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The Speaker is allowed to maintain links with their political party and in the past it has been up to the Speaker whether they attend caucus or conferences.

A fact lost upon the NZME resident half wit Kate Hawkesby in her article titled “What a dag! Is this really how Labour Party MPs dress for a retreat?”

She wrote :

“The Labour caucus retreat was in Martinborough yesterday, you may’ve seen it on the news, but here’s what I found weird about it: Why was Trevor Mallard there? Isn’t Parliament’s Speaker supposed to be neutral?”

Hawkesby could have answered her own question by reading up on the rules for The Speaker on the parliamentary web pages but was far too lazy and bone headed.

Had she done so she would have read the following :

“The Speaker of New Zealand’s House of Representatives is allowed to maintain links with their political party, but must not show political bias when chairing business in the House. The Speaker must not show either preference or disrespect for any political party, for the Government, or the Opposition. All members of the House must be treated equally.”

Almost everyone knows The Speaker can attend their own political party conferences and can even attend caucus if they wish to.

It also makes sense that this half wit would not know this.

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Perhaps it was predictable that the nations biggest air head would concentrate on surface matters rather than substance :

“Why did he ( Speaker Mallard ) turn up in a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts, no less. I know we’re having a heatwave, but that was a crime against fashion.”

Obviously Hawkseby had not heard about “throw back fashion”?

“Who What Wear” fashion writer Bianca Nieves wrote that if you are fashion savvy you’d already be aware of this ubiquitous fashion trend :

“When it comes to recent throwback trends, first it was chunky sneakers, and then it was Bermuda shorts, and now to complete the trifecta are none other than tropical shirts.”

For fucks sake Kate – you are such an embarrassment!!!

Get with the play.

Kate also showed she was out of touch with how Lees-Galloway was vindicated when Immigration officials left out a crucial email from the file they handed Lee’s Galloway.

Derek Cheng reported on 23 December 2018 that Lees-Galloway had even questioned immigration officials whether Karel Sroubek had returned home and was told there was no way to know.

“I asked if it was possible to ascertain whether he had returned or not, and was told it wasn’t.” – said Lees-Galloway.

So not knowing any of this Kate Hawkseby blundered on writing that :

“Also weird was Iain Lees-Galloway – most famed for botching the Karel Sroubek affair and causing ongoing embarrassment, headlines and headaches for the Government. He turns up wearing a slogan T-shirt saying, “I’m the boss guy”. For a man widely presumed to be a bit arrogant and suffering delusions of grandeur around himself, that was a bit off.”

Talk about pot, kettle , black – let alone about a filthy smear and not knowing the root cause lay in the processes at Immigration – not with the Minister.

DoH times infinity.

Kate the self appointed expert on fashion then told us :

“Slogan T-shirts are for teenagers attending music festivals, or 1-year-olds. Ones that say, “I’m the boss guy” are really only for under the thumb dads at Christmas, as a joke gift from the kids.”

Fucking Fashion Gestapo – who doesn’t love a witty, sassy slogan?

Then Kate ( the baby hater ) objected to having a baby present after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had made international history for generations of mothers around the world for this very same act – at the United Nations General assembly last year.

Piss off Kate.


Gerard Otto is an activist and writer 


  1. Poor Mrs Hosking, always muddling up the information in the message that her husband Mike instructs her to pen.

  2. Please don’t tell any woman to piss off, no matter how pissing off she is.

    Chances are Hawkesby knew Mallard was entitled to attend Labour functions but was kicking the cow pats here, counting on the fact that the sort of people who read her are probably totally clueless, and will think Mallard’s a baddie.

    And even when people know facts to be wrong, the seed can still be sown that something dodgy is happening.( It doesn’t help when politicians tell the public to ‘read between the lines’ either.)

    How other people dress may be hugely important to Kate -a statement about herself and her own values; her negative attitude towards the presence of a dear little baby, could just be that she’s not a woman who is kindly disposed towards dear little babies, especially in her presence.

    ‘What a dag’. Do people still say that ? In writing ? I guess you just can’t take the farm yard out of the girl.

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