Police formally speak out against Right Wing Troll Army Dirty Politics against Clarke Gayford


I blogged on this new Right Wing Troll Army and their Dirty Politics over the weekend and now the NZ Police have officially come out with a statement saying the disgusting dirty politics smears being used against Clarke Gayford are totally false…

Police put to end rumours about Clarke Gayford

Jacinda Ardern’s partner Clarke Gayford has been under an unprecedented assault of baseless rumour and false innuendo with the apparent intent of dragging down the Prime Minister.

For the past seven months, Gayford has been the subject – on social media and via word of mouth – of untrue allegations and accusations.

The sheer scale and nature of the claims have led to Police Commissioner Mike Bush taking the extraordinary step of signing off a media release that rejects the speculation.

The Police National Headquarters statement said: “While in general we do not respond to enquiries which seek to confirm if individuals are under police investigation, on this occasion we can say that Mr Gayford is not and has not been the subject of any police inquiry, nor has he been charged in relation to any matter.”

Exhaustive inquiries by the Herald have found no substance to the false rumours.

Gayford said he did not want to comment.

The Prime Minister told the Herald: “I won’t comment on dirty politics. It’s just not what I’m here for.”

The Herald and Newstalk ZB have in recent months received many “tips” reporting variations of the speculation. The false rumours have also travelled by word-of-mouth through business, legal, media, political and social circles – and have been published on social media platforms.

…it is my belief that right wing operatives have built a Troll Army to propagate hateful lies and spread them through social media.

Dirty Politics did not end with the decline in direct influence of Whaleoil and Kiwiblog.


  1. Dirty f…n right-wing scum!
    If we were invaded by a foreign army those worthies would immediately offer them their services.
    Traitors and saboteurs.
    National’s mates.

  2. Audrey Young’s comment in the Herald is shameful. “Dirty Politics” has become a generic term which implies the use of innuendo or outright lies as a means of denigrating a politician. It is not exclusively a National Party label as Young seems to suggest – however “if the cap fits….”

    • Audrey Young’s primary concern was to protect National. Actually her only concern.

      However pretending it ain’t them is a little silly even for her and the Herald!

  3. “Exhaustive inquiries” as per the eHeralde, are in themselves enough to fuel a rumour. Thank God I’ve stopped reading it.

    We all know where this filth started, it started with the Dirty Politics which slithered out of Key’s office, and which the squeaky creatures involved got away with.

    Of course it is organised and financed, and the real tragedy is that mud sticks, and a dear little baby is shortly to be born into a new Kiwi family with shadows cast over it because of the Faustian pacts of pathetic inadequate individuals unable to accept that that’s what they are.

  4. Why will no one reveal the source of this story?

    RNZ will only make reference to “a media source” but will not identify it. At the same time they gleefully report the calumny against Mr Gayford.

    It is very much in the public interest to know who is putting this out.

  5. Whoever started this and later published it should be liable for defamation. Surely this affair can be traced back by the GCSB, given that nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet.

    • Well, SIS if it’s a domestic issue, right? GCSB would be if this came from agents of a foreign power…

  6. What filth. And who can such lies benefit the most,? The National Party!

    Given their smear machine was operated by contractors, for want of a better term, from John Keys Beehive office with the knowledge of his Chief of Staff but exploding through, thermo nuclear style, the boundaries of credibility, not to Keys knowledge, National have lots of form .

    The party who leaked privately held privileged government information to harm questioning citizens and opposing politicians alike, who simply shit on the Official Information Act, and who had the most sophisticated smear and disinformation machine this country have seen, their organisation is top suspect.

    Simon Bridges can pretend all he likes, he’s a joke!

    Regardless though, Nat voters won’t care less! Ethics and morals free since way back.

  7. Simon Bridges denied any involvement by National MPs and his party.

    So who could it be, the McCullidy Serious Party???

    Maybe someone close to this should contact the police and lay a complaint. Even if the cops issued a few warnings to online trolls, that might knock this on the head. This can’t be allowed to continue without reprrcussions.

    • Oops. Looks like this is all Nicky Hager’s fault for making up the phrase “Dirty Politics” about the National Party’s dirty politics, so that whenever dirty politics appear again now, ignorami – like me- assume that the National Party are up to their old tricks.

      Couldn’t Hager have come up with something a little more tactful, like maybe, ” How to lie with the ease of knitting heels in socks “, or, “Word Games from Middle Wallop’s Quiz Night transposed into the Corridors’ of Power” ? Beats me.

  8. If this continues and grows in intensity, probably can expect a slip up or leak to reveal the source eventually.

    • After the failure of the threat of the Soviet Union to control the population, elites are turning to more desperate measures to control the population but it won’t work because every one is on the other side of the pay wall.

  9. The PM’s statement that she will not respond to Dirty Politics according to NZH’s Audrey Young, is deliberately pointing the finger at National!

    FFS. How does Young work that one out?

    Well wasn’t it Natz that gave birth to Dirty Politics in the first place, giving rise now to speculation where this latest appalling smear campaign might have originated? If not directly from a political party which stands to gain by discrediting and taking down the PM, then where and from whom gave life to the dirt and allegations aimed at Clarke Gayford?

    And for Bridges (with the assistance of Young) to come out pleading his party’s innocence almost immediately after the Police Commissioner’s statement going public, is to protest too much and too soon IMHO!

  10. Just nasty stuff and I have no idea what the rumour actually are?

    However maybe Martyn can update us on the rumours he was alluding to on the day John Key resigned?

    Because if I recall he alluded to issues with Key but then never backed it up – maybe scared that Key would sue?

    Maybe the people spreading these rumours on the left and right should remember to follow the golden rule – do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

    Politics should be a battle for ideas not a descent into grubbiness.

    • Sigh – if only I could. In the end I couldn’t get anyone on the record so I simply couldn’t publish.

      • [Comment declined for publication. Unsubstantiated allegations verging on trolling. – Scarletmod]

      • So both cases are around unsubstantiated rumours -For my mind the people who are doing this to Gayford are pathetic and spiteful.

        Re: Key, why allude to issues if you can’t back them up – is that fair to the individual? How is this different to what has occured with Gayford?

        Both Left and Right in NZ should be better than this.

      • Hmmm its a pain not being close enough to the heart of things not to know what the rumors are, even if they are just that rumors, or why sources won’t front, is it not possible to write about that? Also re the smear about Gayford, I don’t live under a rock exactly but I have no clue what its about, is it because I am not on social media or don’t read right wing blogs? Anyway so for someone like me the Hill-cone opinion piece now looks very much like it is on the same continuum as the apparently previous seven months of the slander, as it seemed to be left field and come out of nowhere, but it didn’t did it. It is just serving the purpose to consolidate in MSM a blackening of his character, but she slays his personality. Tho why anyone should care what she thinks of his personality is a mystery. Its pretty pathetic and the only purpose for this can only be: dirty politics. I think now the police are involved it has taken it to a whole new level and they must get to the bottom of it, but what it is I still don’t know. I would like to, but to publish what the rumors are is slander? That kind of annoys me as I have to remain in the dark about what was being said about Key and now Gayford.

        • Yes what exactly did he/they do?….(fill in the gap please)

          ( of course it is NOT true ! …but what was it?)

          the mind boggles…and policeman PLOD is definitely NOT investigating…so why would he/she anyway?…

          …and Clark Gayford looks such a lovely man….what could he have done? ( actually NOT done, because the Nacts are liars)…something fishy?…maybe he is a RED under the Bed or in the bed?(heaven forbid)…maybe it was something Green?

          …I smell smoke and fish

          Smoked Fish?…where there is smoke there is fire

          the Nacts pants are on fire QED

    • Grant936, if I recall correctly (and I stand to be corrected), Martyn suggested there were underlying reasons for Key’s premature departure, but did not make any specific allegations.

      There are grubby “tips” about various National politicians (present and past) that I could have used – but in the end dirty politics is self-defeating. And is that the rep that I wanted; to be a left-wing version of a certain far-right blogger? Yeah, nah.

      Martyn was correct not to publish any story about Key’s sudden (hasty?) departure without evidence to back it up.

      • So why allude to it then?

        You effectively drag an individual’s name through the mud – by alluding that he is resigning for certain reasons – but then don’t back it up – to my mind that is going into the Mud without giving an individual the ability to a defence.

        That’s not fair to any individual be they Labour/National or related spouses – Politics should be a battle about ideas – not dragging peoples names through the mud.

  11. If the SIS and GCSB can not get to the bottom of this issue we don’t have much hope of identifying foreign terrorists or subversives infiltrating the country ?

    It then begs the question how good actually are our Security Intelligence Services or are they just another bunch of overpaid professional bludgers like the rest of our bloated Government Departments and Regional Councils ?

  12. I find this hugely heartening and hopeful. The right, or neo narcissistic sadists, must be rattled. I mean, really rattled. For the cops to come out and say what they’ve said in defence of the truth while outside judicial review is surely unprecedented.
    If the neo narcissistic sadists are going to such lengths to protect themselves by diverting attention in this way the shit must surely be about to hit one big nasty fan.

    Oh, and I read that big/little billy, the double dipping Dipton dribbler has a nice new job in Bunnings Warehouse.
    Run you little rat fucker, you traitor, but you and your ilk can no longer hide.

    What’s that got to do with Clarke Gayford etc, one might ask?
    Labour and its allies must be pondering our agriculture, and perhaps more importantly, where our money’s disappeared to over the years from our agrarian export enterprises. And I’m meaning many $billions.
    This has nothing to do with anything as base as personality politics for government house supremacy.
    This is a political war. This could be ‘It’. This could be about the Great Lie being unpicked. Could I be so lucky? If so? I’d carry Clarke Gayford about on my back feeding him peeled grapes while massaging his feet in celebration.

    For example:
    Phillip Colebatch has swapped the boardrooms of London, Zurich and New York for a spot deep in the hinterland of the East Coast.


    Now read this.

    Banking. A criminal enterprise

    I’m literally holding my breath as I write.

    • No need to diminish English’s new job Countryboy, he’s going to be working for Bunnings AND Kmart. Plenty of nice cheap clothes for the missus and offspring, plus lots of those plastic buckets whose handles fall off the first time that you use them. Let it not be said that he is one to avoid life’s challenges, big or otherwise.

  13. Soper on radio proclaims Jacinda Adern should front up, she should do this.. should do that. Who does this irrelevant fukin worn out upstart think he is to dish out modal auxiliary advice to St Jacinda? ( does he he even know what a modal auxiliary verb is?} I thought not.

  14. Meanwhile the government is trying to clean up after the National party’s nine year corporate hoe down.

    • yeah Mosa but we haven’t seen all the shit yet the (gants) left. I believe there is more to come and just before it comes we see the same group trying to discredit others there is pattern here

  15. It’s interesting to me that these two seemingly unrelated stories below should occur during a mud slinging match which involves what I desperately hope to be a new-broom government coming up against a corrupt shit-stack hierarchal autocracy causing those rats, both, present and historical, in the darker corners of NZ/AO to squeak ever louder.



    I may be wrong, but I think the desperate tangle that is The Great NZ/AO Institutionalised Lie’s being unpicked.

  16. I watched someone spreading this rumour for three months on facebook. I fronted them and they threatened me with violence and then started posting ppictures of theirnasty friends till someone realised they had gone too far but the little one liners under this guys name persisted.

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