Of course the smear on Clarke was Dirty Politics


I’ve been working on tracking down this smear against Clarke for a couple of months. Tracing the Troll Army that was acting as an echo chamber, desperately trying to catch the people who were leaking this venom and watching who originally launched it.

The National Party have scrambled and claimed they had nothing to do with it.


Based on the recent history of National’s role in dirty politics coupled with their bitter resentment & refusal at acknowledging they lost the election, suspecting them of being behind the rumours is perfectly reasonable.

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The co-ordination of this smear against Clarke, the anonymous troll army echo chamber promoting it, the fact the story suspiciously never changed and the place it was originally launched from – this was all a concerted effort by ‘someone’ to destabilise the Government.

I do believe Simon Bridges however when he says he had nothing to do with it. Perhaps he should be talking quietly to other members of his Party to see if they’ve had any dealings with the people who launched this?


  1. It shouldn’t be hard for the cops to track down the perpertrators of this dirty little campaign and pay them a visit, preferably in marked police cars so the neighbours will be wondering what they’ve been up to.

      • like getting westpac to hand over peoples personal banking details without a warrant johnny be good and doing usa style raids that costs us tax payers thousands (dot com mansion)

        • Face the facts M, NZ is largely owned & operated by foreign interests & banks (it’s called Globalisation & we’re the poster boy for it). Only by overthrowing this hideous ideology, it’s dog eat dog practices & those who perpetuate it, will we be able to turn things around. Only a kiwi flavoured revolution led by genuine revolutionaries will be able to achieve this. Bring it on!!

      • No, I’m sure that our democracy is more important than pretty much anything else.

        • Our pathetic, self serving party political dictatorship that you call democracy is the problem, as it simply serves to perpetuate the self destructive insanity of globalisation. Fine if you’re okay with weak kneed compromise, ineffectual tinkering & electoral cycle thinking when oblivion looms ever larger on the horizon.

  2. This kind of behaviour will be relentless over the next three years. The Nats are desperate and it’s the only way they know how to operate. They don’t even need social media – the mainstream media are doing it nicely for them.

    • The fact that this has completely backfired now will only entrench Labour to be Government over the next 9 years, The Nat trolls are extremely thick!

  3. Martyn, As I have said before, I can point you to one of the most disgusting, filthy pieces I have ever seen.

    It was about violence and sexual attack on our PM.
    I will not post the item on here, but will send it to you if you wish ?
    I would sooner send it to you personally.

  4. Simon Bridges is the Sergeant Shultz of NZ politics. – I see nothing, I know nothing.

  5. Can the people behind this be traced and exposed? They fully deserve to have the lights shone on them and be held accountable for their actions

    • If a formal complaint is laid, like Key with the Teapot Tapes, the police will act on it, so I very much hope that this happens, and the culprits are identified and dealt with.

      This is now in today’s Guardian, which neither Ardern nor Gayford – nor NZ deserve.

      I don’t think people who didn’t actually read Hager’s ‘Dirty Politics’ know quite what a vile filthy core the NP has.

  6. We are following the Crosby Textor Handbook and the tricks used by certain organisations in the USA ?

  7. Just remember folks.
    It’s allllll about the money.
    Where the money comes from…. and then where it goes to.
    Everything else is set dressing.

      • And its always a good idea to start an investigation at the beginning. Who do we know who has form in this area and does it for money – lots and lots of it?

        Simon Lusk?

  8. I can’t believe Newshub covering Keys comments on his sympathy for Adern when he was one of the main instigators of dirty politics (character assassination and destruction ) of many left wing figures a few short years ago and repeatedly lied about it.
    I suppose when they ” knight you ” you become holier than thou and can pretend that you never ever really had blood on your hands and it was all a ” left wing conspiracy.”
    I always thought he lived in a alternative fantasy world.

  9. This is the tip of the iceberg and the MSM have been relentless in their attack since late last year.
    The line ” breaking their promises ” and as Corrin Dann has been peddling this governments ” ideology ” is creeping into the propaganda.
    Winston of course is a continuing target and the RNZ debacle was used with full effect.
    It will only get more hostile as the government’s well funded enemies work to destroy it bit by bit.
    Ask Miss Tueri how it feels to be “enemy number one ” while those who subvert the system for their own gain and have huge fortunes never face scrutiny or publicity for their own actions.

  10. Nope, ‘mediawhores’ is hardly an outfit that anybody would take all that serious, even the Nats would not bother using such kinds of fake news forums.

    This was some crap that should not even have necessitated ANY comments to be made on it, as that has only given the BS ‘news’ more oxygen.

    People such as those that cheer on Trump, and the alt right idiots in the US, they may take such nonsense serious, any person with a bit of brain, knowledge and common sense would ignore the shit.

    The Nats have better spin masters than the ones behind that absolute fake news item.

    Sending a lawyer out to stop media reporting may have been effective, but for some it will only make the stories more ‘believable’. Stupid really, should never have hit the ‘news’ on MSM, now it has, some will search the web and find the nonsensical trash. There are sadly enough idiots that may actually fall for it, in Little Sleepy Hobbit Land.

  11. What saddens me is, “Is this what Kiwis have devolved to? “
    However, I tend to think not, so maybe the rotten core of this defaming operation is internationally based; oil, money, trade, other natural resources, whatever.
    The best we can do as New Zealanders, is to be pragmatic. Rally against those trying to interfere with the politics of our country, by getting wholly in behind our government , not party by party, and stop whoever it is trying to tear NZ apart.
    So shut your ears to the crap and Get in Behind Kiwis for New Zealand’s sake.

    • Are you serious? The same old shit about NZers being all moral examplars and there are no crooks, no criminals, no deviants, no murderers, no liars, no machiavellians, and no malevolents here. Always blame the ‘other’, especially if they are English. It’s no surprise that NZ does not make any real progress when you have this totally rose-tinted view of yourselves (I suppose I’m in too, being an NZ citizen).

      • Kiwis are pure Saints, I suppose, that is what many Kiwis believe of themselves and their country folk. Many of them voted for one John Key, the Merchant Bankster. As long as you can smile and come across as ‘easy going’ and ‘matey’, anything goes, as the people will only look at your smile and ignore what you do.

        In this regard this country is unique among developed nations, it may only bear such similarities with some real back stop places on earth, where cargo cult and the likes are normal ways of thinking and behaving.

  12. Some people have short memories

    It was on this blog that people were making personal attacks on Max Key not so long ago…

    • You mean the same Max Key who said real men ride women?

      While I don’t support personal attacks on anyone regardless who they are, Key jnr’s crass comment in this case was open to public comment and criticism.

      • The fact that this has completely backfired now will only entrench Labour to be Government over the next 9 years, The Nat trolls are extremely thick!

      • Absolutely agree Mary but then the analogy Andrewo isn’t overly an intelligent comparison is it? Max Key V Clarke Gayford, give me a break!

    • Max Key played the media for all he could, trading on his father’s position…he was very difficult to ignore, so crass was he

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