Thoughts on why there’s been no offical response to Ross Meurant’s allegations

Thoughts on why there’s been no offical response to Ross Meurant’s allegations.
When I asked Ross what were his feelings about his allegations being totally ignored by Police and Politicians, he said; 
“Police and more so Member’s of Parliament,  have a modus operandi of ignoring bad news and/or complaints that if properly investigated, would cause serious adverse implications.  I know.  I was a senior cop and I was a senior MP.” 
“Standard procedure is to ignore and ignore.  This strategy demoralises many people who ultimately stagger away in disbelief that institutions they previously looked up to and had respect for, could treat them in such a manner.”  
Ross said he believes the ex cop who exposed to him the perpetrators of this crime, has a civilianized role which are invariably taken up by retired cops who don’t have the skills to get new jobs and need to support their pensions.
“As a whistle-blower,  He’d be fired immediately. I wont expose him or his family to that grief.  I’m just grateful he had the integrity to tell me.” 
If this can happen to a former Police Officer, what hope do the rest of us have, that we will be not be subjected to unlawful police actions if we ever do something that the Establishment does not approve?


  1. The way communications experts can ease drop on anyone on the planet by hacking a device which by all accounts is literally child’s play. So children as young as 13 has demonstrated that they can hack into a device and find its location, turn on cameras and microphones and monitor in real time what’s going on. So I know that I am under surveillance at any one time wether it be Google, 5eyes or some underwear website I visited. My data is constantly being collected and 5eyes insures that the back doors are left wide open.

    So I don’t even pretend anymore. Once I downloaded 2terabytes of gay porn which is like a months worth of solid end to end video of just gay happiness and at the end of the download I’d write a message on Facebook, “my mother crossed the road.” And afterwards I’d find out that there’s been a spike in bureaucratic paranoia. So don’t be afraid of people in power listening in on you because they are extremely stupid.

    The first correction that must be made is the perception that because 5eyes has millions of acres of data storage that they know everything. They know at the level of data but they don’t know what it means. So my example of big data, I have a hat on and my daughter does not have to see the details of my face to know its me from 100 meters away because after years of growing up together she knows what my silhouette looks like. And 5eyes who’s only concern is big data doesn’t know what to do with the finer detail. It’s just to much for something that is so retarded, by retarded I mean information that is locked away and can’t be accessed. This can mean that totally innocent citizens are arrested even by there standards and then next minute our terror watch lists bloom from maybe 10 legitimate targets to 200-400 and oops we need $300 million dollars.

    Another way to correct the perception is usually we take this whistleblower stuff as a way for the state to protect privacy laws in very, very concerning ways. And oh my god all our private secrets are public. I think that and many intelligent people will also know that the true problem today is rather the opposite problem. It’s that the public town hall is more and more disappearing, and the public discourse is more and more structured or functions more and more like a private social media network. Although some naive woke leftists would jump right in and criticise me here I think at a certain level of alienation is a good thing. So now I could speak in a vulgar way and when I speak for the record how ever I articulate a problem it doesn’t matter. MY MOTHERFUCKEN MAR-L JAMMED SIR!!!

    It’s simply irrelevant what we might think about making love to a woman or a single mother on welfare. What matters is what we say in public and I think this gap between what some one might mind read about a persons thoughts and what they actually say and do in public is, as I think it is disappearing.

    So about this vulgar attitude, I will tell a joke and I hope no one gets offended. So a waitress comes upto me. This is a true story. And explains that the guy sitting at one of her tables had raped her so I asked if he had ordered drinks yet. Immediately she understood where I was going with this and replied to me would you like that with or with out a condom. So she proceeded to put a bit of her urine in his drink and carried on her work. That just hits me in the feels every time.

    Y’know this disgusting attitude as if we are all rape victims and other pathetic speeches of identification and opening up our feelings is not the way. True obscenities is the way. Vulgar jokes is precisely the way to deal with truly serious situations. Y’know? and this joke is a recognition that something is to horrible to deal with directly. But none the less vulgarity is a very fulfilling way to deal with wana be oppressors.

  2. I am noticing that Nash is a weak minister being run by his department.
    How many examples of police over reach do we need before the minister steps in.
    All the while the Police association is writing our gun laws, taking civil liberties and arming themselves.
    Where are the democratic checks and balances?

  3. This kind of incident is difficult to fully absorb, and it is not made any easier with various Conspiracy fans barking away on the sidelines. But it certainly does happen as many activists know. As unfortunately also, do people simply taking up environmental causes, or trying to get fair treatment from EQC.

    I guess part of the stonewalling of Mr Mureant on this is payback for someone who has reflected on his previous life experiences in Police and politics, and come out with a changed viewpoint, rather than internalising it all, and getting a sweet number like most ex MPs and Police.

    It is a case of ordinary citizens being seen as a hostile grouping by the “authorities” once they start to actually exercise their freedom of speech, association and assembly. “Freedom of speech as long as you don’t say too much”…

    The cops, and now various Govt.Ministries, like using third parties and obscure sub groups of the state security agencies, doing their basic level snooping and dirty work–because they slide out of proper scrutiny and accountability.

    There is obviously a deep state with a long reach and lots of power. As Labour Govt. ministers soon find out when they are included in the “inner circle”. It is undemocratic, shadowy nonsense that people need to become more aware of. But most kiwis were uninterested when the Key Govt. ladled out the dollars to the spies and special ops Police groups, and changed the legislation to greatly extend warrantless snooping and give lifetime name suppression to the types of grubs that did Ross’ car.

    Ultimately NZ needs to get out of 5 Eyes, become non aligned, and disestablish all the State Security agencies and start again. “Nothing to hide nothing to fear” is a patently untrue assertion.

    • I have to correct you Tiger Mountain. It was Labour that brought in warrant-less snooping under the Search and Surveillance Act and the 2009 changes to the Evidence Act which allows illegally obtained evidence ( gained without a warrant) to be used in criminal charges.
      And thanks@Keepcalmandcarryon for pointing out the overreach by the Police at this point in our history. I was roundly pilloried belittled and derided and demeaned on this blog for pointing out the Police agenda in the wake of the Christchurch massacre. The Key government dismantled at executive level all the legislative constraints on members of the Police being able to stand for political office. No one noticed.

  4. Let’s hope people wake up to realize that democracy is just a word in the dictionary. We’ve been sold out and anyone who ignores the warning put out by Rosa Koire about the U.N., ignores the taking of fresh water by the Chinese and sell off of other assets to rich listers “just because” and ignoring NZ’s joining of the Belt and Road Initiative without public referendum is in for quite a surprise. The Belt and Road…strange name don’t ya think? Oh, did anyone catch the erecting in Las Vegas of a rather phallic looking 40ft carved statue of Nebuchadnezzar? Well, Nebuchadnezzar wanted to be “king of the world”. It turns out he was Chinese. Fancy that…and when he conquered Jerusalem the Edomites, aka the Ashkenazi banking fraternity of today, cheered! Didn’t Xi Jinping make himself President for life of China.
    Does anyone think I’m going too far to say, New Zealanders contemplate meeting your new king very soon?
    If this isn’t in the comments would be grateful for a reason TDB. Tk u

  5. Correct myself here on the Evidence Act changes. They were brought in by Goff in 2006 updated and strengthened by Collins in 2009 and 2011. The Evidence Act effectively gives the Police they right to do whatever they like in terms of gathering and presenting evidence in court. There are NO Legal requirements in NZ for electronic evidence for example, so any falsified print out by a police officer claiming it to be evidence found on the internet is taken as proof in a NZ court.

  6. It can be a terrifying thing. To have ones paranoia’s go from paranoias to realities.
    The ‘ignore, ignore,ignore’ thing has been at the foundation of our parliament for decades. You get to a point… And that’s that.
    The really chilling thing about that, particularly at a governmental level, is that there’s fuck all that can be done about it. When push comes to shove? Our politicians can just walk away from us. And they do.
    It’ll be an interesting day, the day the general populace sits up and takes notice, however. Right now? All the gubbimint has to worry about is the few of us annoying bastards coming to the internet, to TDB and frankly not many, if any others to discuss and to understandably vent our frustrations at an arrogant, self serving public service that gives fuck all service.
    Mind you, [that] motive was behind union deregulation prior to neo liberalism stealing our stuff and things. It left working people without weapons with which to defend themselves while ‘they’, ‘those’ whom just walked right in, picked shit up, then walked right out again with it.
    Thus! Bingo! Little micky fay closing in on being a billionaire for example. And do you think he may have had a wee word here and there? To keep mouths shut?
    Remember humanoids? We have a big, fat, rich country, per head of pop’ per sq km and yet? Broke as fuck and our own shit costs the earth to buy back from ourselves. I’m all shits and fucks tonight aren’t I?
    Mark my words? They day will come when the truth will out and by Jesus! Will I ever say I told you so.

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