Is this Kate Hawkseby’s worst column ever?


What on earth is this garbage about?

Kate Hawkesby: What a dag! Is this really how Labour Party MPs dress for a retreat?
The Labour caucus retreat was in Martinborough yesterday, you may’ve seen it on the news, but here’s what I found weird about it: Why was Trevor Mallard there?

Isn’t Parliament’s Speaker supposed to be neutral?

And why did he turn up in a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts, no less. I know we’re having a heatwave, but that was a crime against fashion.

When even other journalists are attacking your column, you know shit just got real…

…I thought Kate’s hateful attack on a garden in a prison and her weird attack on Meghan Markle were pretty awful columns, but basing an entire one on what MPs wore at a retreat seems so shallow it’s difficult to do anything other than mock it.

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I cant wait for Kate Hawkseby’s sartorial criticism for this…

…if casual attire at a Party weekend get away pisses her off, what about National MPs in the debating chamber?

Remind me again how you described Hawaiian shirts Kate?

“Why did he ( Speaker Mallard ) turn up in a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts, no less. I know we’re having a heatwave, but that was a crime against fashion.”

Please Jesus, let this all be behind the Herald’s new paywall.




  1. Hawkseby is becoming a curmudgeon like her 90 year old reanimated husband.
    I’m all for marrying who you want but there is clearly a price to pay when marrying between the centuries.

  2. Kate Hawkesby’s sense of fashion leaves a lot to be desired. Not sure how old she is, but she’s way past the permanently on vacation dolly bird look!

    Pot kettle KH, pot kettle!

    And her other half Hosking’s fashion sense … OMG … where does he get his rags from?

    These two are fashion criminals in every respect and neither one is in a position to criticise other people’s dress sense!

    As for KH commenting about baby Neve being present at the Labour conference, as a mother she should realise this is what breastfeeding mums do, take their babies with them when they are able to.

  3. One things for certain, if this is the standard of journalism that the Herald will be offering behind a paywall, it’s bye-bye Granny Herald. Apalling stuff. The editor of the Herald should have his contract terminated.

  4. Hawkesby – I thought the speaker was supposed to be neutral.

    Yes they are unless they are a National MP like David Carter.
    His tenure was one of the worst when it came to impartiality because there was none.
    Key and his colleges got away with some appalling behaviour all under Carters watch.

    Hawkesby is a drongo of the highest order.

    • And where the fuck was Hawkeskings comment on the one eyed Carter?
      I have noticed the Heralds full on attacks of the left and pro Bridges columns recently. Balanced reporting it is not, as for Hosking well it’s a rant a day now so now he has become the Heralds permanent right wing barking at parked cars reporter.

  5. Remember, discrediting politics and making it personal and nasty plays into the hands of the right.
    It’s the left inclined voters who shy away from this shit and that absence works for the right on election day.

  6. Kate Hawkesby scary woman who follows her. Yes behind the paywall would be good then the herald would realise (god knows why they haven’t before) what a revolting vacuous unintelligent woman she is. A lot of it picked up from that moron she is married to. I feel sorry for her parents they must cringe when seeing this. I think her father was a liberal.

  7. isn’t Hosking a National puppet licker? who cares what they wear outside of work Kate do you buy there clothes? …… No then shut up. look at your dumb National party they wearing Hawaiian shirts and they still in Paliament.

  8. Speaking of which, just a little down the line of obviousness, the Herald promoting the utterly ridiculous Leighton Smith. Just as they did Whaleoil and his pals. True believers in the need to go down deep to manufacture the consent necessary for the rich to continue having their way. Except to do that the frock shouldn’t blow out to reveal … all. Hard to take them seriously when it’s all on show.

  9. I don’t know why anyone is surprised. This is the sort of thing you can expect from Hawkesby. It’s how her tribe operates. Rummaging through bins in search of the grubbiest scraps to hurl at the opposition. There’s no discussion or meaningful debate around policy. It’s all “Oh my God! Trevor’s such a knob! Look at his trousers!” It’s like her intellectual development completely ceased at around age 14, and she’s forever doomed to be the cliquey mean girl making snide remarks about bad skin and unfortunate haircuts.

    We should really feel sorry for her. Many, many years ago, she was probably a much nicer person.

  10. Out of all this debacle of Katie Hawkesby-Hosking the whole article she wrote in the NZ Herald has really demeaned the NZ Herald. No-one would take such a tabloid newspaper seriously when they have so-called journos who write such drivel.

    But then it is likely the NZ Herald is the official Mouthpeice of the NZ National Party. Whatever their ridiculous and mostly biased towards National ‘journalists’ write is referred to as ‘breaking news’ on the Herald website.

    If the NZ Herald really wants to hold onto some sense of credibility then the best they should do is get rid of Hosking and Hawkesby.

    I once viewed the NZ Herald with respect and admiration but what they have reduced themselves to now is almost the equivalent of the defunct Weekly World News i.e a largely fictional news tabloid.

    Throw into the Herald mixture a bit of stupid bimbo womens magazines and we may as well call the NZ Herald the MKH paper.

  11. Completely agree, that article about Markel and the no gardens in prison one, now this, are all weird as fuck. Ain’t much happening up top thar that’s for sure.

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