Will Auckland Peace Action turn anti-free speech crusade against Jordan Peterson into the success People Against Prisons Aotearoa turned the Pride Parade?


One would have thought the Woke Left had learned the mistakes of their anti-free speech campaign that only empowered two visiting crypto-fascists and Don Brash last year.

One would have thought.

Sadly I don’t think the Woke can help themselves and so they have launched an anti-free speech attack on the person who can manipulate their stupidity and convince more young men who feel lost without an identity that feminism is their problem.

Auckland Peace Action are promising protest against one of the internets leading Mens Rights intellectuals – Jordan Peterson.

I’ve written many times that I see why Peterson is popular, but that there are crucial places his theories fall down, unfortunately, rather than debate Peterson, the Woke scream and try to deplatform him.

This always ends terribly and actually serves only to empower Peterson.

Can the woke Auckland Peace Action fuck up as badly as People Against Prisons Aotearoa did with the Pride Parade?

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Let’s see shall we? I predicted last year that woke activists wouldn’t be able to help themselves when Peterson visited this year. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

PS – Phantom Billboards deciding THIS is acceptable to censor while promoting an anti-free speech campaign is pretty funny.

PPS – I you want any idea how poorly prepared the Woke are to even try and debate the issue, listen to Sean Planet destroy the Auckland  Peace Action on air today.


  1. If any one at Auckland Peace Action had the capacity to go after Persons content instead of trying to police his behaviour, I mean who jives a fuck if Jordan only eats read meat or is super sceptical about people with dicks calling themselves woman. So if they’v got the balls to go after content they’d probably have to admit that they are masquerading ideology as science.

      • My initial reaction was that we’ve always had fring groups trying to feminise men, just non had treed using social media and in some cases legal means to coerce men into submission. Most guys and I put myself in these category, would freak out, only to find out last minute that your date had a penis.

  2. Just listened to that interview. Man what a wet blanket that guy was. Needs to go for a few runs around the block and maybe have at least a couple of eggs. Sounds like a wreck psychologically and ill physically.

  3. For all Peterson’s savoir faire and proclaimed intellectual rigour, scratch him and you’ll find a climate change denier.
    Should he be free to speak? Of course.

    Remember, this is the guy who proclaims that he doesn’t tell lies. Seriously.

  4. Call me an old fogey and out-of-touch but I am completely unaware of what the term ‘woke Left’ means. When I google it it seems to be given a very positive connotation but I don’t think that is meant here.

    Can anyone help me?

  5. Why do we let racist and transphobic people like Jordan Peterson into our country and give him a platform to broadcast his vile hate to the world? I understand that he is also a holocaust denier and was once mean to a rabbit.

    Another way to look at it is that his detractors are too quick to label and judge him before understanding the content of his message.

  6. Sorry Martyn,
    being outraged AND telling everyone about your outrage is far more fun than doing the work of working out exactly why you disagree with someone you dislike.

    • Try this piece of racist claptrap Ada: “You think, “well, the most commonly discussed ethnic difference is the propensity for people who are defined as black—the way that Americans define black—to perform more poorly on standardized tests.” Then the accusation is that the tests are somehow biased, or that there’s socioeconomic factors at work, or, perhaps, at the bottom of the desirability hierarchy, that there are biological factors at work. No one has nailed any of that down.” – https://jordanbpeterson.com/transcripts/douglas-murray/

      That’s a racist bigot intellectualizing on the IQ differences between Blacks and non-Blacks. Do you go along with Peterson’s subtle racial- superiority views cloaked in pseudo- intellectualism? Your call.

  7. They’re going to screw it up. If they have any sense they’ll stop at the clusterfuck they made of that Plunket interview and not add to it.

  8. Who is paying for this racist, transphobic prick to come to NZ?? What lunatic organisation or induviduals are footing the bill??

    This is the ignoramus who said in an interview:

    “Violent attacks are what happens when men do not have partners, Mr Peterson says, and society needs to work to make sure those men are married. ‘The cure for that is monogamy. That’s actually why monogamy emerges,’” – https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/may/23/jordan-peterson-public-intellectual-isnt-clever-violent-men-monogamy

    What a fuckwit. And his supporters are ( predominantly male) fuckwits. Anyone who takes seriously a statement like that has totally missed the cabbage boat.

    The best thing we can do is ignore this bigot.

    • He’s actually not wrong.

      Males in general do have a greater propensity toward violence. Pre modern society, the hunter gatherer aspect meant men could work out their testosterone fuelled aggressions by hunting. That barely exists now, hence the rise of gyms and boxing.

      Women temper men’s inability to regulate their emotions accurately. When alcohol is involved, it’s all over rover.

      As for monogamy, it is something I disagree with. Males biological imperative is to spread their seed as far and wide as possible. Monogamy is a religious institution, and something that women love to have as it means they can be protected and maintained by a male. One can go on and on about what a patriarchal view that is, but simple fact remains, women have an innate need to care for others. Men only have a need to care for themselves and ensure their legacy lives on.

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