Hone to Kim – lose the square



Hone has told Kim tonight that if he wants the Internet Party to have any relationship with MANA then the Internet Party must declare upon forming on Thursday that it will have nothing to do with helping National win Government…

“Dotcom would have to commit to getting rid of National and changing the government before MANA would consider any deal with his Internet Party” said MANA Leader Hone Harawira.
“That’s a bottom line for MANA. I resigned from the Maori Party because their relationship with National was, and continues to be, destructive to Maori. We won’t be going back there for anyone”
MANA will work co-operatively with any party, as we do with the Greens and Labour, that is committed to changing the government we’ve got now” said Harawira “”And I don’t think the Internet Party is ready to take that stand at the moment”
“They don’t have a real membership base, clear policies, recognisable political leaders or any candidates.”
“We were happy to talk about the potential for co-operation, but time is short” said Harawira. “We’ve got an election coming up and campaigns to organise, especially in the Maori Seats. Asking the membership to put all that on hold while we wait for the Internet Party to decide what they stand for is just not an option”.
“Our Executive has decided that there won’t be any more meetings on possible co-operation until their intentions are clear” said Harawira “and we’re just going to get on with planning our electorate and party vote campaigns.”
…if the Internet Party want an Alliance with MANA that would mean no vote for them was wasted, a vision to replace John Key and his terrible national Government is a first bottom-line.
The ball is in Kim’s court.


  1. And I thought that the Internet Party had Brendan Horan signed up as a candidate. Maybe he will be their only “candidate” in the end?

  2. We may get rid of the national party but would we get rid of the Regime ?

    My feeling is that the farce that is our political process has gone beyond traditional constructs and is now in free-fall . Basically , we’re Leaderless .

    We should hire an actor immediately . Farcical ? Think Ronald Regan and just look what ronnie did to us all .

    The other thing that worries me is that while Hone Hariwira is devoutly pro Maori , and that’s an understandably ok thing of course , he should scootch over and make a little room at the Marae for all the non Maori who’re also being devastated by the effects of the Regime . We all have to live together . This is no longer the early 1800’s . I’m all for supporting , nurturing and rejoicing in cultural differences but that has to take a back seat for the moment so we can focus on purging the Regime from our homes and our lives . Once we achieve that , then we can go back to being racist , intolerant and stupid . Powerful weapons used against us by the Regime .

    It’s also my view that Mana should avoid The Internet Party as if it were a flea dipped in plague .

  3. While I have been sceptical to also critical about any alliance Mana or others may consider with Dotcom and his Internet Party, what TV3 did with their “news” last night, that was disgusting!

    That Sabin reporter and then Gower (the gutter journo) came up with a “revelation” that Dotcom possesses the probably first hand-signed copy of Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf”. Well, while that may raise some questions for some, I think it was just part of a dirty smear campaign against Dotcom and his political ambitions.

    They did not want to talk much about other items he has “invested” in, or collected for historic or other value, like a pen from Stalin or a cigar holder from Churchill, no “that book” was the sole topic they covered. While Hitler wrote it with racist undertones, it was written in 1923, if I am correct, and a decade and a half before WW2 started, and well before during the later part of that war the Nazis went to go over to commit their worst atrocities, the “final solution” for the jews and some others.

    TV3 simply tried to smear Dotcom, who is anything but a “racist”, as a Nazi sympathiser, as a morally questionable person, as a potential racist and just one of those “bad Germans”, that so many learned to mistrust, after reading war books, playing war games and seeing many war movies.

    I do not hold it against Dotcom owning such a book, and I have even read a fair bit of it myself, like many other books, even the bible. Any intelligent and open minded person, who wants to form a proper, qualified view of topics and history, should actually read such literature, same as Marx and Lenin, and ponder about it. I am opposed to what Hitler stood for and wrote, and I am sure that Dotcom is also. But having a rare book that was hand signed by a dictator, that is more of a collectors item, than anything else.

    So what kind of books would John Key have in his collection? What has he got up to, I ask? Do TV3 dare to go through his background and enlighten us, perhaps? Has Key played war games, has he shot people in such games, has he watched porn, has he used foul language, has he read books by right wing holocaust deniers? Has he read books by white supremacists, or by those that hate Arabs or other groups?

    Of course there are sensitivities, but being Jewish or part Jewish does not mean that you hate a person that has a collectors copy of “Mein Kampf”. But I suppose we will see, how petty smear campaigns and political “debate” will play out, Key may use this, but I fear it may only get him some support from the ignorant and blinkered, the narrow minded in this country, who cannot see beyond black and white, good and evil, and the tip of their noses.

    This may also have something to do with a disgruntled former security person called Wayne Tempero, who now seems to have ill feelings towards Dotcom. Yes, Dotcom failed in paying debtors, is not my political friend, but attacking him like TV3 and right after also Whaleoil did, that is not what I support.

    FFS, you crap MSM, report on political issues and what matters, and stop the sideshows, the distractions and one eyed reporting, favouring your beloved “prince” John (F*cking) Key, thanks!

  4. Dotcom had enough time flirting, and now he has to hit the ground running. Hone is the rock of principles and if Dotcom can attach, it is the winning move.
    They all have to work against the mainstream corporate state media propaganda like a well coordinated oiled machine. I love it!

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