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  1. Nice to see there are still inspiring people in NZ!

    “The Brilliant Bagshaws – is a glimpse into the generous and charitable world of two remarkable New Zealanders, who between them have helped thousands of people by ‘filling the gap’ between what our public health system can provide and what people can afford to pay.

    They agree that their doggedness, not giving up, is key to what they’ve been able to achieve.”

    • Yes SaveNZ

      We need ‘dogedness’ in our leaders here also but sadly this is lacking while……Right now, oil giant OMV has an application in front of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for a consent to drill up to 10 wells in the Great South Basin off the Otago coast.

      Sign here tofday, —– as it is ytthe last day for petitions for stoping oil drilling off the otago coast.

      We are calling on the EPA to reject the application, and we urgently need your backup. We’ve written a detailed submission. You can add your name to ours in two quick clicks, or if you have time, you can write your own – but the deadline is 5pm today!

      This is the oil company on the list of 100 corporations that have caused 70% of the world’s climate emissions. They’re also one of a handful of companies that have controversially chosen to drill for oil in the Arctic. Not only are they expanding their dirty oil campaign to the pristine waters off the Dunedin coastline, but they’re requesting permission to dump toxic stuff there.

  2. I see our newspapers still releasing fake news 300 sheep missing from a Gore farm have been found on the same Gore farm maybe they were hiding in the bushes.

    • Love it, Michele, hot news from 6 of our MSM networks and 2 international ones…

      Maybe it is NOT what is being talked about in NZ news that show what is significant.

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