Harbour Bridge protest now vs that time middle class militant cyclists pushed past apathetic cops then


One of the issues with the Parliament Lawn Protest is how quickly the Middle Class Marxist Woke Left let everyone know that their kindness is really just a shallow virtue signal and that behind the surface of their hashtag compassion lies the beating heart of sadistic cult who yearn to punish the sinful.

The speed with which so many have called on the police to bash protestors, or calls for the military to become involved or even one Woke Lord who wanted the Governor General to sack Coster so a new intelligence committee can deal directly to the lumpenproletariat scum…

…John A.Z Moore explores this at the Democracy Project

Liberals and leftists have found a new cause in decrying a rabble of poor, brown and angry protesters. They have embraced the police and even the army as the necessary agency to push back this mob. Where is the left that once saw the millionaires, billionaires, the police and the oppressive state agencies as the real enemy? A new left that reengages with the mob is desperately needed.

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…so at the height of passions we get a Harbour Bridge protest that the Police are promising will be rough…

Auckland Harbour Bridge Destiny Church protest – police will have ‘significant’ presence

Police say they will have a “significant” presence at a planned anti-mandate protest that threatens to bring the Auckland Harbour Bridge to a standstill, and warn they will “actively engage” with anyone who tries to cross it on foot.

…remember when the middle class pakeha militant cycling squad rode across this bridge last year?

Not only did the cops let them do it, the Government promised them a stupid $750million bike bridge!

Auckland City Councilor Efeso Collins at the time questioned the way police allowed middle class militant cyclists over the bridge while working class South Aucklanders get a very different kind of policing.

This double standard is about to raise its head again.

When the soft cheese revolution of militant Devonport Cyclists led by David Slack wanted to cross the bridge, an apathetic Police force let them and the Government promised them a billion dollar bike bridge.

The smelly underclass lumpenproletariat want to do it and the Police are issuing press releases promising violence.

This constant double standard is causing more extreme politicisation, not cauterising it.


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  1. If there is no clear class position from a lengthy protest what do you call it? It is not just low end workers at the Wellington occupation.

    I guess this “cross class” type of action including the alienated, discarded, precarious workers, issue driven, petit bourgeoisie, anti vaccination individuals, & well off donors and celebrities, had a precursor with the Occupy Movement. Generalised action with many targets and little distinct class focus in terms of identifying the perennial main enemy–capital, finance capital and imperialist powers.

    I have already pointed out on TDB that at CHEP Pallets in Penrose a group of striking First Union members, all Polynesian, are getting a blood hard time from Auckland plods. No change there for working class people daring to challenge an International corporate for a living wage.

    p.s. I know a couple of people from the Far North where I am based, who are in Wellington, and they are of the “Sovereign citizen” bent. And they are frankly a pain, and on the edge of sanity from my view, they have turned up for 15 years at political events and occupations that others have organised and do their best to f**k things up and spread disunity.

  2. Everything Bradbury says is true, but … some of these protesters have shown signs of being pretty excitable. There is a danger of scuffles between police and protesters on the bridge, and somebody falling off into the harbour. That would be fairly sobering.

  3. The answer is to get out on the bridge tomorrow and send a fucking message. These so called lefties from the chattering classes need putting in their place. They’re on the side of capital not the worker.

    • Please, please put back on your tin foil hat Cricklewood.
      I read a message on one of your T-Shirts… “Free Tamaki” I didn’t know he wasn’t? What was he wanting freeing from, brain damage?

  4. Thank you for noticing this.
    The rule of law can’t hold if there are different rules for different people.

    When the cyclists wanted to protest on the bridge, the police “couldn’t interfere with a peaceful protest”.
    How things change when they don’t like the protest.

    Please also note the legal decision that police and defense can’t force members to vaccinate -as I understand it, on religious grounds.
    What then of the much maligned Destiny church who have a basic human right not to get vaccinated on religious grounds (and it’s unlawful to mandate them) and who’s leader did jail time?
    Not even allowed to protest.
    Should be some big law suits coming up.
    And a change of government.

    • Needs reworking on the name – Density Church – so low, you can’t see under it, so high you can’t get over it and so dark you can’t see through it, Oh rocka my soul. Perhaps these religious types should get the church to add to a fund they set up to assist any people that they infect, for the real and worrying living costs of the afflicted. Thinking of the saintly Samaritan who ministered and paid for care to the ungodly.

      And others of the pure people above the ordinary herd, like school teachers and kindergarten teachers FGS. We can’t purify our souls quickly enough to surround ourselves with a godly aura that keeps the plague away. The religious used to be big on plagues and boils etc.

    • national emergency so frankly I don’t care about ‘feel feels’

      if people have a valid medical reason not to be vaxed that’s one thing, but merely stating it or having photoshopped card or a cert bought from a bent doctor….well they don’t count sorry they just don’t

      • The High Court has quashed the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for police and defence force staff. Justice Cooke upheld a claim that the vaccination order breached the Bill of Rights Act. He referred to two sections of that Act, sections 11 and 15. Doesn’t the same apply for others?

        • Alexandra CD – Off the top of my head, I think the police and NZDF appealed on specifically religious grounds, including slightly unpalatable facts about the vaccine being originally developed using foetuses which may ( or may not) have been aborted, and superannuation entitlements being affected by a break in their continuity of service, but the judge may have discounted the latter as being a pertinent factor.

    • Riggghhhttt! Go to church and be free to do what ever the hell you like.
      Change of government…wishful thinking!!

  5. The Protest in front of Parliament and its unfolding, has opened a new page in the Police Handbook I think. It has been a practice session for readiness on dealing with the no doubt expected rowdiness when economic times get tougher as the gummint provides instructions on how to recycle loo paper to the poor. Money is in short supply except when you have a portfolio with the financiers.

    That’s a further step along for Frank and Muriel Newman’s book ol helps and tips On the Smell of an Oily Rag; the most recent frugal Aunt Daisy. 2012 – https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/manukau-courier/opinion/6446373/Living-off-the-smell-of-an-oily-rag

    • Frank and Muriel are wonderful. They live in a big house on a cliff looking out over Tutukaka Harbour offering helpfull advise to the poor. How to subsist on a wage system set up to benefit the ruling class. But wait. There’s more. Not only do they think this wage system is too generous, taxes for the wealthy need to be cut and the government needs to get out of peoples lives. Yes the world how it should be according to Frank and Muriel is a scary, distopian place that can only partly be alleviated by making your own soap and reusing teabags three times.. No wonder by friends dogs used to chase their car down their shared driveway, snapping at the tires of the late model European SUV.

  6. Maybe the police can just let Tamaki’s cultists go for it so they’re not accused of bias. The ‘middle class pakeha militant cycling squad’ will be right behind Tamaki’s mob making their point. Maybe tents will be set up on the top with ‘Camp With a View’ being established.

  7. well now that challenged mandates have been deemed “illegal” for the police and defense, what does that mean for the average folk? I smell some serious law suits coming. These were always illegal – our incompetent govt. just did not want to admit it — forcing someone (or using coercion) to inject an unknown substance (trade secret – means ingredients have not been disclosed; = no informed consent) into their body is just plain WRONG. So those finger waggers that support it – shame on you. I feel for those who have lost their jobs/their homes over this govt that is an absolute laughing stock of stupid.

    • ranesha I applaud you freedumb to catch covid and pass it on to your family friends and total strangers..
      bigly wining.

    • blah blah blady blah….
      you’ll be volunteering to bury (the hopefully few) corpses will you? and don’t come crying when kids and older rellies die either.

      • Can’t you see that even if we were 100% vaccinated and boosted the Omicron would find its way to community, spread and maybe even kill some? High quality masks are peter protection against catching and spreading than vaccines.

        • ACD, the vaccine reduces symptons and hospitalisation. Masks, properly worn, along with hand hygiene and avoiding events where masks are not being worn, reduces spread. Two very different things, but both extremely important if we are to reduce the pressure on our health system. Simple really.

    • Ranesha. There is nothing to stop you or anybody else from appealing the mandate on the same specific legal grounds that the Police and NZDF did. It wasn’t just wishy-washy anti- mandate spouting like you’re doing, and won’t necessarily apply to “ average folk,” and especially- from the look of them – most of the self-indulgent dumbos making nuisances of themselves down at Parliament. Check your facts.

  8. don’t worry about the bridge protest what the non existent covid and EMP doesn’t get the jewish space lasers will

    • gargarin. The powers-that-be will have secretly loaded that bridge with radioactive substances which will zap the protestors as they cross over it, and in due course they will turn up at hospitals wailing that one way or another, this is all the fault of the government, unless of course their touted “holistic” health approaches cure everything, in which case they should be going home right now, as there is nothing to protest about at all.

      But just to be on the safe side, they should still wear foil hats, shower caps, rubber boots and gloves, and chew apricot kernels and puha flowers, try not to frighten the fishes if they take a tumble – although if Coutts is really a kind boy he’ll be sailing underneath ready to catch them – and they can start looking for nice steady jobs before winter’s exorbitant electricity bills start arriving- and let the cops get home to mow their lawns.

  9. To be fair and honest the tinfoil hat protesters vs the tinfoil hat bicycle lobby/Greater Auckland – Pt Chev set are hard to distinguish.

    But bicycle wanks want to fuck over Aucklanders, and are the far greater villains. Genuine self centered smug middle class Timmy’s and Tracey’s who know better! And who know how to game the system for their own personal hobbies.

  10. It kinda shows the Police don’t care. Cuddles Coster aka the Lantern has a lot on his plate at the moment and doesn’t want to upset anyone.

    • I am thinking it’s not that the police on the ground don’t care, they probably have had a guts full as much as anyone, but like you I can see Cuddles does not want to upset the protestors. The police leadership is a very very sorry sight.

      Perhaps after a brain storming session with his fellow senior cops he’ll get his staff to hand out dental hygiene packs to the protestors as a sign of respect and that he is engaging with their wants and needs so at least when his cops are spat on it will have that “Colgate Ring of confidence” plus the added bonus of Listerine flavour! I mean it seems obvious they’ve lost their power to arrest so why not go proactive?

      • X-ray You may think you are humorous, but you are simply a very very sorry sight. Some say that sarcasm is the lowest firm of wit, but as a halfwit, you’d barely qualify even as low.

        • I’m intrigued at the personal abuse Pip. Not that your superior intellect can spell. I have to make light of this farce, what else can I do?

          You think doing nothing is working here? Do you think cops getting spat on is acceptable? I assume you do.
          Do you think do nothing is encouraging law abiding citizens to stick with the rules, to do the right thing? Or give up? I’m intrigued as what a clever, fully witted person like you thinks and can teach us all. Apart from abuse that is!

  11. I think the difference with the cyclists was the police, like most decent people, simply had to turn and look away as there were middle aged men that thought lycra cycle shorts were acceptable attire.

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