, left, radical or spherical, and whether those children are white, red, blue, tangerine or psychedelic, leave the children alone you buggers!

  10. Censorship of contrary views is fascistic. In my case it still continues here. Exactly the same on stuff news, say’s a lot don’t it.

    “Freiheit ist immer die Freiheit des Andersdenkenden

    Freedom is always, and exclusively, freedom for the one who thinks differently.”
    ― Rosa Luxemburg

    • This was not about his ideas – it was about him having a gun that is now deemed illegal that was not handed in, therefore the cops need to find it as they need to find every illegal gun. Freedom does entitle you to have ideas it does not entitle you to commit illegal acts.

  11. “Where the fuck is Stuart Nash to provide some real leadership here…?”

    Nash has never provided leadership on this issue. He has a (blue and white) striped Tiger by the tail and doesn’t know what to do. Check his pronouncements on firearms law from before the election as an example

    He insisted that the amended Arms Act only affected firearms designed to kill people, not those for deer or pigs or rabbits etc. Thats either a deliberate lie or staggering ignorance of legislation changes he was in charge of. Neither option is the action of a leader.

    Suspect the guy involved here was selected as an unsympathetic target, but more significant is that it was over something they had no proof he still had and that falls far, far outside the spin on the effects of the new Police powers.

    • Yes it turns out we weren’t banning machine guns eh.
      Anyone have a copy of that clip of Nash saying “ let me be clear we aren’t talking about rabbit and deer guns here we are talking about guns designed to kill people.”
      Nek Minnit armed police raids for a lever action .22 rifle which the guy doesn’t even have. Because he followed our due legal process.
      I note several big shot lawyers mentioning parliamentary privilege applies to the submissions.
      Let’s hope the guy has a good lawyer.

      The bulk of guns confiscated are not the nasty black guns Nash lied to the public about, they are sporting centrefire semiauto deer guns with small capacity internal magazines and .22 rabbit guns and shotguns that hold an extra cartridge or 2.
      Why lie if the cause is so just and we will be safer?

  12. One other thing – I don’t think I’d agree politically with much if anything that de Boer posits. But he was left with his firearms apparently, so Police have a) vetted him as fit and proper to have a firearms licence and firearms and b) still consider him to be that. Given the alleged firearm hardly fits the Police and Minister’s description of ‘most dangerous’ and ‘evil in nature’, then what was the motivation here?

  13. Its all about “the Quota”. The White Quota Ratio v Brownies.
    The ratio is about 15(Maori,PI,Indian …) to 1(Pakeha).

    • Yes Denny I would like to know how the white quota is screened and vetted to keep us safe from the white supremacist who are mass murderers

  14. I suspect that next time there is a Select Committee on a proposed firearms act people will remember this and simply will not submit. Maybe stifling opposition is what this was all about? It is very concerning. In any event, this is an appalling over-reaction by the police. If they suspect he has an illegal .22, there were other, less over-the-top methods that could have been employed. Heck, they could even have tried to ask him if he was in possession of a now-banned firearm. This is very obviously a politically-motivated action, and cannot be countenanced in New Zealand. Just because a person holds political views outside the mainstream is no reason to pillory him. Unless his views stray into illegality, he is entitled to them.

  15. What a revolting human specimen Dieuwe de Boer is. I commented recently to someone that I think that Dutch immigrants are one of the most racist groups we have in our country. I know many ‘look at the Maoris they get everything’.

    Shame we ever allowed de Boer in at all. It really worries me that we also have all these South Africans who made their money and lifestyle on the backs of the black people and now live here and are as racist as they have ever been, many of them get very good jobs here in senior management and of course we know that the 2nd most spoken language on the North Shore is Afrikaans.

    They must have thought de Boer was pretty stupid or something to think he would hold on to something at his home that is now illegal.

    The cops as we know like to pretend they are doing something.

    • Totally agree. Aotearoa is one of the more tolerant nations. However when we tolerate those who propound intolerance (aka racism), doesn’t it become self-defeating?

      (Though this in no way excuses the police raid in that scenario.)

    • Agree with some of what you said Michal some of the white south africans are racist and so are many nzers and the persons of mother England they can be even worse despite us having a treaty signed on behalf of their Queen Victoria. Too many of these people come here with their baggage when they should stay in their own country instead they are running away and bringing their bullshit thinking here. We don’t need this. I would like to know what the government policy is for keeping us safe from the white supremacist after the Chch massacre none of us brown people are safe.

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