National want to suck up to Trump and keep NZ soldiers training Iraq’s civil rights abusing corrupt Government 


Sucking up to bloody Trump is sick enough, but utterly ignoring what it is we are actually doing in Iraq to demand they remain is truly ethically shallow…

Iran missile attacks: National wants to keep New Zealand troops in Iraq

The National Party says New Zealand troops stationed in Iraq should not “cut and run”, advising the Government to keep troops on the ground.

…folks, in case no one has noticed, the Iraqi Army that we are training has turned against the civilian population it is supposed to be protecting…

The tit-for-tat escalation between the United States and Iran’s proxies quickly brought Iraq back into the spotlight, albeit for all the wrong reasons. The grassroots protesters in Tahrir Square and elsewhere are seeking economic and political reforms—and are speaking out at significant risk to their own safety. Yet the months of protests that have left more than 500 unarmed demonstrators dead, thousands wounded, and dozens subjected to kidnappings, torture, and arbitrary arrests have barely registered in American media.

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…that’s right, the army WE are training has killed 500 unarmed civilians, wounded thousands of protestors and are implicit on kidnappings and tortures.

That’s who we are training, an army that is killing its own citizens and torturing them.

Whatever bullshit reason we used to justify us being in Iraq have been exhausted, we aren’t training an army to protect its people, we are training an army that is turning on its people.

Listening to National suck up to Trump is bad enough, hearing them justify why we need to keep training an army to kill and torture their own is however too much.


  1. New Zealand is a vassal state to Australia and the U$. Also indicated by the 5 eyes membership. Also where o where is this governments protest about Julian Assanges medieval torture for merely exposing the truth about U$ war crimes in Iraq??? ” Two days earlier, Peters refused to condemn the murder of Suleimani and six other people, including Iraqi militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. Peters hypocritically called for “calm and restraint from all sides,” while referring to “strong US concerns about Iran.” He told the media NZ had not been notified in advance about the air strike on Baghdad Airport, but defended it. He asserted that “the US took action on the basis of information they had.” This refers to Trump’s claim, made without providing any evidence, that Suleimani was planning attacks on Americans in the region. “……………………..” New Zealand is a key ally of the United States and has taken part in a series of major US wars, including in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Along with Australia, Canada and Britain, New Zealand is a member of the US-led Five Eyes intelligence alliance, which carries out surveillance throughout the world.”…………………… ” The current Labour Party-led government has further strengthened the alliance, with NZ First, the most militaristic and nationalist party in parliament, playing a major role. Ardern made NZ First leader Winston Peters both foreign minister and deputy prime minister in 2017, while NZ First’s Ron Mark was made defence minister. ”

    • U$ is biding its time before the terminal assault on IRAN.
      Trump bides his time, but the preparations for war against Iran will continue
      ” Why did Trump fail to act on his threats? It is more than likely that the Joint Chiefs of Staff warned Trump that precipitous action could result in a military disaster.

      The Pentagon needs time to prepare the defense of some 70,000 US troops deployed on Iran’s borders from Afghanistan to Turkey, along with tens of thousands more military contractors and naval personnel stationed in the region. The military knows that the next round of US attacks will probably be answered with a rain of Iranian missiles on US bases, airfields, battleships and aircraft carriers. In the run-up to the US wars against Iraq in 1991 and 2003, Washington needed several months to prepare against a far less potent enemy. ”
      Does Vassal NZ want to be part of another monstrous WAR CRIME???

      Or are we just garbage in the wind?

  2. That is it i’m afraid i have had enough, If the coalition including yankofiles peters and mark have nothing to say about an extrajudicial murder, i will be researching the third party’s in the next election, if i bother to vote at all.
    Let’s get real, who could take soimin, leopard skin and the dog handler seriously?

    • Pleased to see you are finally starting to realise that voting the Natz or Liebour is a game for mugs that have very shallow and substandard thought processes. Why vote for the mobs who brought us all the evil on NZ society today?

      Not to sure I’d agree with your murder comment, the dude did declare often ‘death to any and all US’ and did act on that. He just learned when you try hard to kill those you despise you better be either better at it than them or it could backfire on you….and it backfired big time. Not to mention calling out Trump personally as he did a few times is a action that’s been proven to guarantee blowback.

      Why the more rabid left think the general who has ordered the murder of 100’s, or 1000’s if you believe some reports, of mostly innocents is such a sweet stand up member of world society simply defies all logic. The hypocrisy of it all is gobsmacking.

  3. The body language of the above photo is showing Bridges with his hands behind his head. To me this gives me the impression that Bridges deems himself as ‘knowing everything’ and ‘having an answer for everything’. The same sort of attitude John Key had whilst prime minister of New Zilland(as Key called this country)and New ZIllanders(as Key called the population). The body language by Bridges is ARROGANCE.

    Arrogance is something the NZ National Party are superb at.

    I am going to be crude here but in regards to Donald Trump I get the impression he prefers having erections rather than having elections. But then perhaps Simon Bridges has the same ‘viewpoint’ as his beloved Donald Trump.

    Still isn’t it typical NZ National Party habit to copy anything and everything that “trickles down” from America? I cannot see the NZ National Party ever being capable of thinking out things for themselves without having to cope and paste it from America. It gives me the impression National just do not have the intelligence to think beyond anything especially when it doesn’t involve money, ego, arrogance, bullying, greed. etc. etc.etc.

    Out of this pending conflict with Iran we can all be assured of one thing and that is NOT ONE TRUMP child will be going to war or pulling a trigger(unless they are hunting for a lion or elephant in Africa)against another human being. Instead Trump will be sending the child of other parents to a war and a death He started.

    And at no time will Trump ever be taking responsibility for his actions or show remorse when an American child is killed in a middle east war. Remorse and accountability are subjects Trump is allergic to.

  4. Did you hear that dirty little National Party ex-mercenary talking about this. I think he needs to be hammered with ‘how many people did you kill as a mercenary and how much were you paid for it’


  5. Wasn’t it the current mob who extended the mission? They have the power to pull then out now. A coalition breaker perhaps. Wouldn’t this be great, the first step to anarchistic chaos & civil war. Horrific chaos followed by radical renewal. Maybe this is the only age old, tried & true way our sick & dying nation will be healed?

  6. Can we please request if that is the NZ National Party attitude then can the NZ National Party please go to Iraq RIGHT NOW?

    A few less National Party politicians who have never given NZ and NZers any great service except to be self-serving and free-loading sent to Iraq would be in the best interest of NZers because we MOST CERTAINLY don’t want such politicians here in NZ.

  7. ” Go to Iraq? Key didn’t even go to the funerals of these soldiers who died there! ”

    That was one of the most appalling acts during his time as PM.

    It would have caused outrage and immense damage to any PM who would have chosen too go to a softball game in the U.S instead of being present for the service for these fallen soldiers in this country not that long ago when we had principles.

    Remember the fury when Helen Clark was hung out too dry so many times for things that pale into insignificance too what Key did here.

    At least the Aussies still hold their leaders accountable when they need too be like Morrison on holiday in Hawaii while his country burned.

  8. That picture of Bridges should be used for a Tui billboard campaign

    I care about poor people
    I worry about climate change
    I worry workers don’t have enough rights
    I don’t engage or support dirty politics
    I don’t support corruption of big money donors buying favours
    ETC ETC…..


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