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Today’s Daily Blog Watch Round-Up of matters that have attracted the attention, assessments, and articulations of this country’s leading bloggers…


NZ Left Blogosphere

Cuts to DoC; a curiously close relationship between Dear Leader and one of our Spymaster’s; and Deputy Auditor-General has all but called Dear Leader a naughty little boy for playing with pokies…

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Who needs “reality” TV when politics is a barrel of monkeys? Let’s see what the nation’s bloggers are seeing in all this…

On “Liberation“, Bryce Edwards lists a number of tweets about the sacking of Rome cuts to DoC’s budget in “Tweets about the DOC cuts“. These are brilliant to read and it would be fair to say that few people Al Morrison’s bizarre claims that mass sackings were not caused by budgetary restraints. Note, particularly,  Duncan Garner’s comment.

Have a Tui, Al. The beer variety. The bird itself will soon be a dim memory.

In “Mars 2 Earth“, Marty presents another case of a Clever-as-F**k pakeha in  “no place for that”  who thinks that having the “N” word (and no, I’m not going to repeat it here) on her clothing is oh-so-terribly funny. the woman in question dismisses critics of her lack of insight as “haters” (the new trendy term). White trash – setting new standards in race relations…

Frank Macskasy does some “Frankly Speaking” when he raises the issue of Members of Parliament buying shares in part-privatised  state owned enterprises (see; Mighty River Power, Members of Parliament, and Conflicts of Interest), and points to one MP who has publicly stated that he intends to buy shares in Might River Power. From public ownership, straight into politician’s pockets. Hey, bro, who nicked my country??

In “No Right Turn“, the call  has gone out; David Carter must go. And seeing Carter in action – yeah. He’s not fit for the job. Thankfully, with the 90 Day Trial Period law, it should be easy-peasy for Dear Leader to kick Carter out and replace him with an immigrant worker from a Third World country. Hey, if it’s good enough for the Christchurch re-build…

Our cuzzies over at “Socialist Aotearoa” have done a spot of television reviewing of  in The Blue Rose – Taking on the system, and point out that for a crime-drame, it’s chock-full of meaningful themes.  Cunning buggers those tv producers, sneaking social, economic, and political issues into a drama which is supposedly just a goodies-vs-baddies series. But then, Gene Roddenberry did the same thing in his 1960s “Star Trek”, which dealt with civil rights, racism, worker’s rights, sexism, super powers using proxy nations to carry out their war games… And all the while, the middle classes were being fed socially constructive messages. Exxxxcellent, Smithers!

On a more serious note. Indeed, on a deadly serious note, the  “Waitakere News” blogs on cuts at Doc,  Cave Creek II?,and points out that we’ve been down this road before. Fourteen peple were killed in 1995 when a DoC viewing platform collapsed. The similarities to then and now are chilling. National has learnt nothing from history, it seems. Read and weep. And for gods’ sakes, pass the link on to others.

Post of the Week:

In “Ideologically Impure“, QoT raises a worrying problem  When Paula Bennett is positive about a group of beneficiaries, be suspicious. QoT asks why Bennett is practically beatifying people who raise other

people’s children – including well-meaning  grandparents – and makes a very disturbing conclusion. In short, Diane Vivian, chairperson of  ‘Grandparents Raising Grandchildren’ should have good cause to be

worried when a solo-mum smiting  ideologue gives her a “motherely” hug. Read and shake your head in disgust.


On The Daily Blog

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-Martyn Bradbury looks at David Carter and asks if he is the worst Speaker ever and asks why we need to burn DoC to save DoC. He also asks why National hate Auckland.