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  1. NZ Herald hates on Iran

    The nation’s paper has officially lost the plot today by reporting the Ukranian Airlines plane was without question shot down by an Iranian missile (other scenarios such as malfunction are not an option according to the Herald):

    Without waiting for an actual investigation to be started let alone completed, our press has gone on an aggressive US-oriented offensive, shooting their mouths off first and asking questions later (among other world leaders quick to stomp Iran, Justin Trudeau has reinforced this narrative, after a road to Damascus Clooney makeover via blackface, has shown his support for Iran planecrash victims by stating that anonymous, inaccessible evidence points to Iran being the culprit for the plane’s demise rather than anything else. Iran on the other hand has respectfully asked for assistance from Canada in decoding the flight recorders). NZ Herald’s source for Iran’s supposed missile attack on it’s own people was the Twitter account of Bellingcat’s Eliott Higgins, a conspiracy theorist, intelligence wannabe, US psychophant and someone who has admitted that his experience in international conflict has been established by hours of playing video games. This is the state of journalism in our country, relying on suspicions and rightwing diatribe from social media fanatics rather than field reporters and independent press. If you want real reporting, commentary, opinion and analysis from qualified experts and thinkers you can trust then seek out those on RT News, Truthdig, the Grayzone, The Intercept, George Galloway, Robert Fisk, John Pilger, Kyle Kulinski, Jimmy Dore, Empire Files, TeleSUR, The Real News Network, MintPress News, Democracy Now, The Political Vigilante, The Convo Couch, Gordon Dimmock, The Daily Blog and anyone else with the courage to tell the actual truth.

    • Iran have issued a statement taking responsibility for a missile strike on the Ukranian aircraft. Iran were so spooked by the assassination that they thought a commercial aircraft was a bloody drone and acted accordingly. The deaths this week in the region are a direct result of America.

      • The contagion of empire continues to spread ay, pushing countries like Iran over the edge and into committing horrific acts. America, you’re fired.

      • BS Iran should have the responsibility to act within all knowledge of the law. They acted carelessly and have to PAY.

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