Seven Sharp – The day public broadcasting died


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I rarely watch Seven Sharp because it’s bullshit and sums up all that is wrong with current affairs in NZ, but even I can’t believe that Seven Sharp have stooped to being an apologist for Cameron Slater on this evenings show.

This is the history Seven Sharp are whitewashing…

Remember when Slater called a person who died in a car accident ‘feral’ for speeding while taking photos of himself speeding?

Remember when Slater described a Kings student who drank himself to death as “a toffee-nosed school boy, a dead thief and a liar who couldn’t handle his piss. I always said King’s boys were poofs.”?

Remember when Slater published all the details of businessman Matt Blomfield whose computer he somehow obtained?

Remember when he was convicted of breaching a variety of name suppression orders?

Remember when Slater published the personal employment details of a wharf protestor?

Remember when Slater posted a fake Green Party press release that inspired threats of violence against Russel Norman?

Remember Slater publishing lewd cruel details of Len Brown’s affair that went well below the belt in a spiteful and dehumanising way?

Remember when Slater publicized a doctored interview with Jim Anderton edited into Anderton saying an earthquake would need to strike for him to lose the Christchurch mayoralty?

Remember when Slater was wanting looters in Christchurch to be shot in the stomach so that the death would be slow and painful?

Remember when he claimed Chris Carter’s mother who was dead for 12 years was still using a taxpayer cell phone?

And recently Slater was trying to claim that Tania Billingsley is some sort of Green Party honeytrap who put herself up as bait so she could scream ‘rape culture’.

Giving this crypto-fascist thug a platform on TVNZs flagship ‘current affairs’ program (and I am using ‘current affairs’ in its broadest possible definition) is just another reason not to watch our version of Fox News lite.

The day Seven Sharp became an apologist for a hate speech merchant like Cameron Slater is the day public broadcasting died.

What an ugly hideous piece of right wing propaganda dressed up as news.


  1. I commend you Martyn on waiting a full hour to launch a bitter tirade against Seven Sharp for daring to run a piece on Cameron Slater.
    That’s quite restrained for you. I had my money on 7.31pm.

    • One should never post while angry. Martyn wisely took time out to calm down & regain his composure.

    • So what? Does it matter Cactus kate? youre sensitive and tetchy because you’re a huge slimeoil fan. Cameron Slater is a trull (no, its not s spell error), for the national party and a particularly obnoxious and disgusting one at that.

    • Interesting that Cactus Kate often pops up to defend her odious mate. Given her support for the Act Party I would’ve thought she’d be all about personal responsibility and accepting the consequences of ones actions. Slater dishes it out but can’t take it?

  2. The way the media outlets bend over backwards to provide balanced reporting I would expect that having featured Slater their next big star story will be on Kyle Chapman. Also in our district there are some disaffected, solvent affected youths who are authorities on many aspects of life. I expect them to be given the same opportunity as Slater.

    This “claiming-to be-a-journalist” in his daily rabid rants eloquently demonstrates that while we do not suffer the style of man’s inhumanity to man evident in other places in the world, we have our own particular kind of poison. Having a puerile pedlar of hate with corrosive, septic diatribes garnering support is bewildering and an indication of the type of society we have become. That a state broadcaster in full knowledge of this person’s modus operandi could give him serious time is a tragedy.

    • Just shows that TVNZ is corrupt, and is in the full control of the national party, and has been for quite some time.

  3. I agree with Cactus Kate… I was checking this site at about 7.35….

    But but but “Cam” has got religion now! That MUST be the difference to TVNZ!


      • Maybe we should have a sarcasm thingy here. The fact that whalespew has ‘got’ religion was pointedly made in the puff piece. Does that matter to TVNZ? Not a whit. But think about it – who is that important to? Your (NACT) conservative base! No surprise there.

        Ergo, they (TVNZ or Mike Hosking, at least) are trying to normalise the totally ABnormal… i.e. Whalespew. He already gets weekly airtime on NewsFaux ZB (along with his bosom buddy DPF etc).

        I suspect they are trying to introduce him as some sort of legitimate political commentator on TVNZ.

        • Written sarcasm can often be misconstrued, apologies for not picking that up.

          And yes you are right, thats the general consensus. The powers that be are trying to legitimise one of the most hateful, odious, obnoxious, national fanatic bloggers in NZ.
          NZ broadcasting has plummeted to another low.

  4. You can be the most useless barstard in the world but if you are the son of an ex National Party president you can get away with anything, Unbelievable they would have that piece of shit on that piece of shit.

  5. Interesting to note footage in the above mentioned programme Cameron Slaters mobile phone contacts include Josie Pagani – perhaps she has finally found her true calling.

  6. There does seem to be a concerted effort to create a narrative that Slater has some kind of credibility. I think that whoever is behind this attempt to convince the general public that Slater really is a good guy, will eventually have their efforts undermined by Slater himself, as he won’t be able to hide his default character – a nasty bully who hates on people.

    • Yeah, would like to know what’s really behind that PR stunt, I know that it would have something to do with John Key.

      Wonder what they are cooking up?

      • Simple, they are trying to legitimise Slater, like drone strikes, like the murder going on in Gaza, legitmate self defence of course? But Why?

        Slater bangs on about having something big on Dotcom (he transferred his ego is all) that will cause harm, Slater is only interested in anything he perceives as hurting the left.

        That piece on seven sharp was promoted as “where the Prime Minister gets his gossip from”.

        I can only conclude an attempt to legitmise slater, Key passes on information from the GCSB then slater manufactures the rest. This would seem an appropriate use of the GCSB according to key, unless caught of course. Don’t expect an apology though.

        I also note this morning on TV1 they interviewed Oz treasurer Joe Hockey (another Key sycophant) He was attempting to deceive in typical right wing fashion. First he stated it’s not about ideology (it is) and Oz has this massive deficet caused by previous labour Govt. and by extension so has NZ, but finally we now have a surplus (fake) thanks to a National Govt. Complete reversal of the truth being portrayed and passed of as facts NOT ideology. Simply put we are now 60 Billion and counting behind where we were when key/English show came to town.

        I never vote National because I care about other people

        This election I am more concerned with protecting our democratic system than anything else, that would also preclude a National vote, traitors all of them!

        • Thanks David, I totally agree with you. And anyone who continues to vote national, is a traitor in my book too !!

  7. Seven Sharp is TRASH, and it has sunk TVNZ to trash levels, and will likely drag it down further. Indeed, what a bloody disgrace to see the Whale treated like any other “respectable” person, after all the gutter stuff he has published via his blog.

    No wonder there are so many out there, who have no clues, and no interest in what really goes on in politics, economics and social policy. They are not necessarily most of the people, but a growing percentage, I fear, who have grown up with crap “infotainment” and who know little else, even take this as normal.

    I despair, I despair, every day a little more.

  8. Never asked any questions and reporter was creeped out by him (forgotten her name). I wanted to know if he was still on a benefit while he does all his benefit bashing. But am having trouble watching and reading what passes for news in NZ.
    My 17 yo reads vice news and for overseas news and never bothers with any NZ web sites

    • Yes I would like to know that too, did hypocrite bene basher Cameron Slater stop his benefit after he got handed the editorial job at The Truth? not to mention the obvious financial support he gets from the national party.

  9. OH DEAR, OH DEAR TVNZ. I didn’t see it only watched 7 Sharp the first night and never since.
    But how could they pass that slob off a credible news item. The gutter was never lower or more full of fetid slime.
    If there is a bottom level of bad taste and blatant political bias TVNZ has now sunk to it.
    Does NZ ON AIR fund this insult to humanity?

  10. Whats up with the voting on the comments? Whale oil slime has washed up on the shores of the daily blog, methinks

  11. Lighten up you guys SEVEN SHARP is a COMEDY show… didn’t you get that !!! Celebrity focused, no depth, it is NOT about current affairs..

  12. I think NZ broadcasting died when they decided to replace a traditional current affairs slot with endless amounts of dull tv presenters talking about inane trivia and then replaced Nightline with Paul Henry….it’s all about dumbing down the sheeple to ensure National get a third term, in my opinion!

  13. Seven Sharp is all about competing egos, smart-arse jokes, schoolboy smut humour (they learned that from Paul Henry) and trivial subjects. It has little to do with news or current events (I don’t like the title current affairs because I’m not interested in who is having an affair with whom). It is designed for people with the attention span of a goldfish and the characteristics of a hagfish (blind, slimy and always sucking up to anything bigger than itself). That’s why it appeals to Cameron Slater.

  14. Putting aside the piece on slater. What was up with the crap at the start of the show where Hosking is saying women drivers are crap and shaming out his co host for damaging her car, what an absolute tool.

  15. Crypto-fascist? Outright fascist! Seven Sharp is fascist, the National party are fascist, this country is fascist.

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