Migrant labour exploitation will increase with cuts to permanent residence numbers


The government has radically cut the number of permanent residents being accepted. 

This has affected the skilled worker category hardest. 

The new target is an annualised 33,333 – 40,000. The skilled worker category has fallen even more – from 27,000 to 18,700. It also reduces as a percentage from 60% of the overall total to 51%.

There is no logic in these decisions. New Zealand desperately needs skilled labour. 

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Instead of allowing more permanent residents in the government has continued to allow bosses to import labour on a temporary work visa. The number of these remains around 250,000 a year – yes, a quarter of a million a year. This has created a pool of at least 150,000 workers here at any one time on a temporary visa.

For around two decades the number of permanent resident numbers approved each year has been around 45-50,000. For many years this number was matched by NZ residents leaving permanently for better wages in Australia and elsewhere.

During this same period, both Labour and National governments radically increased the number of temporary work visas and student visas with the right to work to around 250,000 a year.

It was those “temporary” categories that drove up the so-called “net migration” number to a record 72,400 in the year to July 2017. It fell to 63,800 for the July 2018 year. When people hear that number they think it is a net permanent gain number but it has nothing to do with that flow. 

But those numbers are simply net numbers arising from the flow of permanent and long-term visitors – including all those on student and temporary work visas.

The reduced net exit of permanent residents made a small contribution to that overall net gain.

80% of the new residency applicants come from the pool of temporary visa holder already here so there is little immediate impact on the net flow number as well.

During the last few decades there has also been the growth of a permanent “temporary” work category of some tens of thousands of people who have made New Zealand home for a decade or more, often with children born in New Zealand, but who will never get the points needed under the so-called skilled workers’ category. 

Whole industries have become permanently dependent on “temporary” workers, creating an underclass of vulnerable, easily exploited workers. 

Continuing this system unchanged is to condemn tens of thousands of students and young workers to a miserable existence at the hands of greedy bosses, school owners and landlords happy to take advantage of their plight. 

No new laws to supposedly protect workers, or new Labour Inspectors being appointed, will change that reality.

If New Zealand needed more people to live and work here we should have increased the permanent resident numbers not decreased them.

Reducing the number simply makes it impossible for that group of long-term workers on temporary visas to regularise their status as permanent residents, which they should be able to do.

Using only the points system for skilled labour creates an elitist system that preferences some skills over others that may not make sense. For example, this year teachers were brought to New Zealand from overseas this to fill the massive shortage. But the pay being given these workers wasn’t enough for them to qualify for permanent residence. So we have PhD’s driving taxis, while Chinese carpenters are desperately needed an would never qualify for residence.

My grandfather on my mum’s side was a miner and on my dad’s side a bricklayer. They just arrived and were granted residency immediately. Neither would earn the points required by our current system. New Zealand needs workers as well as professionals or business people who can simply buy a residency. 

The system is broken.

The first steps we need to take could include:

1) No worker should have their temporary visa tied to a particular employer.
2) All workers who have had their temporary visa renewed at least once should have the right to transition to permanent residence.
3) The range of skills required that should be eligible for permanent residence applications from offshore should be significantly broadened (teachers, carpenters, nurses for a start).

4) A living wage for all current temporary workers – in fact, why not all workers.
5) Cap and progressively reduce all temporary work visas to apply only to very particular industries or areas that simply have no alternative.


  1. Many Maori including myself do not want too many more immigrants coming here Mike its bad enough our culture is getting tramped on and the more that come here the worse it will get just look at the Aboriginals and how badly they have been treated. We have foreigners coming here especially the white south africans and english who are fucken racist and bring their baggage we don’t need this here bad enough the south island is full of red necks who need to remember where they came from. I won’t stand for that and neither will many of our people and we are seeing our people speak out now cause they have had enough.

    • I’m not disagreeing with a lot of what you say Michelle, HOWEVER – a few things to consider – not the least of which is the idea of solidarity.

      Many of the immigrants targeted (yes TARGETED, especially over the past decade or so) come from places that have been subjected to the same colonial masters as Maori, and share many of the same concerns Maori do. Usually they’ve been ripped off and bullshitted to by agents of our state, and private ‘enterprise’ (PTEs, Labour Hire companies and various ticket clippers in the chain). And yes, sometimes it’s their own doing the ripping off – justifying it all because they had to go through it! They do so with the complicity of our administration, and very very often with their direct involvement.

      While we rip them off and tell them it’s time to leave after being exploited, we continue with the expectation that we must be allowed to swan around elsewhere in the Whurl as we choose, or when we can earn better money offshore. (I’ll just fuck off to OZ for a few years cos the money’s better, and if and when it goes tits up, I’ll come ‘home’ – even if that ‘home’ continues to be administered by people in positions of power that have been parachuted in to show us the way [OT anyone?] before they in tune with our indigenous culture. I.E. the ‘administrators’)

      More often than not, it is those targeted ones (I often hear referred to as low value by the administration) immigrants that are more ready to engage with Maoritanga than our own – as some of those at the coalface will attest – whether it’s doctors in our crumbling healthcare system, volunteers providing support to the indigent, or advocacy groups.

      It is hardly the ‘low value targeted’ immigrant that’s been bullshitted to and exploited, it’s hardly their fault that a decade or more of all that bullshit policy has left our indigenous population unskilled and unprepared for life, and even without roofs over their heads. It’s all been very convenient for the administrators and ‘enterprisers’ to seriously under-resource labour inspectors or those administering the quality of tertiary education, or the various ticket clippers along the chain – cheaper to employ one or two spin doctors. It’s hardly their fault that policy has allowed a skill transfer to the immigrant. It’s all been working as designed!

      The last ripped off immigrant I know who’s just left the country after a decade wanted nothing more than to train young Maori in all aspects of horticulture – coming as he does from a place where life depended on his green credentials (things like preservation and purity of the water table, wildlife et al).

      And then of course, there’s Peter Thiel. Sure as shit, I know which one is of more ‘value’ to Ao/NZ.

      • ONCEWASTIM, Remember though most of the migrants are being exploited by other migrants…

        either within their own countries or being recruited and employed by new NZ migrants who have laughably already past the good character test in NZ and now free to abuse other migrants under the NZ passport holder category as those are the types we seem to want to get residency and citizenship here.

        It’s the migrant exploiters and fraudsters who our immigration policy seems to be selecting to become NZ citizens! The honest ones don’t seem to qualify!

        If you can’t live on the NZ wages as a Pakeha or Maori then you can’t as a migrant either, so all these temporary migrants will all eventually end up needing welfare top ups if they gain residency or can somehow sponsor other people to get residency aka jailed drug smuggler Sroubek style with his Juice + MDMA business on the side with his wife getting residency on his job even though he wasn’t even a citizen himself! Crazy!

        Obviously with dowry scams also operating on high alert then once getting citizenship nationals that use dowry schemes can then get tens of thousands of dollars marrying someone and also getting them residency. The the family and aged parents can join..

        Immigration marriage and dowry scams on the rise, says charity

        Some of these people are on their second ‘sponsored’ wife within a few years…the previous one then goes on the DPB…

        So the 250,000 temporary work visas are not telling the full picture of the immigration, of how this opens the doors for more partners, children, aged parents and more kids being born in NZ on the basis of a low paid job paying minimum wages…..

        Many of the temporary work visas give the holder and their families free health and education for all the family…. so add up how many more people are now qualifying for health care here but their paltry wages don’t actually cover the costs especially when the parents are in town visiting and get sick!



        • Indeed @ SAVENZ – as I said above:
          “And yes, sometimes it’s their own doing the ripping off – justifying it all because they had to go through it! ”
          And it’s far worse than all that. I’ll get back to you when I’m not in motion but in the meantime it’s all due to a system and structure that’s working as designed.
          But just in case I don’t get a chance, I know oh so well about how some immigrants rip off ‘their own’. We even have temples with really suspect employment practices that need to remind themselves of the ‘5 Virtues’
          (Sat: truth; Santokh: Contentment; Daya: Compassion; Nimrata: Humility/benevolence; and Payaar: Love).

          My point is that their practices exist because we have constructed a system that enables it – and over the past decade, it has been industrialised.
          That system has concentrated on penalising its victims and given its exploiters a free pass.
          Its a system that is a complete shambles designed to see people and immigrants primarily as economic units; designed to prop up a shoddy tertiary education and cheap labour and run by people in senior positions (who’ve often recommended policy, and then that policy administered by them.)
          I could cite case after case after case as examples where the victim (often merely trying to repay the indebtedness they’re in) is penalised whilst their exploiters are given a slap over the knuckles with a wet bus ticket.
          You’ve probably noticed how the private tertiary education sector is now crying a bloody river because of delays in visa processing.
          You’ll also no doubt be aware of the screams for labour shortages.
          Pretty much ALL because a few Brains of Britain policy advisors and ‘administrators’ took a short term view, and because Messrs Joyce (of Novopay and ‘Mr Fixit fame), and Coleman had an innovative brain fart.

          And the funny thing is, NOW they think the answer is to reduce capability offshore (cost cutting in the name of fishinsy and fektivniss) in places where corruption is overt and expected; where NZ’s bullshit and false promises carry on without adequate oversight; and where all those scammers have direct links, and OFTEN with the involvement of NuZull citizens.

          There’s not enough space to put it all out here, but allowing advisors with a record for fraud to be accredited and legitimised – assuring us all that they’ll be monitored when MBIE agencies can’t even differentiate between arranged marriages and ‘forced’ marriages; or when they can’t tell the difference between the legit and the scam; allowing former ImmigrationNZ workers to become advisors while maintaining cosy little relationships with those that remain in the bureaucracy; etc; etc; etc.
          It’s about as sophisticated as rifling through a panty drawer or asking someone if their supposed partner wears briefs or boxers when trying to determine legit relationships.
          It’s a fucking SHAMBLES, and what is going on is just tinkering.
          Anyway @ SaveNZ – I know you’re onto it in many ways, and equipped with your own examples of the bullshit. I just ask you to consider the morality of it all as well as the effects it has and is causing to this system’s victims who are our best allies in the fight against it all.
          The coalition is being kicked up the arse over OT which thanks to MR caught them unawares. This may very well be the next big thing. And what’s worse is that they can’t say they weren’t warned

          The legit and genuine advisors are suffering and even “grey listed” – they’re usually the ones who’re qualified lawyers and who at least have the ability to be sanctioned, and who are fighting all this shite.

      • yes Oncewastim i understand what your saying but what i am saying is who does cheap immigrant labour hurt the most we know who it benefits the most and we know the benefits do not trickle down they trickle up.

        • I agree Michelle. Just make sure we’re fighting the right enemy – it isn’t the exploited immigrant – it’s those doing the exploiting and the structure and administration that’s enabling/ENCOURAGING it all

    • Totally agree Michelle. NZ has one of the highest rates per capita of giving permanent residence to non-citizens in the world. The only other country with such a high rate per capita is Israel, and we know why that is…need to keep those troublesome Palestinians outnumbered.
      Same with NZ. With much lower rates of immigration, Maori would now make up close to 25% of the population and thus pose an existential threat to the colonial government. As it stands, Maori are now likely only the 3rd largest ethnic group (maybe there’s a reason the latest census data is slow in coming?)
      Ongoing high rates of immigration into Aotearoa is a continuation of the colonisation that began in the 1800s and acts to subjugate Maori through keeping Maori as a minor political force. Make no doubt about it, if Maori are reduced to a smaller proportion of the population through ongoing immigration/colonisation the laws that support the treaty can easily be undone.

      NZs current immigration system is the greatest current act of institutional racism against the indigenous people of Aotearoa

      • Thank you Kauri that is what i believe is happening the best way to tramp on us (Maori) is to use others (immigration tap) In the past governments played Maori and PI of against one another and it worked for a while.
        And i agree with your last point and i think this is a blatant breach of our TOW we are not being protected we are hardly participating and what happened to the concept of partnership.

    • So true. Too many temporary workers driving wages down in service industries and technical areas like telecoms. There are still kiwis on benefits not enticed to enter the workforce because of minimal pay and conditions and bosses who wont provide training .

      Real experience last week. Helped a migrant to change a tyre, so skilled he had no idea how to change a tyre. He told me he is an uber driver. Hanging from is back view mirror was dangly ornament with picture of star, a crescent moon and a kalashnikov.

      Apparently, 40% of our population cannot afford to go to the dentist. Thats a signal to import a couple of thousand dentists from Thailand, but instead we import uber drivers and kfc workers to have a really, low, wage economy.

    • Yes we should be consolidating as a country not importing immigrants to build houses for immigrants ! Its ridiculus and unfortunately deliberately promoted to allow to happen – by politicians who turned a deaf ear on the general sentiment of the New Zealand population.

  2. Nope

    The first steps we need to take could include:

    Stop the temporary visas being issued because it is a rout that I calculate at the going rate of $40k per person per visa and job offer generates a scam industry of $10 billion dollars to essentially human traffickers often being financed by overseas money lenders.

    Once the temporary worker gets here more money is extracted for more ‘job offers’ and their wages docked for accomodation so they have no real way of raising any money here or paying off the debt.

    It is a total scam that is driving ordinary NZ’ers into poverty and suicide when our work now and small business is more akin to a Ponzi for immigration than actually doing a job!




    Many of the temporary workers seem to be borrowing the money and are uneducated, low skilled and don’t speak very good English.

    They then get into trouble with having to pay back the debt to the money lenders and the NZ government plays into that by allowing them more visas which keeps the Ponzi afloat and another 10 billion dollars to scumbags profiting from it all!

    Sadly rather than stopping the scam, which is increasing (used to be 150,000 temp visas under the Natz, now 250,000 under Labour) our government and unions seem more interested in bringing in more scab labour and then forcing them on our welfare system than doing something POSITIVE for workers such as bringing up local wages and labour conditions overall to the rate of Australia.

    This is escalating the growing amount of social problems in NZ such as third world health care, lower health spend per person, growing homelessness, growing food and energy insecurity, lower primary and secondary educational standards in world rankings, dropping tertiary enrolments for domestic enrolments and our universities going down international scales, one of the highest suicide rates in the world, massive percentage in food parcels and the working poor only having $7 per meal to live on!

    It is unbelievable that our government policy and unions seem more concerned with rewarding overseas money lenders when their duped charges can’t pay back the money with more visas in NZ than the huge amount of local Kiwis committing suicide.

    Don’t see any extra effort on a personal level for unions or government officials to get suicidal locals jobs!

  3. This support worker makes $79,000 in OZ but in NZ she makes $45,000 – $50,000 which she correctly calculates is over $13,000 less than she needs to live on here!


    We need to get our wages up to OZ levels. The immigration experiment has failed! Our productivity is lower as is most measures of wellbeing and social progress in NZ!

    In the support worker case, victims are vulnerable Kiwis who rely on support workers who these days are ‘social’ agencies and trusts popping up and paid for their ‘work’ staffed by migrants on temporary visas, while people who are dead for 5 days before anybody notices.

    Vulnerable people give up on support workers that are not fit for purpose and are often too sick to fight poor care being given to them by our neoliberal social systems here!


    • Savenz – As a woman who lives alone, there’s a chance I could die alone, and it worries me not one iota. And I’ve had this discussion with someone or other every time that newspapers front page this.

      If I’m lying dead for 3 days or 3 weeks, that’s ok, because I won’t know I’m lying there dead. I may even be sitting aloft on red-gold cirrus playing a harp.

      The worst thing is that I may be rather deteriorated – or that relatives feel embarrassed, or are made to feel embarrassed.

      Some newspaper reports about people who have died alone are in fact far too intrusive, and make too many assumptions that disrespect the deceased; I posted on Facebook that if I do die alone, and anybody subsequently engages in discourse with media about this, it will really piss me off, and I shall come back and perch on their chimney pots and haunt them.

      Alone we are born
      And die alone.

      • @Applewood, I guess the issue is, did he die and there was nothing to be done, or he lay there in pain without anybody checking in on him after his fall…. from the sounds of it he was supposed to be checked on as he had had a fall… it is not the fact he died alone but that our country has a system of support and health and accomodation workers who are supposed to check on sick/aged people living in their homes… but it relies on them actually being competent and moral enough to do their job properly, as it’s not checked…

        Kiwi’s in world rankings are some of the most honest people in the world (used to be) and in general our entire system of government and society is based on honesty here, from paying your taxes to having many jobs that are unsupervised such as support workers..

        It is imperative then, that our workforce being recruited from overseas is also very honest and understands that ethic… because our entire system will fall down if that is not the case due to how we do things here, voluntary tax declarations (most are never audited), many jobs unsupervised from support workers, taxis, nurses, rental/real estate agents, farming, many parts of building, pay roll, management… our systems are designed for honest people working here unsupervised, not dishonest ones..

        That is why is takes so long to catch any one is NZ, and once they are caught they tend to get away with it and then just go somewhere else and keep doing the same thing, aka Joanne Harrison.. worked at so many organisations from corrections, councils, and transport agencies where eventually after nearly a million dollars disappeared they twigged but not before she was able to make her colleagues under her in payroll asking questions redundant…

        • Of course I’ve thought these things through SaveNZ – falls – I’m reasonably pain tolerant – and I have been by enough hospital bedsides to know they are no pain free guarantee either.

          I recently – with advice from my own GP – supported an elderly neighbour who had visiting health supporters imposed upon her mainly by her GP, unnecessarily and unwanted, who subjected her to some fairly invasive behavior. It took her months to extricate herself from the system. She thought it part of a plan to get her into care which she doesn’t want or need, and also suggested that her GP has shares in a local retirement/care place.

          She even has an unwanted mobility scooter still in it’s packaging, in her garage – paid
          for by the tax payer. The total waste of tax payer money is shocking – and much of this also emanates from inept DHB’s, not from dodgy foreigners.

          I don’t like any suggestions on your part that workers from overseas are not very honest, or that NZ “values” are morally superior.

          I think it racist, and that Kiwi values are exceedingly nebulous, and think that you tend to generalise.

          The elder care business – a big money-making industry in NZ – does employ Filipino and Pacifica staff, without which it would collapse. These are both cultures which respect and care for their oldies in a way which we most certainly do not.

          I know Filipino caregivers, who are registered nurses back home, and unable to work as such here. They are lovely people; I have wondered what they think of NZ’ers leaving their old people to be cared for by paid strangers – and suggest that this is not necessarily particularly morally, or ethically superior.

          I find it sobering, and unpleasant that you assume NZ’ers are somehow superior to outsiders. We who are global leaders in battering women, and killing babies and children, and have our young men leading the world in killing themselves ? I don’t think so.

          All your “value” indicators seem to be
          economic or money centred, and I suggest that this is too narrow.

          You may think that non-NZ’ers are dishonest compared to NZ’ers – and I think this a bit bonkers – and a shame.

          • Read the news Applewood, there massive amount of frauds and crimes here that are from people migrating here from overseas to apparently help our economy! Often they get very light sentences if any.

            We can’t make people here more honest but it seems the immigration selection process is defiantly not working well enough for migrants bought in here, who seem to be engaged in criminal activity!

            You may be elderly enough to avoid the main casualties of it because in 20 years the way NZ is going it is going to be a different place, and there ain’t going to be any welfare left because the assets are sold and the low wages just can’t cover it!

            Just a few of the headlines for all these honest migrants you seem to think are perfect….

            Rich building boss guilty of immigration fraud after residency granted, loses court battle with Herald


            Offender’s tax bill ballooning to $1.3m

            Exclusive: Filipino shipping agent escaped jail time after 225k un-taxed cigarettes found in container she arranged




            Teacher convicted of drug smuggling allowed to return to work

            So the point is NZ prepared for the growing crime and fraud from our lazy immigration agenda on top of all the other issues, and population growth, free for all Meth and judging by the growing poverty and hardship, jobseekers, people dying waiting for health care, babies being born in car parks, our productivity static for 30 years, I’d say nope…

            • Save – I just skimmed this but stop making up lies for heaven’s sake. I do not think that immigrants are perfect – you’re setting up straw men just to give yourself something to shoot down. Sigh.

              Your obsession with other people’s honesty is starting to sound pathological – but hey – it’s your obsession. Good luck with that.

              • @ Applewood, It is hilarious (sarcasm) that you think all the links are lies, which are real stories happening over the past few years and from all the main newspapers.

                Not a day goes by without another story of another criminal act from someone on a work or student visa and bringing their family with them on the basis of some low paid job (in this case the aforementioned carpenter also seems to have been paid so little he worked as an uber driver as well, but could still bring his family over, but now he is jailed for rape, they have to leave but NZ taxpayer pay for his justice, police, legal and jail stays and of course his victim pays every day) https://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/chch-uber-driver-sentenced-rape-passenger.

                The issue seems that victims of crimes don’t matter where as long as someone can get a cheaper fruit picker or make another $ by paying less than the going rate or training local workers.

                Meanwhile the victims of the crimes have their lives ruined.

                I’m not saying no migrants by the way, I’m saying that something is VERY VERY wrong with how the immigration is selecting the people coming here because increasingly they don’t seem to be the sort of people who are honest or paid the level they should be by NZ “residents” but still able to bring their families over and get free health and education in NZ for multiple people stretching our already tight welfare services.

                • Well we don’t want secound class citizens because they don’t advance very much in life. We should be giving everyone a shot at a decent life. So with that said. Number 6 should be, if you’re in New Zealand not on a holiday visa and over the age of 65. No mater how you got here or your status everyone should get an allowance of $300 a week just to pay for food and rent, and then to cover medical expenses you get free health a community services and gold card with extra perk. That’s what people should be working towards.

  4. “long-term workers on temporary visas”. There is the problem right there. The ability to employ temporary staff on low wages reduces the incentive for employers to train staff and forces down wages. This is why we still have skills shortages in construction and other areas after all this time. We need to restore vocational training and apprenticeships and force employers to do this by restricting visas. Government need to stop giving into business at the first sign of whining. They have had it good for thirty years and this has lead to low wages and homelessness. I am sorry for temporary migrant workers wherever they may be from, but we need to start prioritizing what is best for everyone in this country, not just a few ‘business’ owners.

    • Totally agree with you. Take a wholesome direction that fits and benefits all New Zealanders. Then we could be a happy, proud, contented place again !

  5. People get sick of being exploited. Many of them move on to greener pastures.

    Obviously foreign workers have varying experiences and salary levels. Exploited workers who are above out-and-out slaves will move on. Skilled workers and those suffering from, accommodation hardship, low wages and exploitative living costs, they’ll make the calculation NZ isn’t for them.

    Young Kiwis with gumption (our best and brightest/hard-working) will up sticks and move too.

    New Zealand is an awesome place to holiday but to work and live – there are better places. All this doesn’t bode well for businesses in the realm of staff retention.

  6. This is post WW2 Britain, bringing in Pakistanis and Indians and West Indians to prop transport and other systems. Amber Rush resigned as home secretary when the targets for enforcing the return of people to Jamaica and other former Commonwealth countries were leaked.

    Another ugly face of capitalism, and a precarious existence for the people who we’re exploiting too, but it would surprise me if govt were to show concern for these fairly basic human rights, or to have the courage – or whatever it takes- to properly address the points which you’ve raised – they may, or should be covered by International Declarations of Human Rights or Rights Covenants, dunno, but well done for articulating the issues.

  7. Yep its all about the cheap labour which of course lies at the heart of neo liberalism which commoditizes people using terms I personally find offensive like human capital and human resources.

    Of course its partly our own fault for not demanding better and for complacently voting for more of the same.So much for transformational govt eh Labour supporters? And you Nat admirers need to wake up too.

  8. Weird how we need 250,000 temp work visas but Jobseeker benefits are up 11% in the year and The special needs grants are up 45% and advances up 53%.! Personally I’d believe the jobseeker data before the employment data which is not worth the paper it is printed on now that 1 hour a week of work is apparently employment!

    Jobseeker benefit numbers up 11% in a year
    The latest MSD data shows the number of people receiving a jobseeker benefit has increased by 13,000 or 10.9% in the last year.

    And it isn’t evenly spread. The increase by key demographics is:

    Maori +14.6%
    Pasifika +15.9%
    Under 25s +13.7%
    25 – 40 year olds +16.7%
    And even bigger growth with hardship assistance. The special needs grants are up 45% and advances up 53%. The Government is doing a great job isn’t it.


    • Look at the jobseeker statistics NZ workers between 15 -40 years old are the biggest demographic casualty because those are the people losing their jobs or their wages/businesses declining because they can be made redundant, are competed out by fake businesses and a cheaper worker bought in!

      Work it out, lazy immigration is affecting our entire workforce in NZ, not just the marginal and youth (but they are also badly effected too)!

  9. There are many many logical reasons to reduce permanent residence visas; economically, environmentally and socially – read a bit wider Mike.
    There are much better ways to stop migrant exploitation than hand out more residence visas.

  10. Migrant labour exploitation will increase with cuts to permanent residence numbers. I have been investigating this on my blog too. I have never done a study but on my way.

  11. Also beware that it is expected that supernatants will get around 1 million of tax payers money in pensions, 55% of welfare payments and use 42% of the DHB health spend.

    To put that in perspective, the unemployed hardly make a ripple at $2b or 7 per cent.

    Accommodation assistance costs $1.8b and solo parents support is just over $1b. Student loans are $1.5b and are required to be repaid.

    We run the entire health system on $19b and the Ministry of Health tell us the over-65s use 42 per cent of the DHB budget when they represent 15 per cent of the population.

    The education system is run on $3b less than we pay retirees each year.

    So what we need to ask ourselves why is it so easy to get our pensions by migrants just coming to NZ as family members, after never having worked a day here!

    Time that to get a NZ pension in NZ you need to have spent more than 50% of you life living and or working in this country!

    Means testing won’t work because most of the new rich residents have their money stashed away in various tax vehicles that mean they are are living the high life with no income and assets! Thanks to John Key it is so simple to move assets around and transfer them tax free!

    It is very unfair that the current tax payers are highly unlikely to ever see a pension in NZ based on the current trajectory of giving away free pensions to migrant parents (who are now even marrying at 79 and bringing in more aged migrants who will eventually qualify too!) and our low wage economy that is lowering productivity while increasing the amount of social welfare needed longer term from day 1! That is before all the relatives start arriving!

    Every aged parent is effectively a free gift of millions to an overseas person in pension, free health care taking up the majority of hospital funding, free transport etc, while we have families living in cars and dying before they see their hospital appointment!

    This is how you qualify for a pension (and gold card) in NZ

    You may qualify for NZ Super if you:
    are 65 or over
    are a New Zealand citizen
    are a permanent resident, or
    hold a residence class visa
    are ordinarily resident in New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau when you apply
    have lived in New Zealand for at least 10 years since you turned 20
    have lived in New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau (or a combination of these) for at least 5 years since you turned 50.

    To get an ordinarily resident in NZ visa is so simple if you are just a family member of the above and intend to live permanently here.

    There is also massive blow outs by family members ‘visiting’ the above migrants who then fail to pay their medical bills. It seems crazy that kids born here are dying from third world diseases while tourists visiting are waved through our health system!

    Time that people have to pay for medical insurance BEFORE they come to NZ and a fee to pay for all the new hospitals and roads we need even if they get the medical insurance.

    Our health system bumps off the ‘least’ sick. So anybody who becomes sick in NZ will automatically get preference to anybody waiting for an operation or needing preventative appointments!

    As more ‘sick’ people come to NZ, (aka 4 million tourists many of them aged, 250 temporary work visas, 35,000 new residents, all the family members of the above who also qualify) the health waiting list will grow and preventative care fall by the way side for the locals.

    • Also while the neoliberals say how much money industries like tourism make to the economy, they are talking about PRIVATE business benefiting from those often fake figures bandied about, and fake degrees are increasingly about PRIVATE institutions benefiting… nobody is then calculating the cost of mass tourism and mass immigration against the vast COSTS of STATE which the economists conveniently leave out (because it is a massive loss over lifetime of a low wage worker and a tourist who is just living here with relatives but paying zero taxes).

      For every person in this country, no matter what their residency status may need to call upon the state for transport, health care, education, pollution costs, air, water, wastewater, waste, sewerage, superannuation, housing, prisons, justice, social workers, immigration, police, etc… it’s hard to see how something like $7 in taxes a week from one living wage worker family member, or $5000 a year it COSTS to subsidise a family on minimum wages, let alone those who go on benefits here are able to pay for the above service that now need to be practically doubled – all so that the low wage immigration Ponzi can continue!

      Time only $100k+ jobs are allowed to be used for temp residents and only if they conclusively prove that they can not get an existing resident to do the work.

      Most people and the environment will be better off without the low paid truck drivers on the road, (kick start use of rail) fast food/cafes and liquor shops at every corner (less diabetes and obesity) and another multi million dollar construction project that will leak/need remedial work within 10 years going up for Singapore investors that the majority of NZ workers can’t afford to buy or rent.

      Most of the people on visas are not able to be used for NZ work anyway due to language and other difficulties.

      Was talking to a Sharemilker and he said that he never takes a holiday because it is too hard to get anyone to relieve and he can’t afford the $4000 fines Fonterra charges if someone makes a mistake with the milk. He also was also concerned about anyone having an accident on the job with the amount of fines work safe likes to award against easy targets aka small business, that they go crazy over. (seriously look at the tiny fines given to fraudsters against the massive given to small business if anyone has an accident!)

      So lazy immigration does not help small business at all, they literally can’t afford for labour to make a mistake.

      We have some people literally working themselves to death because the amount of people coming here is not at the quality level needed even for low wage employment, but the temp visa’s themselves have become the Ponzi!

      Meanwhile banks and large organisations profit from the down fall of small business and pick up struggling businesses here cheap and Jacinda is off to Australia asking them who have money (because they did not go the low wage economy rogernomics route) to come and invest in NZ because our government doesn’t want to invest in NZ workers or NZ industry anymore.

      Hence our declining productivity and declining job figures and increasing social spends!

      • It is regrettable that xenophobia may be stopping NZ’ers from seeing deliberate measures which have been taken to keep the rich standing on the throats of the poor.

        A utility company with a monopoly -perhaps offspring of another greedy rapacious company – can employ subcontractors who in turn employ their own subcontractors; in this way workers are kept fragmented and difficult to unionise.

        A ‘self-employed’ electrical contractor or plumber is not necessarily a small business person. He is a skilled worker who eg construction companies refuse to hire, because they do not want to pay his taxes, ACC, or holiday pay.

        Perhaps the most cynical example of this was the law ushered in by Saint Peter Dunne making kids delivering junk mail self-employed independent contractors running their own businesses; this was based upon a ruling by Martin Smith of the IRD, which I believe was itself based upon wrong law – and I believe was in conflict with the IRD’s own then guidelines to self-employment.

        How Dunne was able to pull that one off is a mystery.

        But to have the social stability and freedom from economic exploitation which a healthy society needs, it is imperative that the citizenship of workers be regularised, to protect them and NZ born workers from
        being manipulated to serve the interests of a tiny minority, instead of amorally pitting us against each other, which is what seems to be happening here.

    • SaveNZ “…and preventative care fall by the way side for the locals. ” Alarmist unsubstantiated crap – and PHO’s have the primary responsibility for “preventative care”.

      “It seems crazy that kids born here are dying from third world diseases while tourists visiting are waved through our health system!” More alarmist unsubstantiated crap.

      “So what we need to ask ourselves why is it so easy to get our pensions by migrants just coming to NZ as family members, after never having worked a day here! ” Correction. No, you need to ask yourself why you’re stating a mistruth.

      ‘Work it out, lazy immigration is affecting our entire workforce in NZ. Wrong again. There is, and was, nothing at all “lazy” about govt policy governing immigration.

      Some immigrants are necessary to keep seasonal businesses productive, eg fruit picking. Immigrants are also needed to provide cheap labour and keep wages down- Machiavellianly re-inforced by Bill English disparaging our young men and doing his damnedest to typecast them as useless lazy druggies.

      Much of what you say is sweeping generalisation, but you should not under-estimate the motivation for any historical legislation.

      Further, some issues are covered by the portability of NZ Super, and/or with reciprocal arrangements with other countries.

      We are not the only country which gets landed with the cost of visitors who fall sick here, and we help them because we are not barbarians.

      Suggesting that this situation causes NZ children to die from third world diseases, is as sick as they are. You do our health professionals a disservice with this sort of allegation, and the bottom line is that if you or I or anybody else have a sudden or major emergency, then this is still a pretty good country to be in.

      • Actually where is your substantiated statistics Snowwhite, that say NZ is now a much more productive, honest and better off place with the current neoliberal agenda of for example 250,000 temporary work visas given out last year, while 14,000 new unemployed were created and we have our adult population dropping for tertiary education?

        Most statistics show that everything is going downhill in NZ. Health care spend per person is dropping, that came from John Minto, so take it up with him if you don’t believe it.

        We have had crazy immigration for nearly 10 years now to fulfil John and Bills low wage economy dream!

        Sadly many seem to be happy to side with the right wingers and Natz on supporting low waged economy which needs the immigration Ponzi to prosper, at the expense of future generations which ain’t going to be very long, within 10 years there will be a crisis.

        if you look at what also happens you will realise from other countries when you imbalance the population, you get massive social unrest. Aka not too long before the life we used to enjoy here is busted so that a select few people can make extra profits here short term without solving long standing problems such as, why we have a skills shortage, aka because we have high student debt and low wages, much lower wages than Australia for example.

  12. Well Mr Kearney can you suggest who we can vote for as we aren’t exactly spoilt for choices. The brighter future lot got 9 yrs to deliver how many years do you think a government needs to implement major changes or a shift from what we have always done.

  13. Thank you Kauri that is what i believe is happening the best way to tramp on us (Maori) is to use others (immigration tap) In the past governments played Maori and PI of against one another and it worked for a while.
    And i agree with your last point and i think this is breach of our TOW we are not being protected we are hardly participating and what happened to the partnership.

  14. The “Market” needs better enforcement and the DoL need to actively seek out the dodgy employers and put them out of business. Another business will benefit from the removal of an employer who is getting a competitive advantage by flouting the law and regulations that most others abide by.

    160 DoL inspectors just aint gunnah cut it. With 10’s of thousands of work sites and over 2.3m workers, ffs. Again, this Auster-liberal lame arse gummint are all teef and no action.
    Time to shit them up in 2020!

  15. Look at the bigger picture.

    As climate change refugees attempt to migrate to survive, economic systems and food supplies will be tested and borders will be closed.

    The global position on this climate shift and the current refugee situation globally may not seem urgent to Kiwis isolated by sea but it will not remain that way much longer.

    Already NZ is not meeting its climate GHG reduction targets and exports are one of the reasons. Cheap immigrant labour is used by various export producers and Business NZ fosters this.

    We need to reduce “dirty exports” such as milk and meat.

    As we move towards a less wasteful resilient economy to feed and sustain the Kiwi population, imported labour will hardly be a part of the mix.

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