Waatea 5th Estate – the legal action against state housing privatisation 


Joining us tonight to discuss the decision by State Housing Action to take the Government to court over their state house privatisation agenda …

In studio – Social policy analyst for the Salvation Army and Child Poverty Action Group – Alan Johnson

On the Phone – State Housing Action Tauranga spokesperson – Vanassa Kururangi

State Housing Action spokesperson and Christchurch Mayoralty candidate – John Minto
And on Skype, Labour Party MP and spokesperson on Housing – Phil Twyford



  1. I noticed a picture of Michael Joseph Savage on Phil Twyfords wall.
    What I need to know is, is Phil’s state housing build going to be financed by reserve bank credit as Savage’s government did in 1935?
    If not, why not

    • Savage, what a hero!! When he won power in a massive victory, he still had to assure “ladies and gentlemen” that there was nothing to be afraid of having a Labour government. Labour stayed in power for 14 years.

  2. Another awesome first rate show !!! Great discussion. Very pleased that Phil Twyford brought up the Maori party’s conflict of interest, that they voted in favour of National selling off state housing stock that is making people homeless. I noticed a reluctance of others to discus this crucial point and I am wondering if the Maori Party are part of inquiry into homelessness to be used as a counter point against criticism for supporting National’s state home sell offs?

    Easy to see why Phil Twyford didn’t want to talk about Stuart Nash, who has since apologized to Andrew Little. I think Andrew Little showed leadership for pulling up his MP who should have known better. The msm should have read the Labour party rules. Andrew Little is correct in what he said and did.

    Good on State Housing Action, you have a lot of support behind you Vanessa !!! Feel very proud for what you and the group are doing, and to put a stop to National’s rorting, thieving, punitive madness lets do what Phil says “CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT” !!!

  3. Phil Twyford talks about studying measures to get more social housing, gosh, had he not enough time to do this? I am not convinced, also not by the low level of 1,000 state homes a year, and having hearings on the problem are just a waste of time, we already know the problem.

    • Don’t forget the tory Maori party, Dunne and Act, Mike, WTF are they doing? it’s the Westminster system, the opposition can’t do much until they get into power, that’s why there’s a call to change the government, so something can be done.

      • Problem is, the populace has been brainwashed more than ever before, and to degrees never known before, as only a minority of us bother coming here, reading and viewing stuff, and informing ourselves. A few go to The Standard and the odd other blog, but most are willing prey to MSM misinformation, and think they are “informed”. Social media tends to feed on MSM reports, and so the cycle continues, the dumber the better the “news”, and the dumber the ones consuming it, but they get sold the dream that their information comes from official or otherwise credible sources, which is in many cases BS and endless BS.

        As long as that goes on, and as long as people are not reached and not informed, Key can lean back and wait for his fourth term. Sorry to be so negative, but that is what I sadly observe around me. Most are too busy chasing their little goals and meeting their basic needs, and competing at job and other levels. A jungle we have, a dog eat dog society, and the ones pulling the strings know that their manipulation is working.

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