Pub Politics 8pm TONIGHT: Climate Change or Climate Hoax?


Live from the Chapel Bar on Ponsonby Rd, 8pm TONIGHT – Climate crisis or climate hoax with:

National Party Climate Change Spokesperson – Scott Simpson
Leader of TOP – Geoff Simmons
School Strike 4 Climate Auckland coordinator – Luke Wijohn
Magic Talk Host – Peter Williams

Hosted by Bomber Bradbury & live-streamed on The Daily Blog

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  1. Martyn;

    Both men Scott Simpson and Peter Williams are self confirmed climate deniers Peter more so.

    All Scott Simpson will say is “show us the evidence.”

    All Peter Williams will say is “show us the evidence.”

    They are both androids so it is a wake of time trying to get common sense out of either of them.

    They are using the same technique used by ‘Big tobacco’ company executives remember- the debate over whether smoking was harmful or not?

    Their defence was “there is no evidence to confirm that smoking is harmful to human health”

    Same with ’roundup and DDT’ after the fact, – but eventually the truth came out but the trouble is now since we will have no time to reverse the climate change coming quickly now we are in real peril this time..

  2. Great show Martyn,

    very impressed,
    do many more please,
    try getting Jacinda Ardern with Judith Collins and David Seymour next please?

  3. Peter Williams: Here’s the Plot: 97% of the World’s scientists conspire to create an imaginary environmental crisis, only to be exposed by a plucky band of billionaires, senators and oil companies. Plus the contempt of our media personality!

    Question which group is feeding utter BS to keep the sheople bleating happily?

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