Dear Seven Sharp – after learning Hosking will be the leaders debate moderator – NO I will not give you the pretence of balance & I refuse to appear on your show



I have to be honest, I had made the decision last night  to accept Seven Sharp’s hastily offered opportunity to appear on their show after I savagely criticised the bullshit whitewash story they did on John Key’s favourite far right hate speech merchant, Cameron Slater.

Slater may have the largest blog in NZ, but really instead of being called ‘Whaleoil’, it should be called ‘Clickbait’. Millions of pageview images of cats, gun worship and maps don’t maketh a blog. Despite being so huge though, Slater’s problem is he is too much of a radioactive slug to attract enough advertisers, which is why before he launches his new ‘news’ site with some rich right winger he desperately needs credible disinfecting by some in the mainstream media so that he can look less threatening to advertisers, hence the slow loving massage he was given on Seven Sharp this week.

Slater is the wolf that cries boy.

Even Canon who gave him his  precious bloody award commented when I complained about his blog on Tania Billingsley where he offensively attempts to insinuate that she is a Green Party honeytrap who baits herself for attack so she can scream ‘rape culture’, accept that he often has extreme views…

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.48.06 am

I asked readers for their opinion to appear on Seven Sharp and they overwhelming supported me in doing it, so I made the decision last night to call Seven Sharp this morning and agree to the interview despite misgivings that I should allow myself to be used as some shallow attempt by TVNZ to appear balanced in the wake of the criticism of their appalling Slater puff piece.

That was last night.

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This morning I wake to the appalling news that Mike Bloody Hosking will be the moderator of the TVNZ leadership debates???

No. Fucking. Way.

Hosking is to the right of Caligula, allowing him to moderate the debate would be like appointing Cameron Slater to sit on the Broadcasting Standards Authority! It’s one hate crime against public broadcasting to allow Hosking to host Seven Sharp in the first place but to allow him to moderate the leaders debate is an outright abomination.  Hosking moderating the leaders debates will be as credible as asking him to do a critical story on his corporate benefactor Sky City.

Why is it different to John Campbell moderating the debates on TV3? TV3 is a private company who can do what they like, TVNZ is supposed to be the Public Broadcaster and as such have a demand on balance far higher than TV3.  Shane Taurima was rightfully crucified for his bias inside TVNZ (despite the fact that it was Management’s incompetence to bring him back in the first place), but his stupidity has allowed TVNZ to conduct a witch hunt for reds under the bed within the news room while foaming right wing fanatics  get to front current affairs programs with no questions asked.

30 years of neoliberalism has pulled the Political centre so far to the right that the shrill beige brigade of Espiner, Hosking, Henry, Garner and Gower are enabled to construct one vast unchallenged narrative arch where the Right are always right and the Left are criminally insane.

In light of this decision by TVNZ to give someone as biased as Hosking the moderator role in the all important leaders debates, I have decided that I will decline Seven Sharp’s offer because it will be nothing more than a manufactured pathetic attempt at balance. I’m a Campbell Live supporter and would hate to do anything that would turn attention away from real current affairs to a sick joke like Seven Sharp.

I suggest Seven Sharp go get Cameron’s mate Josie Pagani on. She’s the Fox News Democrat corporate media wheel out for the pretence of balance, she’s more who you are wanting.  Her defence of not blaming the media is because she is part of that cosy media club, when the media are attacking David for wearing a fucking red scarf, pointing out the absurdity of that kind of Journalism isn’t moaning as Pagani would claim, it’s demanding the media actually do their job of holding the powerful to account.

Quarter of a million NZ children living in poverty deserve better than media time wasted on what colour scarf David Cunliffe is wearing.


I don’t ever watch Seven Sharp but I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt  this week and watched a couple of shows. I saw an entire segment where Hosking talked about his holiday to Japan where the toilet had different water stream settings to rinse his bum with, it was this waste of time that summed the show up best for me. It’s a right wing douchbag suited only for washing Mike Hosking’s arsehole with.

So, in response to this request…

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 12.20.19 pm

No. In light of Hosking being the leaders debate moderator,  I won’t appear on your bullshit. The mana of the people I stand up for deserves better than that.

Here’s the petition to TVNZ to remove Hosking from the debates.  


  1. Oh…..

    I thought you would be able to ‘master’ their stupidities Martyn, and show them up for what we all know they are – actually getting some reality out there on MSM.

  2. So it was “the independent judge, Deborah Hill Cone” who got Slater that award? Hollow laughter at reading that.

    I wonder who they would consider a nonindependent judge? If that craven member of the National Media-Political Complex is regarded as independent!

    • Oh but Parsupial we all know she is fair, haven’t you read her deep and philosophical treatise on David Cunliffe’s sex appeal?

  3. Oh God! Mike Hosking as the moderator of the TVNZ leadership debates? Just imagining someone as biased as he is in what should be an impartial position like that makes me shudder. Can’t say I blame you for not wanting to go on Seven Sharp, even though I still think you ought to do it (said from the comfortable and blessedly anonymous position of being just another nobody with a computer and therefore hopefully out of range of the worst of the mud slingers and haters, unlike the likes of you Martyn, who have a public profile). By the way, I watched Stupid Seven last night in hopes of maybe seeing you on it. That’s 30 minutes of my life I will never get back, and I am now left with a nasty visual, which my brain cannot un-see, after their discussion of the dangers of Japanese bathroom fittings.

  4. Astoundingly TVNZ are giving the appearance that they think there’s no conflict of interest or more likely were hoping like hell Cunliffe would turn them down saving Key from having to go toe to toe.

    Do they live with their heads up their arses? Hang on going by the infomercial that is their 6 O’Clock news I think they do.

    I only wish Nationals never ending influence and manipulating could go into making NZ a better place to live, but sadly no!

    • Understand your decision Martyn. Pity though, I was looking forward to the prospect of you making Hosking look like the tosser he really is. However his appointment as “moderator” (are you serious!!?) made it quite clear that the whole thing was a set up. They knew you wouldn’t accept Hosking so now they can claim that you are a chicken. Expect such claims to shortly appear on Blubberman and Fartarse’s blogs. This whole thing clearly shows how terrified of balanced debate the right actually are. I wonder who will be appointed as moderator to the televised leaders’ debates????

  5. Good on you Martyn. Also I believe the Whaleoil blog numbers are rigged by using the skills of a website called . Most of the time he has nothing on his site and the numbers spike? If so it is so funny he won an award for his blog based on false numbers, I wouldn’t be surprised at all, everything is so fake and full of shit these days, if it ‘looks’ popular it wins awards regardless of content. Just like Jonkey.

  6. I support Martyn’s decision and his reasons for declining Seven Sharp’s invitation. A man of strong principle obviously.

    Hosking being selected by TVNZ to moderate the political debates, is an indication the way NZ is heading. That’s towards a one sided (party) dictatorship, with media in the pocket of PM John Key. In this instance TVNZ is dancing to Key’s tune!

    This is something Hitler, Amin, Mugabe et al would resort to, to keep power. Time for us ordinary folk to stand up and beat the drum now! Key & Co need to keep in mind the old saying ‘what the government does, the streets can undo.’

    The abominable Slater getting an award for sleaze, disguised as news! WTF? This demonstrates just how low our standards have dropped! Not sure whether to laugh or vomit over this one! Might compromise, by crying instead, for what was once decent and good about NZ!

  7. Hi Martyn, serious question if I may, what do you mean ‘the wolf who cries boy’? I see you are fond of this catchphrase, as you are also uncommonly fond of saying ‘we have a FPP press gallery commenting on a MMP election’. Could you explain the first…and if you have the time, the second, too.
    Thanks and best wishes.

      • Of course I have; I grew up on Aesop’s Fables and a fair amount of literature besides. The fable is that the boy who cried wolf once too often didn’t get the help he required when there actually was a threat. Would you explain what you mean by inverting the phrase, as I don’t follow. Thanks.

        • Cameron Slater is the wolf who cries boy means he is a wolf pretending to be an innocent boy. It’s a masquerade on his behalf.

  8. Full respect to u. TVNZ should be ashamed. Mike Hosking will have a blast teaming up with The Prime Minister.

  9. ‘the award certainaly does not imply … canon nz ….support or condones the extreme views slater espouses on his blogs.’ oh yes it does canon! its certainly persuaded me to not buy anything from you.

  10. Martin, the Cretin on the Whale Oil Blog would probably be better described as a “Lying Wolf” in Sheeps Clothing, although Key and a number of “Left” leaning Closet hard right political commentators would probably better fit that description.
    Mike (Who?) Horseskins is an obnoxious fool, similar in intelligence to the dim-witted embecile that managed to find employment on TV3 after Australian audiences quickly recognised him for the moron that he is.
    Like trying to argue with a drunk, dont waste your time on any of these idots.
    Better form someone of youir ability to appear on Campbell Live and demonstarte what a circus “7 Sharp really is.
    Stick to your knitting – there are plenty of informed people in the “silent majority” who can see through the MSM and they will decide which direction NZ takes in September.

  11. You are wise not to appear. You would’ve at all stages of the event have been subject to their biased editorial oversight and they always have the last say!

  12. Without getting into name calling I would say that the Whaleoil site has been set up to leak nasty stuff from the National party. Cam sort of implied that with his big noting of his phone address book (remember when Kevin from Saatchi’s did that to J Shipley). I have noticed since the Len Brown stuff he has been following scoops not leading so think he might be being cut adrift! Good on you for not going on as think any interview would be cut to bits and no matter what you said you would be made to look foolish and probably petulant (they have some masters in the editing box)

  13. FFS – they should bring in a moderator from the NZ or even Aussie debating society – this is an important public event, not a photo-op for a clapped out life support system for a Miami Vice hairdo.

  14. So you don’t want Hosking to host the TVNZ debate, because of his right leaning viewpoint, but there is not a peep protest from you about Campbell hosting the TV3 debate. More left wing hypocrisy.

    • I’m going to say this slowly for you IV because your trolling is very weak on this one. TVNZ is the public broadcaster, TV3 is a private media company – you do understand that right IV?

    • More than just the issue of public vs private broadcaster though is this…

      Hosking: 1) Called Cunliffe a “moron” on air – That’s a direct personal attack, not a critique on policy or performance; 2) Was MC at John Key’s State of the Nation speech; and 3) Has been photographed all buddy-buddy with JK at a Sky City function.

      Campbell: Has done none of the above.

      If you can’t see the grounds for questioning media bias in that, then I’d be surprised if you could find your way to the toilet every day.

    • Considering that Campbell has never made any statements or indications promoting any political party, whilst Hosking has – I’d say you were full of shit, Anonymous ACT Support Intrinsicvalue.

      Hosking doesn’t just have a “right leaning viewpoint”, he’s actually endorsed Key and the National government.

      It would be like TVNZ appointing Shane Taurima to moderate the debates.

      You’d be ok with that, according to your twisted “logic”?

      You’d love living in a totalitarian state, Anonymous ACT Support Intrinsicvalue; the media are always very positive and supportive of the government.

      Much like Mike Hosking.

    • Campbell is a real journalist – Hosking is P advert, and like the other far-right crawler, Henry, only got the job because he’s a shill for the worst government New Zealand has ever had.

  15. Why are there head to head debates anyway? They are out-moded forms of antagonistic posturing. All possible coalition parties should be represented at all debates.

    If that semi literate email was sent to a media guest from my office I would have a very strong opinion about the competence of the author and why they were allowed near the computers. No fuckin wonder they’re such a dreadful organisation.

    • Exactly, this is further propagation of an FPP two-party model rather than an MMP proportional representation model.

  16. I wish more, in fact I wish all, serious commentators would simply refuse to dignify that show by their appearance.

  17. Thank you for pointing out that alot of the NZ media outlets are trying to emulate Fox News now. Its shameless what News has become and it needs to be regulated. Reporters need to be held accountable for the shit they put out, its dangerous.

  18. Martyn Bradbury – you Sir are my hero!! Love your work and with you all the way. Screw Seven Blunt and their shits and giggles Monday through Friday. REAL journalism is easily found (and enjoyed) on TV3’s Campbell Live. You were right to say “no” to them, but misjudged to have given them a chance in the first place. Keep fighting the good honest fight Martyn ~ Kieran

  19. You made the right call. I was undecided as to the wisdom of appearing to counter the Slaterwash, but after suggesting they put him up as the debate moderator, a stand must be taken.

    Cunliffe should refuse to participate in the TVNZ debate if Hosking won’t step down and/or TVNZ refuse to stand him down.

  20. I don’t know that refusing to appear on the show will do anything to help our cause.

    Would have preferred to see you in there armed to the teeth with catchphrases, catchy hooks for the MSM and withering wit… But then I don’t know how much of a trap they’d set for you, probably just show a 2 second soundbite taken out of context and devoid of all meaning that showed you in a less than positive light.

    However, showing up armed with an assistant who also filmed the interview and posted it up independently afterwards – and asking permission of the show about this first, and refusing to show up if you couldn’t, would be a good move.

    • Crunch time,
      The flaw in your cunning plan is that Seven Sharp is shown in prime time whereas the independently filmed interview would only be seen by a few of us.

  21. Who gives a stuff what Bradbury thinks. Just look at the success of Hosking and the failures of Bradbury . . . speaks volumes!

  22. Quite frankly Bomber, I’d sooner suffer watching a Men’s Sychronized Swimming Event, than watching Mike Hoskins, so totally agree with you.

    As an alternative for TVNZ to consider; Why not get Willie Jackson / Miriama Kamo, Stacey and Scotty Morrison or Hinreangi Forbes (Garner’s ex) and Dale Husband all from Maori Broadcasting?

    Disabled are sick and tired of real issues like Poverty, Environment and other Social Issues getting ‘lost’ in Pakeha politics. On Maori TV there is a debating show ‘Tautohetohe’ which could provide a good format for discussion through those indigenous of a Westernized sovereign than getong lost in economies over people. He Tangata te Tangata

    I think it was Edward Kennedy who said ”;Some people see things that are there and ask Why….I/DLANZ see things that ARE’NT there and ask Why Not?…..great way for Aotearoa NZ to really make an effort over Waitangi.

    Keep smiling
    Doug Hay DLANZ
    Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ

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