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+ 4 heteronormative white cis males talk about the Gay Conversion Therapy Law

To debate this we have the Leader of the ACT Party David Seymour & the most dog selfied National Party MP, Chris Bishop.

You won’t hear politics like this anywhere else!

The podcast broadcasts live at 7.30pm from the Mediaworks studios on Facebook, YouTube & The Daily Blog and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & Youtube.



  1. Bishop, Seymour and Grant – cant you find any left wing panelists – the discussion will be conservative dribble without any counter view – get your shit together!

  2. A brilliant and entertaining blog.

    I look forward to tuning in every Monday.

    Funan Bomber spoke up for Labours covid response. Bishop tried to score political points. David Seymour is more intelligent than I ever imagined and despite being a long time Labour voter, I find myself agreeing a lot with Damien Grant. Bomber is hilarious. A really great show.

    I think National and Act only voted for the Conversion Practices Bill to avoid a backlash from the Trans activists (but I could be wrong about this).

    100% I agree with Damien Grant that there will be unintended consequences from this bill. Big time

    • I listened too and thought much the same. Despite disagreeing with Bomber entirely on our Covid-19 response, it was great discussions you absolutely won’t hear on mainstream media.

      I think you’re also right about the Gay Therapy Bill. Neither David nor Chris seemed enthusiastic in their defence of it. Which worries me – if even Act will fold to transgender ideology…

      • Its amazing that society fears the LGBT nazi’s (just the T’s) who have the power to force your employer to fire you if you question the science around T issues

  3. Glen, that is true. It is the trans activists (not necessarily transgender people, but people who adopt the ideology). I have had close experience of this, people I know who nearly lost their jobs, because of gender critical views.


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