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I bin thinkin’ (as I sometimes do) as a chief of spies (as I once was for police in Auckland), which can produce WMD out of nothing (such as my predecessors in the police did with Tuhoe).

Hence this outcome:

  • The Ukraine 737 crash in Iran, exposes a sanction busting route for North Americans travelling to Iran – via one of America’s satellites – Ukraine.
  • The probability is that the Americans had ‘specialists on the ground’ in Iraq prior Trumps assassination of an Iran spy master.
  • The probability is that these ‘specialists’ got out of Iraq as quickly as they could, after the assassination = logic m8.
  •  The possibility that these ‘specialist’ took the first plane home – out of Iran via the back-door sanction busting route – Ukraine, is a probability if viewed from deep in the forest of spy master culcha.


If Iran identified a ‘specialist’ making its getaway on the Ukraine bound flight, the option to send America a very brutal message, by taking out the ‘specialist’, must be considered as a possibility, though more likely a probability.

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The probability of Trump saying: “Hey fellas!  That’s a bit over the top isn’t it? Whacking the whole plane load just to target my ‘specialists’?  America is against “collateral damage”.


This is a term invented by America to describe its perpetual perpetration of war crimes around the globe and is apt for describing the shocking killing of so many innocent people on the Ukraine plane.


Until recently I had a current MFAT license to trade fish into Iran.   I was screwed by Iran businessmen.

A few years earlier I incurred the wrath of Foreign Affairs Minister (and former parliamentary colleague) Murry McCully, for commercial activities in Syria which resulted in the Ministry threatening to impose sanctions on me. 

As an MP I was accused of being an Arms Dealer of surplus NZ Army rifles.  This was bullshit but, ‘shit sticks’ as I have learned.

Before that I was inspector in charge of VIP Security planning and Criminal Intelligence section (aka spies) in the police in Auckland.

Before that I was a country boy. 

Ross Meurant is a former high ranking Police Officer


  1. I got this!

    The White Helmets are re enacting the entire downing of the plane in a undisclosed Hollywood studio! Theyre hoping to release their Bollock Busting DocuDrama on Netflix next week!
    Spoiler alert! The Russians might have had something to do with it! Ssssh!

  2. That was a wormhole to the truth possibly. It hangs together with what info we have. Does anyone else get the feeling that we are in a phony war situation? I suggest some soothing medication while the Sh.tmasters play their nasty games; strut their stuff, talking fast and urgently, bags of importance.

    They send them to military schools for their education in the USA, and other countries also. Thinking war, passing it off as defence, is a subject to study, and they will allude to its economic importance. I wonder how much of Lao Tzu they learn; he was a ‘head’-man though. Donald Trump went to a military school late in his education.

  3. Here I am thinking it was a mistake, your description is plausible although the American specialists on the ground in Iraq making their way home via Iran confuses me, maybe it could be a typo.

  4. Jesus, what happens to us? Between when we’re little kids running around in shorts and sandals at school in a tide of raucous others to become ferocious, flesh-eating, bipedal monsters once we become mature, educated and responsible?
    Hormones? Lack of?
    A cunning, mind altering media ramming the faux frisson’s of owning twinkle-sparkle pap and junk into our innocent and non discriminatory amygdala’s?
    Has anyone else thought that perhaps mind altering drugs were designed, by nature, to keep us safe rather than designed by nature to endanger us?
    To keep us safe from ourselves? A nice wee dose of perspective, anyone?
    It seems to me that there’s nothing quite so addictive, viral and contagious as stupidity.
    People cue up to be rendered entirely fucking dumb.
    This is perhaps why;
    Meet Joe Bowers.
    We go out and buy the very most sophisticated electronica to gaze at to be rendered down to the intellectual level of the average, poorly educated velcro strapped, grey vinyl loafer wearer.
    We bend over, sit down, squeeze then marvel…? “ What the fuck’s that !? And where’s me steak an’ chips what I ate last night?”
    What, has stripped us back to the bare essentials.
    The dreaded ‘consumer’. The ‘hard worker’. The trudger, the shuffler, the mumbler, the gidday mate’er, the how’er ya goin’er, the beige, lace curtain’er, the elevator musak collector.
    We can’t own a gun and not shoot others with it? What? I mean…. What ! ?
    We can’t smoke, drink, talk on a cell phone AND drive?
    When the fuck did that happen??? I’ve been doing it for years and I’ve never so much as ran out of road much less over someone. At least, not that I know of…
    And what’s with ‘secrets’??? Who’s to say what a ‘secret’ is, and what isn’t?
    Secretive people with secret, secrets are really people who’re intending to be exploitive and manipulative. ( Which, not unsurprisingly, usually arises from they, themselves having been exploited and manipulated.)
    If there were no secrets? How could they be so?
    The cringing, shrivelling, cowering narrative that’s being shoved down our throats is entirely about control enabling manipulations which are, of and by themselves, going to lead to you and me being exploited for the purposes of others and that takes the form, most commonly, of being exploited for our working hours for their profits.
    Just like the Middle East.
    The Middle East is a living breathing horror story because of the poor dumb luck of its inhabitants who happen to be either on, or near, vast reserves of crude oil as an oil based economy rages on in its death throws and who cares a fuck about the climate of our only biosphere, aye boys?
    I remember seeing photographs of an erudite and surprisingly fashionable Iran from around the 1960’s to early 70’s.
    What the fuck happened there?
    Iraq? Weapons of Mass Destruction?
    Seen this ?
    The Green Zone
    There were none.
    While we cringe, cower and acquiesce to the secret and exploitative demands of the others, we’re living within the parameters they foist upon us and use the logical fallacy that ‘it’s for our own good’.
    No wonder then, that we’re fucked and we have no real idea of what’s going on.
    Our very own AO/NZ’s a tangle of deceit and our feeble politics has risen from a cadre of exploitative liars.
    AO/NZ.Now at 5 million on rich, agricultural lands and we have an urban population living in debt while being schooled to hate on the farmer, even here, while urban millionaires become billionaires as the wretched homeless double bunk in the gutters.
    Yeah/nah. She’ll be right mate. Back to your secrets.

  5. Seems a very potent argument for the action taken.

    It has certainly been used before with great effect.

    Great input thanks Ross.

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