Kim to Hone – “I’ve ditched the square”


First point raised by The Internet Party, ‘no deal with National’.

This lines up with Hone’s first demand that the Internet Party is committed to a change in a National led Government.

The policies are sincere enough and within the kaupapa.

Now the issue is candidates. If MANA can see trustworthy candidates, a MANA Movement-Internet Party Alliance is an issue that will be debated in earnest at MANAs AGM in a few weeks time.


  1. Now Mana has a veto on the candidates that Mr Dotcom’s party selects. This just gets uglier and uglier.

    • Ugly was NAct trying to sell Banks as a libertarian ACT member. Ugly were the people of Epsom that let them do it. Ugly are Gooseman’s worthless contributions to this blog. Keep going. Your reward might even be a date with Rachel Glucina.

  2. Sure, debated in earnest. The debate at the Mana AGM would go like this…

    “So who thinks we should team up with the Internet Party?”
    “OK, what would be the benefit for Mana if we teamed up with the Internet Party?”
    “Cool, I guess that’s sorted then”

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