MEDIA WATCH: What the Auckland Peace Action train wreck on Magic Talk says about the Woke Left


Wow, the Auckland Peace Action train wreck interview on Magic Talk today really highlights what happens when activists stay inside their social media echo chambers.

The Woke’s ability to actually debate and convince other people to see their point of view has been utterly depleted by smug Millennial culture social media interaction that only preaches to the converted.

Rather than scream snide and self-assured abuse within 240 characters, perhaps they need to actually try and win people over to their point of view with clear arguments that have been refined via interaction with the opposing opinion, because there are plenty of good reasons to be critical of Peterson, demanding you don’t have to be triggered by even bothering to articulate a rational argument in favour of that is lazy, pointless and a bit fucking farcical to be blunt.

If this is the intellectual future of the Left, we’ve already lost.

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  1. The Woke are not Left; they’re fucking fascists, pure and simple. Anyone prepared to throw the working class of their own nation under the bus for whatever reason is either insane, or a right-wing traitor, or both.

    Class. It’s about class… that’s what Left is. Class war coming motherfuckers 😉

    • I’m close to agreeing, but I no longer think the dividing line will be entirely along class lines. It will partially be on that division, but chiefly it will be those for democracy and national sovereignty vs those who prefer ideology and institutions. The popular vs. the managerial underpinning a battle of the national vs. the global.

      Class will be at least a good 75% of it though, no doubt!

  2. Every Righty I know is pointing to this interview and laughing at the Woke Left, realising that as long as the Woke are part of the Left movement, capitalism has absolutely nothing to fear.

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