Has anyone worked out what the hell Meghan Markle ever did to Kate Hawkesby yet? WTF was that weird column about?


Has anyone worked out what the hell Meghan Markle ever did to Kate Hawkesby yet?

WTF is this weird column about?

Kate Hawkesby: I don’t trust Meghan Markle
I have a thing about Meghan Markle.

I don’t trust her.

It’s a theory based on nothing more than gut instinct. Here’s the thing – she feels fake. Opportunistic. Like she’s there for the wrong reasons.

Let’s look at the evidence.

Look I don’t care about the Royal family, I don’t doff my cap to anyone based on blood line, but I like the new generation of Royals, and the idea of a ‘mixed race commoner’ marrying into the Royal family for love warms the cockles of my dead black splinter of a heart and I only read Kate’s column because the majority of media I’ve skimmed has all been positive so I wanted to read something that was negative.

I’m still not sure what the bloody hell Hawkesby’s actual point is.

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Her list of ‘evidence’ is about as convincing as a flat Earther and as spurious as the ‘science’ behind the  Ark.

I was reading it thinking to myself, ‘where the fuck is this going’ – and I still couldn’t explain to you what was her point.

It’s mean spirited, petty and kinda spiteful with no purpose. The whole thrust of her ‘argument’ was that Meghan Markle has somehow sneaked her way into the royal family.

And then it dawned on me.

Was it that Markle is mixed race? Was that the real issue here? That somehow she was tricking her way into that most white of institutions and being deceptive about it?

Is this the tone that all mixed race people had to put up with? Having a foot in both cultures but suspicion from each?

I know Kate Hawkesby as well as I know Meghan Markle so I don’t want to attribute bigotry unjustly but this is ugly at best and purposely cruel at worst.

It reads less like informed opinion and more like a script out of Mean Girls.


The NZ Herald says this takes 3 minutes to read.

Dear NZ Herald. I want my 3 minutes back.



  1. Give her a break.

    She wakes up every morning next to Hosking.

    Just got my DNA test results this morning and I’m 0.9% Nigerian; that’s me off her Christmas card list.

      • …and on the evidence far more compassionate and intelligent and graceful

        …a worthy companion to Prince Harry who is a humanitarian like his Mother

  2. Oh thank God I was not the only one who thought it was racist rant -hidden under fluff, bumbling, and decidedly poor prose.

    • It’s just National Party sock puppets convincing themselves that National placed 2nd…

      Welcome to the new and improved political landscape. It’s kind of cute in away.

  3. What is wrong with the Herald? The standard of reporting and opinion pieces is as bad as any gossip rag. Hawkesby’s piece would have got an F in any journalism school assessment.

  4. I got as far as “Opportunistic. Like she’s there for the wrong reasons.Let’s look at the evidence” – and switched off.

    Whatever foul mood she woke up in, I want no part of.

    What staggers me is that no one at the NZ Herald realised it was some weird emotional rant and quietly filed it away in a bottom drawer, alongside empty whisky bottles and some smutty magazines.


    • The fact Hawkesby got (presumably) paid for that utter bollocks is frankly an abomination. The Herald is just a garbage newspaper anyway – very much like a second-rate tabloid.

      • Indeed, Nitrium. There’s no other way to see it. If that’s the level of tripe (no insult intended to that magnificent dish) the ‘Herald’ is descending to… well, they might as well put bare-breasted females on page three and rebrand themselves as the ‘NZ Ribald’. Or close up shop and go the way of the old ‘Truth’ publication…

  5. Like Bomber, I read it with a growing sense of “WTF?!” It’s like Granny Herald had been surreptitiously swapped with the latest issue of Woman’s Day. If this is what she’s churning out after just a few columns, we can expect journalistic standards to further devolve into the primordial sludge over the next six months. You’re not writing for the school magazine, Kate. Sort it out.

  6. It’s called “clickbait”. Now that the Hawkesby-Hoskings or the Hosking-Hawkesbys (or whatever the fuck they’re called) are no longer receiving Mike’s six-figure TVNZ salary, Kate’s taken it upon herself to supplement the family income by writing some good old red-meat tabloid fodder to get them through the hard times ahead.

  7. That article of KH wasn’t worth writing on toilet paper. Shame on NZH for publishing such useless tripe. I’m sure even tabloid press would have rejected it, based on its pathetic drivel!

    One piece of the article gave me a WTF moment. KH mentioned Meghan Markle had already been married previously. Talk about pot – kettle, when KH is well into her second marriage herself and so is hubby number two, the deplorable Natz gobshite Hosking!

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