Dear Audrey – National MP ignorance doesn’t mean dirty politics isn’t happening


Audrey Young channels John Key 

Audrey Young from the NZ Herald is very quick to attack Jacinda for suggesting the online smear campaign against Clarke is ‘dirty politics‘…

That makes her calculated reference to “dirty politics” in her statement unfair on National.

As she well knows, ‘dirty politics’ is no longer a generic phrase, but was the title of the Nicky Hager book about some low-life operatives associated with the former government.

Ardern has no reason to cast a slur on the National Party by innuendo.

That is to stoop to the standards of the peddlers of rumour.


National MPs didn’t know the SIS & PMs Office had colluded to smear Goff before the 2011 election.

National MPs didn’t know Key was talking with Slater.

National MPs didn’t know staff had entered Labour’s database.

National MPs didn’t know staff were tipping Slater off.

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National MPs didn’t know staff worded OIAs for attack bloggers.

National MPs didn’t know Collins had released names and phone numbers of people for Slater to attack.

National MPs didn’t know Slater/Lusk discussed blackmailing Rodney Hide to step down as the leader of ACT.

National MPs didn’t know Slater/Ede were involved in running a smear campaign against the head of the Serious Fraud Office.

National MPs didn’t know Anne Tolley passed information on to Slater to be used to bully and smear Principals who disagreed with National Standards.

National Party MPs ignorance didn’t mean dirty politics wasn’t happening.

Let’s also not forget the role the NZ Herald played in propagating those dirty politics attacks.


  1. It’s Audrey, what could one possibly expect otherwise.

    Bridges not doing do well however, ” This week I specifically made it clear that I will not tolerate National MPs peddling rumours or innuendo and I was specific in that being in relation to politicians, Members of Parliament and their families because these things are generally untrue,” he said.

    Bridges thinks we have short memories. It wasn’t Nat MPs involved directly in Dirty Politics 1.0, it was the party’s hired hands and mates. The fact he leaves out their helpers and the greater party is a glaring omission.

  2. Nice bit if victim blaming, Ms Young. If a girl was wearing a miniskirt when she’s attacked, was she “asking for it”? Thats victim blaming. Very easy to do.

    My question is, does Ms Young know any of the perpetrators?

  3. The Natzi’s will be at arms length from the perpertrators of these rumours John Key nearly came unstuck with Jason Eade, Simon Lusk and Cameron Slater aka Whale Oil ?

  4. Audrey’s ongoing adulation of Key is vomit inducing as for “generic” terms , does “rockstar economy” ring a bell. Audrey please spread the reasons behind the fake news on Clarke, I would just love to see Key’s pants sued off of you!

  5. “This makes her calculated reference to dirty politics unfair on national”……..cry me a river Audrey.

  6. Audrey Young and the rag she writes for are a perfect example of the rot that continues to destroy the fabric of our country.
    And those on the right have the nerve to call the union movement ” the enemy within “

    • The fabric of a country being destroyed are beyond the ken of arseholes on TM Messageboard. Anything outside the close personal self-absorbed swill of themselves is beyond them. That they are or aren’t National Party members is irrelevant to them spewing their garbage including the stuff about Clarke.

      • If those allegations are being made on TM messageboards, the owners could be equally liable for publication of actionable material. That could be a very expensive exercise fot TM’s owners.

  7. How Big is a Big Crime ?

    It seems to me that to attack the Partner of the Prime Minister with utter falsehoods would Tarnish his Reputaion for his Entire Life.

    It would also expose Him and his Wife to greater risk of random and lethal assault by insane persons supporting the smears.

    Person’s writing for the Herald or talking for the RNZ should be very aware that they have no wriggle room in this. Their participation and support for the crime committed will be heavily punished.

    The Police have seen to that. For this is a very Big political Crime.

  8. how come our reporters when key boy was in were only interested in
    bro-nahs! pussy (moonbeam) meow!

    • I just wish there was the video footage of Key with his arm around Audrey Youngs shoulder still available. It seriously puts things into perspective given the Cheshire cat smile on Young’s face, how could she possibly be bipartisan in her opinion.

  9. John Key actually really does seem to have a Pinocchio’s nose in this photo

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