Families need immediate cash boost to prepare for Omicron surge, not food banks, poverty advocates warn

The Government must take immediate steps to help families prepare for the surge in Omicron infections by bringing forward promised benefit increases today, Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is urging.
As Phase 2 of the country’s Omicron response ramps up, the Government announced on Friday extra support for food banks, and is asking families to prepare their households by purchasing essentials to support long isolation periods.
“We fully support the Government’s approach to keeping families safe during this critical period, however, it is far from possible or feasible for many families to afford the basics today, let alone purchase additional food or medicine for a period of self-isolation”, CPAG spokesperson Associate Professor Mike O’Brien says.
“Stocking up on food and medicine is not an option for many. Stocking today’s pantry is a stretch as it is.” says O’Brien. “Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni said on Friday they have seen an ‘over 60 percent increase in people with no existing MSD relationship needing support’. This demonstrates that families simply do not have enough to meet their basic needs”.
This increase comes as significant demands are placed on foodbanks around the country and an increase in hardship grant applications to Work and Income.
Our research shows that low income families have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, but it doesn’t need to be this way,” Associate Professor Mike O’Brien says.
“The Government showed during the pandemic that it can move quickly as seen with the Covid Income Relief Payment and business support packages. We are calling on the Government to move with the same speed to make sure all families have the dignity and security to secure the basics for their families to be able to isolate and keep themselves and others in the community safe.”
CPAG says an easy place to start would be for the Government to immediately bring forward the promised increases to welfare support rather than waiting until April 1, 2022.


  1. This government seems to like making the poor beg for their welfare and use fear the the other party will be even tougher on them..
    These families are the ones with children caught up in the poverty trap the same children that Jacinda was going to see right.
    Many are Maori who with such a large presence in cabinet should think their lot would improve .
    The people are to poor to pay for food due to rent rises drive by this government that promised an improvement in the lot of renters with the market place being flooded with state houses for rent . Last year the house stock increased by 200 hardly a flood .
    No wonder people are at the protest as they are getting free food .

  2. I agree. The families that are struggling financially need a cash boost now, either in the form of lower taxes or an increase in the Working For Families package.

  3. IT is quite incredible that this government can not do the one thing that would help, namely send money to those that have none. Go to the foodbank. Give money to the food bank. Good fucking grief.
    How about you just send a Omicron Ready Payment via IRD to every household? Oh, that would be to easy, and to kind, and besides what we really need is create a super spreader event by forcing people to stand in line for a food parcel so that they can ‘isolate’ at home. We are run by the dumbest people that ever left University.


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