Surely Whaleoil insinuating Tania Billingsley led her rapist on is the new lowest of the low???



I don’t even know where to begin with Cameron Slater’s  latest ugly and offensive blog  insinuating Tania Billingsley led her attacker on. For a crypto-facsict who claims any of the evidence Kim Dotcom is producing is all one giant conspiracy, Slater spends hundreds and hundreds of words building a ridiculous web that Jan Logie knows someone Tania worked with and as such Tania has somehow led a Malaysian Diplomat on so that she could make a false rape complaint???

Here are his most offensive assertions…

Now, dear readers, what are the odds of a Malasian diplomat deciding to follow Tania home from a bus stop, apparently at random?  What are the odds of him picking a woman that is befriended with and herself involved in women’s issues going back many years?  What are the odds of him randomly standing there not touching her, then, backing off and waiting for police to arrive out in the street?  What are the odds of Green MP Jan Logie getting involved, erm, randomly?  What are the odds of a situation that has NONE of the hallmarks of an attempted rape, being shopped by TV3 as attempted rape and the label “Rape culture” being used to intimidate and shut up critics like ourselves lest we look insensitive to (real!) rape victims?

There’s blaming the victims, and then there is insinuating that a victim has willingly put themselves up as bait so that they can pretend to be a victim so they can scream ‘rape culture’. It’s just unbelievable that he’s going this far to protect National’s handling of this.

If advertisers could be pressured into boycotting RadioLive, surely the same can happen to Whaleoil? This is possibly his most grossly offensive blog ever and that is set against a legacy of disgustingly radioactive hate speech.

At the  very least Canon should take back their media award.

Let  know how disgusted and offended you are by by their award winning blogger’s latest hate speech anti-woman rant.


  1. Read that and was wondering what Whaleoil was implying. There is a number of questions asked – a long list of extraordinarily offensive questions and a statement about shutting up critics as they do not want to seem insensitive to “real” rape victims. Also a trawl appears to have been done of her and her friends fb pages for photos and evidence that she is a feminist and friends with a member of Wellington Rape crisis.
    Any doubts that people have that he is a journalist should be dispelled by this latest rant. This is below nasty it is offensive and just plain unpleasant.

  2. I complained to my power supplier when I saw them advertising on Whaleoil’s AdChoices. It works by targeting the visitor with ads for companies whose sites they have visited in the past. Nonetheless, I thought they should know their company is associated with Whaleoil.

    Power supplier emailed back saying, “(…..) does not support the material posted on and we will be looking to exclude future ad placements on this particular website.”

    You can get stuff done.

    • Widely read? Really?
      Anyone bothering to visit that slimeball site would have to be extremely low IQ and therefore illiterate!
      I accidently got winged off onto it once and could not for the life of me see why anyone would waste even one second of their life reading such vacuous, poorly articulated, meaningless garbage.
      Even if you put aside his substandard, drivelling, dribbling diatribes.
      Even if you put aside his ignorant, myopic, mental meanderings.
      Put that aside and just look at him.
      Unsmiling, unkempt, grossly overweight, miserable, hateful ,sleazy looking and untrustworthy are all words that spring to mind when I see his pathetic ‘sad sack’ image .
      Maybe by going to his site and looking at his mug shot, it makes ‘Waitakerei man’ feel a whole lot better about himself.
      A kind of Eckhart Tolle therapy if you like.
      Because one things for sure, nobody could possibly be going there to read!

      • The fact that you dislike the site and people who read it has no bearing on whether it is widely read or not. You’ve put a lot of words into print when simply writing ”OMG !!!!!!” would have covered everything you had to say in a succinct manner.

        • its not widely read. I like a lot of other people wander over to see what he’s up to now and again. Then afterwards I go and have a shower to wash the grime off me. Eeeewww! yuck!

            • I’ve heard about it of course, and I’ve heard it won some type of award. I’ve followed the odd link to it so I’ve looked at it from time to time.

              But when I get there, there is nothing to interest me whatsoever. The topics are boring, the writing is substandard, and the comments are inane.

              I just cannot for the life of me figure out why people go there regularly and read it.

              But apparently people do. It makes me seriously worry for the future of our country if this is the tone of public discourse.

              • It is appears to be populated by the same people who think talkback radio is informative media and I suspect both books they own have pop-ups.

                • So all of these comments about how loathsome Slater and his blog are somehow prove that Whaleoil is not the most widely read political blog in NZ do they ? He got that award because his blog IS the most widely read political blog for goodness sake. It seems that emotions count for more than actual facts around this place.

                  • If he is the most widely looked at (not read, there’s nothing to read) political blog in NZ, then you would have to say the, ‘dumbing down of N.Z’ policy, started under Key, is almost complete.
                    I guess they could then go into the election saying they had at least one successful policy!
                    They are just soooo aspirational!

                  • Emotions rank far more highly than made up scum bucket lies, that’s for sure, but then I suppose there are some could mistake them for truth

          • Have you seen the data? Like it or not WOBH is the most widely read blog by light years. You may think reading it may leave grime on you, but denying it’s popularity is about as stupid as those who deny Labour’s poll ratings.

            • Popularity does not equal quality!
              Just look at John Key, Justin Beiber, The Kardashians , reality TV. and so on.
              All media constructs based on minimal talent and massive publicity .
              The sheep love it because it means they don’t have to think . Thinking is hard. Much easier to just follow the heard.
              The sheep quotient is obviously quite high in NZ.
              After all, we are an agricultural nation. Baa Haa Haa!

              • ”Popularity does not equal quality!”

                Nobody ever argued that it did. You have severe comprehension deficits. And your verbosity suggests this defect is combined with high self esteem and self confidence. This is a terrible combination. I blame our schools.

              • ”Yeah, we get that it’s popular.
                What we don’t get is why.”

                In which case it would have been better to have started commenting originally with ”I wonder why it is popular” or some such. That way the outpourings of bile which followed would have been relevent to something.

      • @ Grant,

        I occasionally read the site along with various other political blogs. There are sometimes some interesting scoops and he is critical of National people too.

        That said, I don’t get this post about Billingsley. If she has a connection to the groups mentioned, it perhaps explains why she was willing to go public about it, but I think it’s appalling to suggest the whole thing was some kind of set up (if I’m reading him correctly).

        Also, if it is intended to defend National or McCully I suspect it would have the opposite effect.

      • Irony is obviously lost on you Grant, when your rant paints you in the same colours as those you would rail against.

  3. Rape culture is alive and well with the absolute scum of Whalespew. The commenters, and Blubber Boy himself, are the types I can well imagine saying that “90% of sluts who get raped ask for it. They lead the guys on…”

    They are totally grasping at straws. Entrapment of the alleged rapist because Tania worked with Rape Crisis? Fucking wankers obviously think Rape Crisis is a lesbian plot to arrange rapes and give real men a bad name. This is the same mentality that Israel has when it hates Palestinian children for forcing Israel to murder them. It is the attitude pedophiles have when they claim 4 year olds seduce them and they are the victims. The Blubber Army are sick, sick people who unfortunately seem to be aligned with many Kiwis.

    This is the first time I’ve seen an absolute celebration of rape culture in a post trying to say it doesn’t exist. Sick fucking wankers.

  4. Well I really didn’t want to read this nor feed into such scum-bag ideas but..

    …wow that is some conspiracy theory Slater has going there!

    I take it Muzza-the-man and the entire foreign affairs relations department of he NZ government are involved in this conspiracy too?

    How else did they happen to play right into the green-vixen-cum-femme-fatales’ evil hands??

    Or what? She hypnotised them kinda-like-Medusa and in such a manner Muzza ‘froze’ and thereby omitted to follow through on the serious issue and that dude having the ‘confusing’ conversation with the Malaysians, in a trance like manner, relayed that ‘it dunt matta’ re waiving the immunity ‘she’ll be right aye?’

    What an amazing witch-like creature that Billingsley turned out to be….and she seemed so nice to…

    …then again perhaps Muzza and co simply have been shown up to be the lackadaisical incompetent twerps that they are and Mr Slater’s imagination is running wild because he can’t cope with the cognitive dissonance that this event leaves him suffering from….

    Despite the tragic event it tries to ‘contain’, this theory from Key’s friend, Slater, is truly laughable.

  5. No wonder WhaleOil blog is #1 – you guys keep on linking to it, lol!! Seriously though I’ve only read it because of your links, and I’ve never read a bigger load of crap in my life!! Manawatu Standard ‘a hot bed of socialists!’ – I just about wet my pants!!! A lesbian photographed with Jan Logie at the the big GAY out? OMG WHATS THE ODDS!!! *LMAO*Please stop, it HURTS!!What the hell did he win the Canon award for – the Deep Throat Award for conspirasy mungering, based on no decernable facts or common sense?

      • I think that means John Key is a lesbian. Scoop next week on Blubber Boy’s hate site.

        Blogs like this one are presumably for discussion among people who want a better country. Why are the neanderthal scum rape apologists from Whalespew allowed to even post? We can’t have discussions with them because they use all the brain cells they have to breathe, and anything they type is controlled by their bile ducts. Why not just ban them?

  6. Whalescum has descended into an even deeper sewer than he habitually inhabits. Anybody who still considers this travesty of a “human” to be a real “journalist”, is living in a state of total delusion.

    The really frightening thing is that he probably actually believes his own delusions, as do the evil trolls that habitually hang out on his site.

  7. Couple of points.

    1. For Cameron Slater to bring up free speech in his heated, donation collecting rant is a neat portrait of the hypocrisy he pretends to despise. That site tolerates no dissenting voice whatsoever. “The left don’t engage” he claims, but that’s because he bans and outs people with differing views. The left are unable to engage because they are silenced.

    2. The Destiny Church-like donation drive has got the users of Whaleoil paying their dues at least. I’m happy now that any moneys I pay to my power supplier is no longer finding its way into that stalker’s pocket. Win-win.

  8. Did you read that aside about Nayland college looking like a youth prostitute convention? If I was to make up a false blogpost with the intention of making Whaleoil look bad I couldn’t have made up anything as crazy as that!

    Cam Slater must be barking mad. Seriously. All the attention must have gone to his head because there are no words to describe how stark raving bonkers that whole post is.

    Is someone going to ask Nayland College how they feel about being described that way?


  9. Cameron Slater is a spoilt attention seeking little dickhead. Whenever he gets ignored for a while he says something shocking to regain attention. You know the only ones that actually take him seriously are his troll army, and of course John Key. The rest of us think he is a self-deluded little nobody and the best thing for everyone to do is just ignore the little prick. Look on the bright side – he is not immortal.

  10. “I challenge Tania to make herself available to me for an interview.”

    – sez Slater!?

    F**k off! No one in their right mind would go anywhere near that sleaze-merchant!

    Not after his behaviour around Bevan Chuang that was both sleazy, manipulative, and exploitative.

    No woman in her right mind (except Judith Collins) would have a bar of that man. Slater’s mind is clearly unhinged.

    • Revealing that our Mayor had an affair with a council employee was “sleazy, manipulative, and exploitative”? Funny how far you’ll go to defend the indefensible.

  11. This is totally “normal” for a “pervert mind”, I am afraid, for Cam Slater it is totally “logical” that feminists are waiting outside his driveway and gate every morning also, to wait until he lifts his eyebrows, and looks outside a window, to get “tempted” by “seducing” bodies, so he feels, he must “chase” them and go and hunt them into their own bedrooms, so he can have it “off” with them.

    That is the mindset he has, so why even wonder about his bizarre posts, as they are the very fabric of his mindset, and he knows nothing else, he is always after some “flesh”, I presume, as a predator just “has to”, that is “naturally” to them.

    This man loves to hunt, chase and devour, and he has done it with others, if he cannot have them physically, he will destroy them, he will do so with “revelations” on his “blog”, and that is disturbing, really disturbing, but really, are any of you here surprised???

  12. Slater writes whatever the Nats feed him. This line of shit could have come straight from McCully’s playbook – I wouldn’t put it past him. Instead of boycotting Slater’s website, how about boycotting his old man’s business enterprises? After, all Slater senior pays the bills for Slater junior’s sewage factory.

  13. I cannot see the point of attacking Canon who were the sponsors of the journalists awards. They do not choose who wins and if you were going to take it to that level, why not attack the ISP who Cameron uses, his web development company and every other company associated with him.

    I think you may be misguided in your choice of company by association as Canon did not choose this.

    In this modern world it is unfortunate that some companies may be associated with other companies due to some negative circumstances, either by chance or deliberate but let’s use our brains please and think of smarter ways to do it.

    • “why not attack the ISP who Cameron uses”

      paying for a service and publicly attaching your brand to an event are two vastly different things

      one is something you buy or pay to use – the other is very closely associated with your marketing and company image

    • I think you are mistaken.
      The Cannon awards goes to the worst wannabe pretend journalist.
      The prize is a free ride through space to ‘Planet Key’ courtesy of a
      ‘Stone Ball’ 890mmcaliber ‘Supergun’.
      The ‘Supergun’ Cannon is deemed necessary for this particular contestant due to the rather excess body mass needing to be shifted.
      Upon arriving on ‘Planet Key’, he will be welcomed back into the fold by hostess Boag and usher Hooton.
      Their first task will be to work out how to use ‘friends’ in high places to redefine what the penalty for treason is. Failing to find a solution here could render them all stranded on ‘Planet Key’ for eternity.
      Oh dear, how sad, nevermind.

  14. I have to disagree with this being pig-man’s most offensive rant – I doubt anything could top the bits he did on Judd Hall, a schoolmate and friend of my grandson, when he was killed sitting in the back seat, in a car smash resulting from a police chase in Greymouth. Calling a dead youth “feral” and that the world is a better place without him has got to be the height of sleaze and will not be forgotten by West Coasters, or by his parents who with that one blow lost the last of their four sons. God look at me – comparing that creature’s insults to see which is worse – pathetic

  15. Martyn, I don’t necessarily disagree with the general theme of your post, but, for accuracy, Tania Billingsley has not alleged she was raped. She alleges she was a victim of burglary and assault with intent to rape. I doubt it is all that much “better” to be “only” “assaulted with intent to rape”, compared with actually being raped, and wouldn’t presume to comment on that, but there is no “her rapist” in this story – just someone, if the allegations are true, is nevertheless evil and should be locked up for a long time.

  16. Have you sent this shit through to any MSM sources? This is surely worthy of wider scrutiny, because it shows that like John Key himself, this ‘man’ Slater is so low, you’d have to dig a hole to kick his ass.

  17. All Slaters post identifies, is that he is a relevant part of the rape culture in NZ.

    In fact he seems to be so entrenched in it that he thinks he can get away with loudling shouting it from the rooftops.

    By the way, this attitude of his is how all rapes are handled in NZs rape culture – picking on the victim. This is just standard practice.

    Lets all look after the poor feelings of the rapist, and hang the victim – this is rape culture at its finest, as portrayed via the sleezy slimey Salter.

    Go Tania – doing what so many NZ women and children need – to expose and fix it all.


    • Well done, but Japan’s record on rape culture is not to be applauded. It’s likely he won’t bat an eyelid.

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