Dear NZ mainstream media – we won’t tolerate you regurgitating American lies for war again


‪The ease with which right wing clowns on social media are so quick to justify a war is truly terrifying.

Good to see Fairfax NZ immediately running American propaganda as Trump plunges the planet towards war – good one Stuff!

Nice to know is the woke home of false rape allegations and false war justifications.

So let’s just get this straight right from the beginning shall we?

Dear NZ msm – last time America led us to war on fake weapons of mass destruction ‘evidence’ you pricks failed us all with your gutless acquiescence – don’t you dare regurgitate US/Israeli propaganda and fail us a second time – there is NO justification for war with Iran!

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Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons!

Iran has never invaded the United States!

Iran is surrounded by American military bases!

Iran has a smaller military budget than Canada!

Iran isn’t causing the genocide in Palestine or Yemen!

Iran poses absolutely no threat to the United States!

I can’t see what legal justification Trump has to conduct an extrajudicial political assassination other than Israel and America hate Iran.

Look, I have real problems with Iran-it’s a totalitarian Theocracy employing a ruthless & mutated version of Islam & their human rights record is appalling-BUT that Theocracy exists only because of a 1953 CIA coup & Trump’s assassination only creates war no peace

This is madness!

As America gears up for more bloodshed and a propaganda news division attempting to convince everyone that America is in danger – here is a graph showing America spends more on the military than the next 8 nations on Earth…

…Iran isn’t a threat to us, America is the threat!

After searching for some explanation for this bewildering escalation towards war with Iran overnight, I’m coming to the grim conclusion Trump didn’t understand or appreciate the enormity of who he was assassinating – everything from this point onwards is his ignorance.

We were tricked into the war with Iraq by gatekeeper corporate media, we refuse pointblank to be tricked by those same mainstream media corporations again.

The American Military Industrial Complex does not run New Zealand yet and any NZ media outlet who runs their lies should be denounced using the most extreme measures possible.



  1. Garner Richardson Vance and Hosking will be defending Trump and tell as how grateful we should be Trump.

  2. Agree entirely. Also assassinating this guy in a third party country endangering the lives of the people and destroying infrastructure of that country as well as being of course an outrageous abuse of that country’s sovereignty (although of course saying that is obviously making a rather moot point)

    Sort of like if China had an issue with an Australian military official and sent in helicopters to assasinate him on George Bolt Ave just after he had arrived at Auckland Airport for a NZ official visit

    The indignities heaped on the Iraqis and Iranians will no doubt contribute to the well justified hatred of the west of another whole generation in that part of the world.

  3. The Yanks (that will annoy them) come down here regularly and run military exercises with interesting names and scenarios; ‘interesting’ being as We live in interesting times.

    How independent is our little Army and indeed our Police. How much notice of what is right for us and the world will the decision-makers take of us? They didn’t note our negative response about the CCPPTTT…trade agreement.

  4. Any person who is against the Mighty USA is a ‘terrorist’ now, in the eyes of Trump et al. So from their point of view it is completely ‘necessary’ to eliminate such ‘threats’ by using drone strikes or other means, i.e. blowing them to pieces.

    The hits in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and so are just the beginning, the test phase, welcome to the future, one day they will do it anywhere, and nobody can feel safe.

    But the bulk of the sheeples will say, nothing to hide, nothing to fear, yeah right.

  5. The NZ MSM adore the big US media players and stars, as they are like little kids wanting to become like their idols over there.

    Follow the TV and radio news (the supposedly ‘better’ RNZ get a max of 2 minutes news per hour now, mostly navel gazing stuff), and you can see where their loyalties lie.

    The only conflict they feel is between export earned money that increasingly comes from China to feed the consumerist lifestyle of Kiwis, and the traditional and almost mandatory loyalty to the old allies across the Ditch, and in the mighty USA, alongside the ‘Motherland’ where Queen and subjects live.

    Queen Mum, her semi senile hubby, Will, Kate, Harry, Meghan and the rest still get lots of attention, where they go, so will we go (even M. J. Savage said that in 1939).

    And the Muddled East is always something too damned alien for the most here to grasp, better stick to the historically ‘proven’ bias.

  6. Martyn

    You should also add to Iran’s defence budget the hundreds of millions they spend supplying their proxy groups throughout the Middle East with military equipment. I would think that Saudi Arabia gave the ok for this operation.

    • You can guarantee that figure is dwarfed by a very large factor by the money the US spends on proxies. We know now the US helped significantly in the creation of ISIS and their affiliates and still support them today.
      There is nothing you can add that gives any remote justification to the US actions in that region.

  7. Trump is just a vessel now. He was too stupid to have a clue as to what the attack means
    The Iranian general was a war hero in Iran who stopped ISIS taking Bagdad and Damascus. Now Iraq will try to kick the US out but will find out the reality that it was, still is, and will continue to be an occupied country.

    This excellent panel discussions covers things very well and succinctly –

    • @EP.
      Just watched it.
      Very good. In my humble opinion.
      And [it] makes complete sense.
      Thanks for posting.

    • Thanks for that link esoteric pineapples, have been quite impressed with Rick Sanchez since he started at RT. That panel would without a doubt be the most sensible and authoritative i have heard so far. I have made an exception, and have been listening to the joke “direct from murrica” nz news toeing the party line. Brown man terrorist, murrican saviour of the world??? I assume this means that it is ok for any country that does not like another’s leaders to just murder them.

  8. “Trump didn’t understand or appreciate the enormity of who he was assassinating – everything from this point onwards is his ignorance.”
    I think you underestimate President Trump, Martyn. Soleimani was killed because he was a military commander with a devoted following among his troops who was also a very popular figure across a broad spectrum of Iranian civil society. Because he had the potential to help overcome and heal the rifts within Iranian society he was, from the US perspective, a person who had to be eliminated.

    • Swap the names around from that statement, Soleimani for Trump, Trump for Soleimani. Would there be many who would see the same validity in it? It is likely some way-down-the-line US underlings will be the reciprocal targets, not the Head Honcho.

  9. ( God! I see myself as a bug eyed ranter. I like that about me! )
    While we have the Big Four banksters i.e. AU owned which are U$A owned which are beholding to the Fed Reserve which is a rothschild bitch who can, and does, dip into the U$A Mint when things get real, are taking $5 billion a year out of AO/NZ we’ll do what ever the fuck the yanks tell us to do.
    Everything else is window dressing.
    I think I’m terribly clever writing that but I bet I look silly? Am I right?
    Luckily, I don’t give a fuck. And neither should you!

    • They take many times the 5 billion declared after tax avoidance, laundering offshore and writing off profit from creating money out of thin air. 97% of NZ’s new money is created by these 4 monsters.
      If they have a dollar then they can legally lend nine times that amount which becomes pure profit, plus of course the interest on the money in the loan, money they just created.

      The biggest racket the world has ever known. Banksters control governments.

      5 Billion – chicken feed.
      How much do the 4 Ozzie banks hold in mortgage.

    • … ” While we have the Big Four banksters i.e. AU owned which are U$A owned which are beholding to the Fed Reserve which is a rothschild bitch who can, and does, dip into the U$A Mint when things get real, are taking $5 billion a year out of AO/NZ we’ll do what ever the fuck the yanks tell us to do ”…



      This bit.

      Thanking you.

      And it / they are the real cause of all the shite that goes on.

  10. It’s becoming apparent that it is irrelevant who is sitting in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the “deep state” is a reality and currently it is controlled and directed by right wing neocons. The US has been at war with Iran since 1953 when they carried out one of their now regular “regime” change operations. Interestingly enough Roosevelt’s nephew Kermit was a central character.
    Trump doesn’t do 3D chess which is what the ME currently is. This is a deliberate act to provoke Iran into carrying out a revenge attack that will give the public support required for a step up in the required actions for regime change. All of these actions were clearly reported by US General Wesley Clark in 2002 when he said “We’re Going to Take out 7 Countries in 5 Years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”

    The timeline wasn’t quite accurate but the rest is clear to see. We are in extremely dangerous and dark times and our Government needs to have some moral fortitude and speak out as Corbyn has in the UK. I’d rather live on grass clippings than have a trade deal with the US/UK under these circumstances.

  11. We already have a war in OZ and that war is bushfire, raging out of control. Our support should be with them.

    In NZ our biggest threats seem to be earthquakes, increased flooding as well as drought, poor RMZ consenting that destroys the environment and people’s lives (Pike river) … while on a social level, obesity, diabetes, lack of support for children to reach their full potential, and drugs like P are big destroyers of society here.

    What has happened to our nuclear free movements? Neoliberal discourse and policy has destroyed NZ as a peace loving, environmentally conscious, equal, progressive, nation with a government who works for the people not donors and their lobbyists.

  12. While people are busy worrying about what other countries are up to, creating big headlines, they are distracted against the relentless destruction of our own country and extinction of our own species, with decisions that seem to be setting precedents to benefit private profits while harm and risk to the environment increases in NZ.

    Dairy plant consents bid draws 125 submissions

    (If they don’t have enough land to discharge their waste, looks like they need to destock or buy more land for their business, not expect the public to pick up their waste, which has become the norm in NZ)

    A dam illegally constructed in an Auckland Council reserve is set to be lowered before Christmas, but not removed

    The impact of an illegally-constructed dam has been described by the Environment Court as “critical” for New Zealand’s most endangered bird but its removal will be a slow process, with the company which built it unlawfully setting most of the terms.”

    Harbour of doubt: The tiny creek that drains Auckland of its waste

    “St Lukes mall, one of the single biggest contributors of sewage into Meola, and likely among the biggest overflow points in the country.”

    No plan to tackle environmental degradation by increased tourism – Commissioner

    Appeals against Chinese water bottling plant dismissed

    Taranaki oil producer Tamarind ‘may be insolvent’, directors warn

    EPA grants drilling and discharge consent for Otago coast to oil and gas company OMV

    EPA’s ‘inappropriate’ reaction to student’s speech

    We can’t control Trump in NZ, but why we wring our hands about other countries stupidity, we seem blind to our own.

  13. Good stuff, Martyn.

    It will be very difficult for the truth to get through to the populous, with mainstream media following the New York Times and the Washington Post, and with left wing media and civil society groups co-oped and taken over by warmongers and CIA and NED partners like Pierre Omidyar, groups that are left on all the noisy matters in our society, but which approve of the persecution of Julian Assange; work with Clinton and Obama staffers in Washington, from where they are controlled; and remain silent on US wars of aggression that their masters – ActionStation’s, the Workshop’s, etc – pursue for profit and control. Woke imperialism is still imperialism.

  14. The Palestinian population has increased ninefold since 1948, so I assume the ‘genocide’ you’e raving about is the one the Arabs keep trying to inflict on the Jews? Take a chill pill, by the way.

    • Put ‘israel Palestine Map’ – into google images, gaby – for a clear view of the root cause of the conflict in the middle east. The zionists are not the victims here – and they never were. They are the invaders – and the aggressors – so for god’s sake – Stop ‘playing victim’.

      • Au contraire, it is you leftie nutters who have morally reversed the ME conflict, making the Jews the oppressors. Israel: invaded 5 times. Arabs: offered own state 8 times and refused. One tiny little Jewish state on a sliver of land the size of South Canterbury, and you want a 23rd Arab muslim state! They are such great paragons of democracy, peace, and civil rights, aren’t they?

        • Arguments:

          “The first settlement was Kfar Etzion, in the southern West Bank,[34][38] although that location was outside the Allon Plan. Many settlements began as Nahal settlements. They were established as military outposts and later expanded and populated with civilian inhabitants. According to a secret document dating to 1970, obtained by Haaretz, the settlement of Kiryat Arba was established by confiscating land by military order and falsely representing the project as being strictly for military use while in reality, Kiryat Arba was planned for settler use. The method of confiscating land by military order for establishing civilian settlements was an open secret in Israel throughout the 1970s, but publication of the information was suppressed by the military censor.[39][40] ”

          Read the whole Wikipedia record and you will see how the Zionists used all kinds of tricks to disown the Palestinian people who lived there, did all to discriminate against them, to curtail their movements and to basically drive them into modern day ghettos, serving at best as useful cheap labour, otherwise suggesting, f*** off to another place, we are the boss now.

          “There were “Religious radicals, convinced that they were fulfilling God’s plan for history …”[58] For Avraham Kook, “the Jews’ role was to be the vessel that brings the “divine idea” into the world. The world’s redemption depended on the Jews living in the Land of Israel”[59] Rabbi Tzvi Kook said…It’s “the Lord’s land. Is it in our hands to give up even a millimeter?” The State of Israel represented the “beginning of redemption” and was “the state that the prophets foresaw” when they spoke of the End of Days.[60] “…the Bible was the Jewish deed to the Land of Israel…”[61] “…the conquest as introducing the end of days, when ‘nation shall not lift up sword against nation.'”[62]”

          More info:

          But I am sure you will cling to your pro Zionist views anyway.

    • You seem to have omitted the exponential expansion of the “Jewish” population since 1948 with immigration being the main driver. Most of them never had ancestry from this area. Ancestry is not a right to immigrant occupation either, nor to commit genocide on existing native populations.

  15. Thankyou Martin Bradbury. What you need to expose next will be the rotten American Lobbyists who will be well entrenched in the National Party Election Campaign. Expose them now before its too late. I read an article recently that said – those countries whose MSM are dominated by Rupert Murdock owned companied have all got Right wing Governments. Those who have other media do not. Obviously included were the USA, Australia and UK.

  16. ‘Trump’s own ‘Wag the Dog’: Is Iran hit job a distraction for impeachment lynch mob back home?’

    By Robert Bridge

    Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. He is the author of the book, ‘Midnight in the American Empire,’ released in 2013.

    ….”As to be expected, the Democrats vented their fury at the killing, demanding to know why Trump had failed to seek congressional permission first. Apparently, Trump’s sworn enemies have already forgotten how Barack Obama set that unfortunate precedent back in 2012 when he indiscriminately bombed Libya back to the Stone Age without first consulting lawmakers.

    Equally disturbing, however, is that the assassination was ordered by an anti-establishment American leader who had promised on the 2016 campaign trail to withdraw US military forces from hot spots around the globe. Trump sympathizers, however, could argue that an awful lot has happened in the last four years.

    The pressure of partisan politics is showing
    Would the United States and Iran be staring down the barrel of mutual mass destruction had Donald Trump not been under constant pressure from the Democrats since entering the White House in 2017?…

    ( New Zealand should pull its troops out of Iraq fast!)

  17. The public has the right to know Trump is demanding billions in compensation from Iraq for an airfield built by US on their soil, if US occupation ends. That’s right, not only did America destroy the bloody country and kill off generations of people in the region, they want to bill Iraq for their services.
    The public deserves to know that Trump has said the US is willing to destroy cultural sites and artefacts in the Middle East, constituting a war crime. Not that the illegal, unwarranted and failed attack on sovereign Iraq and the rest of the region wasn’t a war crime in the first place. American elites (which is who we are really talking about, who are obsessed with polluting and killing, and who the American people voted for in disgust because they had no other choice) don’t care about people, culture, law, peace or progress, they only care about money, power, impossible pipe dreams, trickle down and Christianity.
    We the public have the right to know what is happening in Iraq and Iran, and the world, as it happens. NZ is at least an intelligence ally to the States with their spy base on our soil. Like most of the world, we have let the Americans into our country to set up facilities which spy on and in some circumstances lead to the deaths of people. We are complicit in America’s dirty wars and we are vulnerable.
    The public has to know what is going on with timely, objective, accurate, independent reporting.

    • You will not learn much by following shit NZ media, overrated by many, as on these isles few bother informing themselves beyond of what goes on in sports, weather and entertainment here, in Australia, in the US and the UK.

      Most Kiwis are firmly brainwashed and conditioned, and they are thus ignorant a shit.

  18. How can anyone be so nasty about our great media, with nice persons presenting the news we all want, good news, rather than bad news.

    Have you people a problem?

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