Putin and the Wellington Middle Class Marxists have one thing in common – they both see Nazis everywhere!


Putin and the Wellington Middle Class Marxists have one thing in common – they both see Nazis everywhere!

For the middle class woke, it’s a game of woke outrage olympics where you paint the opposition out as the worst monster in the world and then cancel them because their toxicity will interrupt your mindfulness and breathing exercises.

For Putin of course, it gives an entirely different insight. He has stated one goal of his invasion is the ‘denazification of Ukraine’. 

Western media has been quick to denounce his comments without understanding them.

Russia’s view of the Ukrainian revolution in 2014 was that it was a hybrid war event seeded by the West that inspired neo Nazi Ukrainian elements that succeeded in rolling the Moscow backed regime.

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Neo Nazi Ukrainian units like the Azov Battalion.

Understanding Putin’s comments of denazification in relation to 2014 and the Azov Battalion highlights how much Putin sees his invasion today as a conclusion to the 2014 Ukrainian revolution.

The West are misreading Putin’s comments and by misreading them are miscalculating what happens next.


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  1. “and by misreading them are miscalculating what happens next.” Of course they are, but that won’t stop them from getting it wrong continuously regardless of how many times Russia gets the jump on them.. They just don’t have the intellectual/philisophical, and moral grounding in reality to do any more than parrot each other, once the “leaders” in the fourth estate have been given their script.. They are, by any definition one cares to use, whores… Body and soul, and they don’t even have the excuse of having no choice if they wish to eat…

  2. They are all coming out of the woodwork today. Western governments must have had everything invested in Ukraine because they are all throwing their toys and soiling their beds. Twitter trolls blubbering about their white supremacist brothers, hackers going in to bat for the racists (and ‘reporters’ like Anna-Burns Francis suggesting cyber terrorism is a valid option on the table for the US government), fascist Trudeau calling Canadians fascists and Russians fascists, and our politicians old and young trotting out the slogans and concerns: Helen Clarke calling the Russian military action a ‘threat to world peace’, while for Ardern ‘this is the closest thing to war in a generation’. After their great United States of America has blown a million people to bits this century alone. I think psychopathy is the name for the condition describing a detachment from reality, an innate ability to cause harm and a lack of empathy or remorse.

    • must admit I switched around the europian news channels and predictably they all had talking heads spouting their own govts line…the bbc guy could have been on rt, the rt guy on dw and the dw guy on france24 and the france 24 guy on the bbc just change the autocue the appropriate rhetoric.

      sidebar – one guy on the beeb looks like one of Gerry Andersons Terrahawks puppets it’s uncanny.

  3. S’funny….?
    Many cops don’t seem overly concerned about hungry kids living in unrepentant neoliberal Labour’s domestic poverty canyon in cars with their whanau but they’re terribly concerned for the welfare of children camping out in protest.
    ” ‘No longer safe’ – Police say children should leave Wellington protest”
    Police Persons ? Removing children from the protest is a tactic to get their parents to go with them thus weakening the movement, what ever that is. But who gives a fuck, right? So long as people rally together and make a fuss. They have a right to be heard and they have a right to be shown respect.
    If the last nearly forty years of neoliberal greed is good economics has taught me anything it’s that I don’t trust fucking labour or national or any other parasitic hanger on for our money one little bit.
    You greedy, lazy politician fuckers brought this upon yourselves.

    • There’s a solid block of ‘third way’ neo-con LINO’s at the standard ,,,

      I had one ‘respected’ poster tell me NATO had made Libya better off ,,,, and Arabs just liked blowing things up ….

      Wayne Mapp would bad mouth everything from Cuban doctors ,,,, to Afghanistan people,,, who he blamed for our troops in the coalition of the invaders not being able to fix the quagmire created over 40 years ago as a western laid Bear trap…..

      Mapp also said NZ shared common values with Israel ,,,, which seeing as he wanted to remove NZ from ICC jurisdiction ,,,,, and I believe he told the Burnham inquiry that he ‘forgot’ about all the exclusively civilians killed in the botched raid he could have prevented.,,, so in his case with his values yes.

      TS had a multi-post smear laden manipulative anti-Assange campaign run by two AUTHORS, stating every character assassinating lie they could find as fact ,,,,, and even extending their slander to include people like Nicky Hager and John Pilger as untrustworthy “conspiracy theorists”.

      Finally I repeatedly clashed with a mad poster called Jenny ,,,,, who informed me I could not be anti-war unless I was for her war,,, she also claimed there was a Assad link to the Christchurch terrorist attack …

      …. and she would lose her mind at Grishanov music vids as “Russian Propaganda” ,,,,

      Which may be true but they were generally calling for peace ..

      Absurd dream / War in Ukraine (English subtitles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hTXAvbfXDc

      Toys for Poroshenko / Игрушки / War in Ukraine (English subtitles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD9WsHebzfc

      They never got peace …

      Most of the Kids in this Video are from Ukraine and victims of the Azov mentality ,,, https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZHZJ5mSveuFh/

      It’s been a 7 year war on them,, if Justinda the Blair faced liar chose to speak anything other than the NATO script she might acknowledge this ,,,


    • Spend all your time running others down do you kcco? TS are trying to keep calm and carry on though it’s hard and you seem to have been overwhelmed. I suggest you keep on being calm but when you do have a rant pick on more worthy subjects than another group of citizens trying to navigate through and stay on or near the course.

      We in NZ struggle to find our way at present. Is it Back to the Future? We can’t seem to move upwards from this quagmire we are sinking into. TS can worry and examine as much as anyone, but know we all need to take a break and talk about something else now and then. Let’s be kind to ourselves, a bit.

      • No I’m too busy working most of the time. There are certain times it is less easy to see the good in some people.

        Consider it a class thing Greywarbler.
        I consider myself working class although I hold a doctoral degree.
        I actually work for a living unlike the majority of the population at that site. (Essential or Critical work not govt furlough on full pay)
        I’ve had to work through the initial outbreak, jump a thousand different ways for level whatever it is today, be busier than I’ve ever been but endlessly tangled with covid rules and now I get to watch my indispensable coworkers get fired for being concerned at being vaccinated.

        And the poor buggars in Ukraine who no one is going to help is a truly awful situation.

        So when I see the site of mostly tribal Labour, who are nakedly anti working class, pro forced vax mandates and utterly clueless what destruction they are causing in small business and those who actually work , now so “stressed” sitting at their keyboards they are comparing craft beer (how are the homeless stats looking?), spare me.
        “Let them eat craft beer”

        • Yes stresses and pressures have to be allowed for kcco and I think you are one of those who are amazing in what you do. We older ones have been trying to get change and even a facsimile of a country with the sort of principles we had. But no, not even when the grifters have a good majority, it’s let’s keep our cushions warm for re-election and do the minimum. People can’t expect us to work miracles! But what about – just work!

          But we must try not to let the jerks and jerkesses turn our milk sour with their rabid glance. The saying, with double meaning, that people are trying, very trying must be the motto when we look at our own faces in the mirror and know that up till now we have been noble losers. And give ourselves some self-praise for sticking in there and trying to model balanced thinking and actions. I’ve just been reading a brief booklet on Marx’s life. What a man, and his wife also, outstanding committed people. , also Engels his fiend, who supported him financially when he got the chuck for saying something that upset the theme of the time. Just being supportive of thoughtful hard-thinking people is noble. We may have to return to that concept from hippy days – Random acts of Kindness and Senseless acts of Beauty.

            • kcco It doesn’t always show up that kindness., I can’t keep it up for very long. Depends how close to the reality of life I’m attempting. I find I have have to look on the bright side of life dah dah. Also you don’t get respected if you’re dripping kindness. Anyway I don’t trust those softies, inside they are likely to be passive aggressive.

              Just reading about the leaders since Mao De Zhung? – there is a lot to learn about things in the world. if we could have some esprit de corps we might be able to get to the level of the Brits and their SOE – as needed to be capable of comprehending the problems in the field and staying out of the hands of the nasties, in their case the Gestapo.

              Wonderful people have gone before us, and they deserve a better result than ending up with a primitive rabble yelling ‘freedom’ (from rules and systems). They should be played music from Les Miserables which would elevate the response to their effort as of value, which playing Barry Manilow? just insults. Treat them as if they have a point, ask them what it is, give them a time to produce it and some clear speakers, and expect results or else move on as pointless and mindless.

  4. ‘woke’ is just a LINO tactic if we’re all bickering about pronouns we’re not asking ‘but where are the houses jacinda’…simples

  5. The Ukraine has a long, deep alt right/Nazi history. But then so do a number of former USSR states. This not why Putin is invading Ukraine. He is invading because of the encroachment of Nato/USA in an easterly direction along Russia’s southern border. This is a military threat to Russia’s vast mineral wealth in its east.)
    Nobody likes war and their never is any excuse for war. But equally aggressive encroachment is also never ever going to encourage peace.
    It is a highly complex and dangerous situation.
    Think back a couple of years Trump (A Putin ally apologist – what does Putin have on him?) tried to poison Biden with claims that Biden via his son’s involvement in Ukraine was corrupt. The point is US investments in Ukraine/The Wests encroachment…. It is a highly dangerous game on all sides.

  6. My comment seems to have gone. You founded this, pass it on to others if you’re getting Howard Hughes. Go off, live and learn. Coming into entirely unearnt money I’ve just given you a hundred. Your achievement was founding the true Left’s homesite versus the mess of rogernomic The Standard.

    • The standard like us doesn’t make any decisions. I want it to all work out y’know or is this just the small narcissism of petty differences.

      Reality has always been far to large for printer, prefering instead of copy and paste. There’s just no way he’s writing each line of code letter for letter.

      Everything that I was chastised for by sclub 7 or what ever rubust debate show, happened.

      Is that a good thing? No, but reality rarely is.

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