EXCLUSIVE: Did the NZ Police use private spies to break into a former Police Inspectors car?


Recently, there has been an enormous amount of attention around the role of Thompson & Clark in the surveillance of New Zealanders.

State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes described the use of these corporate spies by Government agencies as “an affront to democracy” and immediately asked the Police to investigate.

Bewilderingly the Police found the use of secretly taping protestors at meetings to gain intelligence by Thompson & Clark was not illegal.

Could the reason why the NZ Police came to their conclusion have anything to do with them also using Thompson and Clark?

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Thompson & Clark are a private spying firm staffed by former Police Officers who use current Police Officers to moonlight for them and who beyond Southern Response have worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, MSD, Crown Law, the Serious Fraud Office, Inland Revenue, MBIE, Foreign Affairs Ministry, ACC, Department of Internal Affairs, Maritime New Zealand, Ministry of Health, Department of Conservation, Otakaro, Te Papa, Niwa, AgResearch, Plant and Food, Education Ministry, Land Information NZ, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Agency, Housing NZ and of course the actual Police themselves.

The fact the police found no wrong doing by their favourite corporate spies seems optimistic in the extreme doesn’t it?

So what does one make of news in this TDB exclusive that the NZ Police might have used another third party for a the break in to intimidate a former Inspector Officer of Criminal Intelligence?

On the 7th of May, 2018, former Inspector Officer of Criminal Intelligence and VIP security, Ross Meurant, spoke at a Head Hunters meeting to give a speech on Police and the Justice system.

At 5am on the morning of the day he was to later give his address, his car was broken into outside his office and a credit card stolen.

His 7th June 2018 email to Police Commissioner Bush with a CC to Winston Peters and Andrew Little is as follows…

….so far, so curious, but it wasn’t until Ross bumped into a former Police Officer work colleague that things took a darker turn.

According to Ross, while double parked in Remuera, he was approached by a male whom he recognised as having been a constable during the time Ross served in the police. This man tapped on the window of Ross’s car and when Ross dropped the window, he said: “Your car got broken into Ross.”

This was more a statement than a question.

Somewhat confused, Ross asked how the fellow knew of this, to which the ex cop said; “Be careful. We did it.”

Soon after, this encounter, Ross shared the experience with an ex Red Squad cop who said;

“When you told me about the break-in, I immediately thought that this was an inside job by the old team.. I didn’t want to be the one to tell you. It would have been XXXX. That’s right down their alley”.

After being told this, Ross emailed the Police Commissioner, Winston and Little and confronted them directly with the allegation in his 7 June email…

…the Official Police report into his car break in only ends up asking more questions than answers…

…so who ever broke into Ross’s car, knew exactly where the CCTV cameras were and managed to mask their break in?

That’s pretty sophisticated as a break in tactic isn’t it?

The Police Commissioner, Winston Peters and Andrew Little have yet to comment.

If the Police are willing to pull stunts like this with one of their own, what are they prepared to do with normal civilians? I have my case against the Police being held in front of the Human Rights Review tribunal in late July and outrageously the NZ Police are holding that trial in secret so as to not expose who spied on me during their 2014 Nicky Hager case. It’s amazing the powers the Police have when you get designated a ‘threat’, it’s such a shame those definitions couldn’t be applied to gun toting white supremacists with violent fantasies.

If the NZ Police are using private spies to intimidate former Officers, shouldn’t the NZ public know that?


  1. Shocking. Good luck to all getting justice on this. It should not be allowed. The police need to be as accountable as everyone else and not interpret the laws to suit themselves.

  2. And when I take over we will immediately invade Australia and America to liberate the indigenous.

    And those disgusting military meals, every one gets a double portion for volinteering. So everyone can count on my friendship.

    So the reason I started out with the ridiculous is because it’s not anti-kiwi to criticise and expose the governments mistruths. That’s why I support Assange, Wikileaks or Ross Maurant because it isn’t anti-kiwi. It’s extremely important that we don’t reduce journalism to anti-New Zealandism. We are not police bashing.

    The first reaction of an honest critic is to give to the devil and concede what belongs to the devil. That’s to say could you imagine someone like Ross in Russia or China. We wouldn’t even hear about him. Whistle blowers would be killed straight away. Not that New Zealand hasn’t assassinated civilians we have, in Afghanistan in a very sterile way with big extended arms holding out American military attack plans connected via radio. So every nation that can afford it runs assassination programmes and there are different grades so we wouldn’t run programmes like this on home soil we would go after the money.

    It used to be back in the days before go fund me that if the government didn’t want something published they’re charge $10,000 per photo-copy page and that would kill the information. So there are different grades of state violence with assassinations being the ultimate. And these things are not independent of the Prime Ministers office. That would be a war crime.

    So I support people like Assange and Ross because I think they are doing something very important which is to take the petty things that we may say with our friends and make them bigger. These are big philosophical questions, huge questions. Are we okay with state sponsored violence and if we are okay with our own state violence then why would we accuse Saudi Arabia or who ever of state violence.

    Of course if I could choose I would rather live in New Zealand than Saudi Arbia but at least in Saudi Arabia no one has any illusions about state violence. They know very well that the Saudi Monarchy can determine who gets to live. Non the less we also have a different grade system of regulation New Zealand citizens that isn’t widely accepted or even known.

    The most dangerous freedom is the kind of freedom that you don’t even experience. Even if I say naughty jokes about feminism, realise that I am still a femenist. Femenist will tell you that to dispel oppression the first thing to say is no. And we need something similar here.

    Another thing is I think we shouldn’t take this to seriously. The paranoia is justified but at the same time we should be aware of the different gradients of state violence. The idea that there is a Devine light at the top that knows everything is bullshit. This machinery of state violence is extremely stupid.

    Let’s say I have a hat on and my daughter will still recognises me from across the field at 100 metres. If she couldn’t recognise me then any doctor will assess that as being something wrong with her intelligence and I would argue that the state spy apparatus that includes the police couldn’t even identify me at 30 meters. So they are stupid, they don’t know what they know and this makes it even more dangerous, this big data thing.

    So we must publicly declare our love for the police and for state violence but we must also declare which parts of us are being satisfied. We want the police to be a thing, we don’t want to be accused and convicted of crimes we did not commit and we don’t want excuses for incompetence, that’s what I would argue satisfies me.

    So the conversation can not be cut short. Computers will give us tremendous amounts of data and we must be able to absorb that into the national syntax and have a really deep talk about these really difficult questions.

  3. Re the CC transactions.
    Was there no investigation into those.
    Obviously?? a pin was not used, so signature, or maybe pay wave?

  4. Where’s your commentary on the arming of the police?
    Previously you’ve railed against the use of tasers….so now your very own Labour government is giving them all pistols

    • I argued that if police wish to holster their weapons that it should be operationally focused on specific targets like confiscating illegal firearms as opposed to militarising community policing.

    • All this police bullshit started 9 yrs ago under the last crooked govt now we have the police abusing their powers, police investigating themselves, police spying on people, how are we suppose to have confidence in them when they are fucken doing this type of shit.

    • “now your very own Labour government is giving them all pistols”

      They allowed that psychopath Greg O’Connor to stand and win for Labour.
      A blind man could see this coming.

  5. The thing that freaks me out the most about the above is that I’m not surprised in the slightest when I read it.
    We AO/NZ’ers and our beautiful country have multi billionaires flocking in from all over to buy up land that our own people can only dream of occupying and walking right past our immigration laws with the help of bags of money. We have a lineage of corruption going back to the turn of the 20th century. We had seen AO/NZ skyrocket to one of the highest standards of living in the world and today we can only watch on in horror as we plummet like a brick dropped off a bank and that’s ONLY because we have a corrupt politic and that politic feeds a rapacious urban private wealth creation that only radiates dysfunction back into our society while pocketing our money.
    Thompson and Clark are just like the cadre of sundry other parasites we must endure in our rich, beautiful and safe few islands. They see an opportunity to make a buck and if it’s at our expense? Who gives a fuck? Only we, the people of AO/NZ can change ours and our country’s direction and we can’t even make a fist without forming a committee first.
    We should be very, very worried about this.

  6. Who you gonna trust folks? The Headhunters? The NZ Police? Ross Meurant? Mystery Man? Martyn? Chris? Frank? Country Boy? SPC? Jacinda? Simon? Wikileaks? The Russians? Voices you hear when you get low blood sugar? Tarot cards? How bout old Doc Horrorday?

    I keed folks

    Trust no one

  7. Now back in the day , when older blokes stood up ( epitomized by the likes of Barry Crump ) and said in a loud , firm and somewhat authoritative voice ” Hang on a minute , mate !!! ”,… you knew ,… as the surrounding air crackled with a certain type of electrical charge , – that there was soon to be a very withering dressing down delivered to the one who so caused the offense.

    And summarily put firmly and soundly in their place.

    And usually the one being ‘witheringly dressed down’ and put in their place was some jumped up , out of line , bloody minded official.

    Where have all the ”Hang on a minute, mate !!! ” Blokes and Blokesses gone?

    Some of them still exist.

    Some are found on the West Coast of New Zealand.

    They are the family’s of the victims of the Pike River mining disaster for example.

    Rugged , honest , tenacious , never giving up and demanding a fair shake. They are the sort of ”Hang on a minute , mate !!!” people this country needs far , far more of and less of the servile, gutless , bureaucratic coward butt coverer’s hiding behind organisations. The sort of butt covering post neo liberal scumbags that are the focus of this article and have been in many other articles for 35 years or so.

    The sort of butt covering post neo liberal scumbags that would sh@t all over their own mothers grave if it advanced their own cause ,- when done in secret, of course. Always in secret.

    Because post neo liberal scumbags know that if they conducted any of their nefarious scams in the open sunlight, – it wouldn’t be long before they heard those inclined to call out in a loud, indignant tone of voice ,…


    And that ,… they could never risk.

  8. The ‘New Zealand public’ prefer to have their heads and the rest up their arse, they do not give a damned shit about anything, unless it affects their individual consumerist interest.

    They also would not know a terrorist from a pub brawler, even if you pointed things up to them.


    Sleep well NZ you are safe amongst a million or more sheep, many two legged.

  9. “Bewilderingly the Police found the use of secretly taping protestors at meetings to gain intelligence by Thompson & Clark was not illegal.”

    We are living in a police state

    We just do it more relaxed than Nth Korea or Syria

    If this can happen to Ross Meurant, none of us are safe

    What are the Greens doing about this??

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