Are you really surprised that WINZ has withheld $200million from beneficiaries? Really?


Are people really surprised that WINZ has withheld $200million from the most vulnerable and most needy NZers?


You are surprised?


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How can you be surprised that the agency tasked with looking after our most vulnerable have purposely deceived hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries out welfare?

How can you be surprised when example after example after example after example after example after example and example and example and example have been exposed showing the sadism and toxic culture of our neoliberal welfare agencies.

How can you be surprised that WINZ purposely doesn’t tell beneficiaries what they are entitled to?

We now have a broken neoliberal welfare culture that is sadistic and utterly counter productive, the poor, the vulnerable, the weak, the sick and the disabled do everything in their power not to be needing assistance from these Government agencies, because these Government agencies don’t help, they only punish.

We have a MoD who put homeless people into illegal housing.

We have a WINZ service who break people each day and force them to grovel on their belly to make ends meet. Who perform mass surveillance spying on beneficiaries to catch them out in ‘relationships’ despite WINZ not telling anyone what the actual relationship equation is and we have 60% of beneficiaries oweing WINZ money because WINZ claims they’ve defrauded the system by having a ‘relationship’.

We have a Corrections department that is more interested in hiding prisoner suicide stats than actually looking after their prisoners (more on that developing story next week), more interested in locking 10 000 NZers up for profit than rehabilitating them.

We have a Paroles Service that almost every NGO despises having to work with because it’s staffed by people who enjoy the power they have over prisoners lives and are concerned with  only throwing them back into prison.

We have a CYFS that sexually molests, abuses and assaults the children they are supposed to look after while continuing to remove children from families.

We have a mental health system more interested in allowing people to die than help them.

We have a Housing NZ more focused on throwing people out of their homes based on flawed meth testing than providing shelter to the poorest amongst us.

The first thing we need from a new Government coming into power is a vast purge of staff from these agencies who are only spreading counter productive spite rather than positive outcomes.


          • why should UBI set below the minimum wage when kiwis are being forced out of work by either immigrants brought in to do the unskilled work at a much lower hourly rate than kiwis would do it, or work being more and more mechanised and robotised – all kiwis are entitled to a decent standard of living under article 25 of the declaration of human rights that we signed as being part of the united nations!

          • UBI must be set below the minimum wage because there are limits to the physical economy. Productivity is running around half capacity so there is enough to provide the other half of kiwis who don’t work, careworkers, children ect, a below minimum UBI with a little bit left over for research and development that any entrepreneur with the best ideas can go to.

            Above national productivity is where private capital gains exist. It is here where entrepreneurs stake there reputations and ideas against a global competition.

            • Progressive taxes must not be avoided.

              Think local rather than global. A local based economy is much more efficient when structures to meed local needs.

              Include market driven luxuries for a sector of community as we have now, and you get a terminal problem.

              How long will houses last without paint.

            • Well. What is progressive tax for? It is to fund public health initiatives which are rights of access to health, education, shelter, energy requirements, sustenance, security, and leisure activities. Which shouldn’t be confused with lying and cheating and corrupting the process of tax cuts. Tax cuts are just to protect businesses, and farmers don’t like progressive tax, so they’ll go after people who harm there interests. The serious tax cuts ought to be to the many so that business have some one domestic to sell products and services too. And there was a bargain. The bargain is the culprits that create economic uncertainty will be bailed out by the taxpayer. And the people who are harmed by them will get at least rationed healthcare. Or maybe business will be able to redistribute a portion of state houses before they get bulldozed.

              Well as I’ll point out half the bargain was kept, the other half was disregarded. That tells us something about how democracy functions. The loud voices, the rich loud voices, they get there way. And that’s Adam Smiths “Masters of Mankind.” The rest of the population is fodder, so we can disregard them so they can get thrown out of state houses and herded into modern learning and living environments I.e prefabs and transitory living casting them to the winds of economic uncertainties. And that is a major crime as is the fact that credit ratings agencies when they give credit ratings to some third tier finance, lending, pawn brokers, mobile lending, they count in the near likelihood that if these payday creditors or customer go bust the taxpayer will bail them out by guaranteeing payment on behalf of beneficiaries through debit payments directly out of benefit payments. This is extraordinary and should never have been allowed. And that makes business a lot more rich and powerful than they where, off the back of the poor.

              Those are real fundamental forms of corruption. But I don’t know if any one speciall calls that corruption particularly with in the New Zealand Police Focre and Inland Revenue. So tax policy, if you look at cuts there would be nothing like the crises of the pensions questions that there is now. What’s the pension questions? It’s the ability to earn and live a dignified existence in retirement. Just take a look at the superannuation industry. So how was it designed? Well everyone gets a couple hundred dollars a week meted out by WINZ. But It was designed so that year after year it shifts and I think in the 8th year the top 1% gets 50% of superannuation payments. Or something like that. There is a lot of detail that goes into this that I couldn’t possible show here. But by now everyone has forgotten what’s called a sunset policy. So you design programmes so affirmative they don’t look to bad and as they begin to take effect it goes to what the masters want, “all for ourselves and nothing for anyone else” – Adam Smith called the vile maximum of the masters of Mandkind.

              And that’s the way tax policy is designed. Just take a look at Grant Robertson yesterday saying, “we will protect the family home.” So that the rich can get even more richer and powerful. And there is away of talking about this, and all politicians say we have to do things because of jobs. Now think for a moment, none of this has anything to do with jobs. If you want jobs this isn’t want you do. But you have to remember there has been an interesting change in the English language. There’s are certain words that politicians aren’t allowed to use because there maybe children around so I’ll spell it. A-B-O-R-T-I-O-N, and profit, crises, and on the left Hone Harawira, these words are now pronounced jobs. So the media just go along and the pundits just go along with the economic dogma and so on.

              And take a look at the health system. 2.2 billion of underfunding in health this year alone and what do politicians do. Well they know elderly vote so they’ll pour money into old age medical costs. And it’s a 2 billion dollar whole that will some how be fixed by the screaming enlightened business interests need really badly tax cuts. Because we want every one to vote for something. And that’s the sunset policy again. The health system is not the problem. Admin costs are pretty efficient and skilled staff are with out question. The problem with public health is the procurement process, sourcing drugs and equipment, and maintenance. And all of these debates are kind of framed in away that the rich and powerful get more rich and powerful and the rest suffer.

              These are real problems that can be dealt with and they don’t have to be like that.

  1. ‘Are you really surprised that WINZ has withheld $200 million from beneficiaries?’

    No I am not Martyn since national have been cut and slashing all agencies for years like keen accountants trying to juggle the books to construct some “creative accounting” to make their budget always look good when actually it is shit.

    I wrote a newspaper article about our investigative accounting of national over their changing the SOE Kiwi rail where we have found that the Finance Minister (Bill English) in 2009 took $200 million out of the Kiwi rail track maintenance fund and we cannot find where it went to.

    For all we know they could have stolen the $200 million and placed it into an overseas private account for themselves!!!!!!!!

    Corrupt National Government we need to get rid of them in 13 days.

  2. Like plants that crave *electrolytes, there are those few who crave power and enjoy any excuse to vent their sadistic tendencies ( Great and apt word; Sadistic.) And it’s precisely because of that, that they can easily worm their way into positions of authority. I think it’s called ‘ fascism’. I could be wrong. God know’s, I’ve been wrong before.
    Here’s an idea. Make a fuss. Point them out. They hate, and fear, exposure. If you have a little spare excrement on hand or can rustle some up? Then throw it. Don’t be shy.

    * Idiocracy.

  3. After the 2008 American crises some economies crashed dramatically and others like New Zealand slowly declinined. Because we get taxed twice. The reserve bank loans money who get the money from treasury who borrow it from the foreign debt market. So effectively the banks get two sucks at the sav.

    So when the property market swells with expensive affordable morgtgages. Only those who can save 10% of a loan can afford to eat from the cake. But not every one is a home owner. And this is what people misunderstand about TOPs fair tax policy.

    The government is double dipping with a compliant banking sector that is able to cream bonuses off this Ponzi pyramid scheme and sponsor the ASB political leaders debate.

    So yeah. We the voters should be demanding we fire the whole fucking lot of them, automate as much as possible, give em all a UBI. And then we will see how dedicated these social managers are to New Zealand’s society.

    Totally a democracy reset is required. We don’t need to go full retard on voting TOP. Just understand that those that criticise Gareth Morgan don’t know what they are talking about.

    • Take heed that every mortgage given out by banks is mainly new money for the bankers plus the interest, which amount to much more than the fractional reserve that they ignore.

      While NZ law allows this we will always be in the shit.

      I hear nothing from the rich man Morgan about changing this.

      Its fundamental.

  4. It should never be overlooked that the social economic conditions that force people onto welfare are deliberately created by policy settings. Prominent amongst such settings in the neoliberal policy that prioritises maintaining low inflation over the goal of full employment. In fact, significant levels of unemployment are encouraged. From these two fundamental policy settings almost all welfare problems consequently arise.

    Unfortunately NZ Labour Party have shown little interest in changing either settings, which is why I regard regard them as a neoliberal party..

  5. No Martyn I am not surprised at all.
    Thanks for yet another powerful indictment on this savage govt.
    My fervent hope is that every beneficiary gets out and votes Green

  6. How Anne Tolley can be seen bare face lying on National Television telling kiwis that Winz staff are compassionate are beyond me. Even is she stated there was one staff member, it would go a long way but no, she could not even do that.

    Since National has come into power, the very important social services, Winz and ACC have been turned into Nationals very own ATM machines( I’ll use this phrase as National thinks it’s a great strategy).
    These services have now become businesses that MUST and I’ll say it again, MUST, return a profit at all costs.

    So we must remember, that it is NOT the Winz case managers mandate to make sure claimants are given every financial option available to them. The evidence is in the headline $200 million withheld.

  7. At the end of the day, all National is doing is trying to incentivise people to get off their bums and get a job. The fewer people on welfare then the more money in our own pockets.

    If Labour forms a government, heaven knows that the unmotivated and lazy will be lining up to get their free money knowing all too well that they won’t have to work for it.

        • Let’s just assume that the avatar known as Micheal is correct. That all National are doing is incentives people to find work. And that labour will helicopter money.

          Well The New Zealand National Party have failed miserably at reaching full employment. So they just lowered the bar from 30 hrs full time employment to mean just 1 hr. So if you work 1 hr per week your considered a full time employee and not a lazy National Party policy wonk.

          And as for Labour creating a new class of investor that didn’t save. I suspect that the avatar known as Micheal wouldn’t have a clue about helicopter money. 1) it comes from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and two there is this amazing independence between the reserve bank and treasury.

          Leighton Smith desperately trying not to leave a digital foot print won’t help. A journalist degree might.

    • You know, there are people out there who actually have serious difficulties that can only be made worse by chucking them into a minimum wage job. But you’ve obviously never seen it.
      They’re all just unwashed and lazy – Yeah right.
      It’s like a blind man trying to convince me that the sky isn’t blue – I know he’s wrong because I see it every day.

  8. I am not surprised that WINZs has this attitude now.
    I remember the time when the IRD mission statement was “It’s our job to be fair”
    I thought it was a particularly good statement. It embraced “New Zealand-ness” and it carried a positive vibe. Needless to say I have not had a problem with the IRD!

    Over the last decade there has been an obvious change in the way government departments are inter-acting with public. This is not just based on my observations and first hand non – treatments but many other people have experienced the same “culture”.
    It begins with “fobbing off” by the lower ranks.
    Then longer and longer “delays” in communication.
    Then the problem (the persistent person) is passed on and on through a line of slow deflecting report writers and finally to someone who then starts talking about “reviews” and then more “reviews.”
    Resolution is to be avoided at all costs it seems. Keep dragging the chain and they, the client, will give up.
    Usually they do , emotionally and often financially exhausted.
    No I am not surprised this is happening in WINZ now too.

  9. ACC can be added to the list of agencies who are actively declining large numbers of applications and having applicants and recipients investigated for suspected fruadulant claims.
    ACC being another one of Steven Joyce’s success stories,from deficits to profit making simply by refusing legitimate claims.

      • ACC have cost the tax payer millions by denying too many NZers their entitlements John Miller the ACC lawyer has been helping people with their claims and this has got worse under the gnats. ACC have also tried to take people claims away these are claims/entitlements already accepted under the law. In other words they have backtracked.

    • steven joyce is a hypocrite no problem for him to put his bowl out for our taxes to help his media works company but it is different when others do it.

  10. … ” The first thing we need from a new Government coming into power is a vast purge of staff from these agencies who are only spreading counter productive spite rather than positive outcomes ” …


    There once was a time in this country that reasonable people staffed these departments, – NOW , – it is chock full of the same sort of arse licking , cowed under , gutless soft cocks out to save their own butt types that the former Soviet Union was renowned for.

    The only difference is here in New Zealand these officious bastards don’t wear peaked caps and uniforms with epaulets on them.

    Here , they wear strings of pearls and outrageously large ear rings , or office shirts with no ties and a cardigan. They do have security guards wearing the uniforms and epaulets , however.

    So that completes the circle.

    • NOT THIS.

      Easy friend, front line WINZstaff are the wrong target of your anger.
      Not all are born with the strength to remain staunch to resist the coercion forced upon them from above. They are victims too.

      • Yeah OK , RICHARD.

        But a clean out there must be, and you are right, those at the top first, … but then we start with the petty , vindictive opportunists who were too gutless to make a stand, alert media and put their jobs on the line and testify as witnesses. Thosd too gutless to speak up.


        And face unemployment, mortgage foreclosures, psychological stress from that , and business failure.

        I ,… and many others have been there.

        And a divorce and a child dying of cancer at age 11 years , 11 months.This bastard is still standing. And despite a heart attack recently . I don’t tolerate wimps.

        If I can do it , so much the more so can they.

        And when those shielded wimps fuck around with other vulnerable young family’s, the vulnerable , the elderly , the chronically ill , those with addictions , those who are mentally ill , …just to save their own craven skins … I become the Drill Sergeant Major from Hell.

        And yes,… I have personally dealt with these wimps many times.

        But I go there organized and I go there having been self employed as well as unemployed and as an employee just starting work . All sides of the fence.

        But hey , … I’m a happy chappy . I just like to see others happy , at the end of the day. A contented mother watching her young kids or a proud father feeling confident of the future . I want folk to prosper.

        I just don’t like cowards or dishonest bastards.

  11. The cash and flash toy boy tories have failed as we always knew they would. Let us have the courage and sense to listen to and follow kinder souls.

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