Statement on Clarke Gayford



  1. “These allegations are untrue and defamatory”.

    What allegations? How can an unpublished, anonymous allegation be defamatory and actionable. What sort of letter is this?

  2. On the matter of those defamatory allegations being made on anonymised social media accounts: the authors better hope they covered their tracks.

    It is relatively easy to track down a post using IP numbers and other details. Those IP numbers can be obtained from the social media platforms if they so choose to co-operate.

    After that, it becomes a simple defamation case. Using anonymity won’t help the trolls, either. There was a case in Australia (if memory serves me well) some years back, where an anonymous troll was tracked down; sued for defamation; and the Court find in the victim’s favour.

    If I were any of those trolls responsible for the defamatory slurs against Clarke Gayford, I’d be starting to get nervous about now.

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