Update on MANA Movement-Internet Party Alliance



The latest TV 3 poll putting Internet Party on .4% and MANA on 1.1% means with a combined 1.5% they already have 2 MPs.

Last week, Hone told Kim that ruling out working with National was a bottom line and that MANA would need to see their policies to work out common ground.

Kim responded by ruling out National and presented a policy platform that MANA can work with.

Interestingly MANA have had a surge of membership since the story about a possible alliance with the Internet Party has emerged.

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The next hurdle is candidates. Who the Internet Party have as candidates will be crucial to any possible Alliance with MANA. It could be that the Internet Party hierarchy select a leader MANA can work with alongside a candidate Party list selected by the wider IP membership via an online voting campaign. That process would excite members and be true to their philosophy of online democracy while giving MANA assurances that the leader was someone they could work with.

If the Internet Party have a leader MANA can work with, I would expect serious consideration towards an Alliance will be discussed at the MANA AGM in a couple of weeks. If voters know a vote for the Internet Party isn’t a wasted vote because of MANAs electorate seat, look to see their combined vote share soar.

Kim’s court case and the revelations about Key and the Snowden files have some way to play yet.

The MANA Movement & Internet Party Alliance could have a major role to play in the election.


  1. How would this alliance work in practice Bomber? The EC have said it’s too late to register an umbrella party for a combined party vote. Would the IP recommend giving party votes to Mana? If so, what would the IP get out of this?

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