MEDIAWATCH: Best bit of Russian invasion is watching NZs shallow news industry struggle

Hillary thinks Putin is silly, Matty thinks he's a bully, Kanoa is sad and Jesse Mulligan is sad.

The thing I love most about NZ is that when something truly huge happens, like Russia invading Ukraine, our shallow news models have all the intellectual depth of the ZM Breakfast Show & watching our faux journalist broadcasters struggle is divine.

What the fuck can The Project or Seven Sharp or either Breakfast shows provide in terms of insight and oversight when it’s all the level of The Edge Morning Madhouse?

Worshipping at the altar of light entertainment ‘current affairs’ by both channels at 7pm has led to a brain bleed of public discourse.

Thank Allah you have the choice of The Working Group 7.30pm Mondays.

I think Putin made his call to invade the Ukraine when he saw the West attempt a coup to his South last month with the sudden explosion of violence in Kazakhstan.

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Russia was always going to send troops to support the Kazakhstan government, the country is simply too important for Russian strategic interests to allow a revolution to sweep away their pro-Moscow regime.

The Russians have their Cosmodrome there, their secret hypersonic missile test range and Russian owned uranium mines.

Russia saw this attempted revolution as part of a hybrid  war strategy that America and the West are conducting by seeding Western NGOs into civil society to ferment populist uprisings.

For Russia this is existential meddling in their neighbourhood and the likely response was always going to be a push back in the Ukraine with an invasion.

My guess is Putin will take Eastern Ukraine and carve out strategic assets along the Black Sea. He would require at least 450 000 troops to occupy the whole of the Ukraine and he’s only mobilised 200 000 so I don’t think he’s taking the whole country, he’s moving troops into regions that are already in dispute and will probably keep them easily, however along the coast where he will attempt to clear a path to Crimea there may well be heavy fighting.

Putin will keep a large military pressure across the border next to Kiev to force Ukrainian military to defend the capital rather than engage in the East or South.

This will hurt globally…

What a Russian invasion of Ukraine would mean for the global economy

Why it matters: If there was a Russian invasion, there would not only be geopolitical shockwaves and human tragedy, but it also could upend markets and strain the global economy.

      • The largest country on earth by land mass, Russia is a commodities giant, ranking as a top producer of natural gas, oil, nickel, palladium, copper, coal, potash, wheat and more.
      • Disruptions to Russian exports — either at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s say-so or due to sanctions — would drive up commodity costs, adding to global inflationary pressures and supply chain disarray.

State of play: Russia is the largest supplier of natural gas and crude to the European Union.

      • Oil prices briefly jumped above $96 a barrel on Monday — the highest since 2014 — as investors grew skittish about continued access to Russian crude.
      • Natural gas is an issue too. Europe — particularly Germany — is most exposed should supplies of Russian natural gas stop flowing. More than 20% of Germany’s gas flows from Russia, so a gas shutoff to the European economic and export giant could hurt growth and reverberate throughout global supply chains.

Yes, but: The impact of a disruption of Russian raw materials would be broader. It’s difficult to predict how the dominoes would fall.

Worth noting: High prices are also incentivizing American energy production.

What we’re watching:

      • Inflation: If oil prices hit $120 a barrel — as analysts think could happen if Russia invades — that could make the recent inflationary surge more long-lasting than economists now think. (Central banks are watching. More on that later.)
      • Autos: An invasion could break another link in the rickety auto supply chain. Russia is the world’s biggest supplier of palladium used in catalytic converters that scrub auto emissions.
      • Wheat: Russia is the world’s third-largest wheat producer — Ukraine too is a massive wheat farmer — and prices for the grain could spike on an invasion, even without major disruptions of shipments. (That’s what happened during Russia’s 2014 takeover of Crimea.)
      • Aluminum: When Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska — who controlled Russian aluminum producer Rusal — was sanctioned by the Treasury Department in 2018, it set off a 30% price surge.


…The focus now goes on Biden’s response.

If Biden takes the ‘nuclear option’ of sanctions, he will cancel all international SWIFT banking from interacting with Russian banks. Biden is seen domestically as weak after the Afghan fiasco and he will need to look tough and the severing of Russian Banks from the global banking network is the most muscular move he can make.

Russia who see their invasion of the Ukraine as geopolitical even stevens however will consider such move as a provocation that goes too far rather than a legitimate response.

Maybe this is the over reaction Putin is looking for to launch a far wider level of conflict chaos?

Consider the following, Russia responds to Biden’s banking over reaction with grey war tactics and launches cyber strikes while tearing open conflict in the Middle East by giving Iran the last pieces they need for nuclear capability.

Iran gaining nuclear technology is a red line for Israel and the Russians know that.

Israel responds with a massive never before seen military strike on all Iranian nuclear assets which causes oil prices to explode and supply chains to freeze to a stand still.

Inflation jumps to double figures as global markets implode.

This starts in the Ukraine but could end with Israel bombing Iran.

Watch for China to attempt its own symbolic show of strength while Biden is dealing with Putin.

Constant external geopolitical shock waves are the new post Covid normal.

Let’s see The Project & Seven Sharp manage to explore that without using a sporting analogy, Hillary giggling or Kanoa castigating herself for not have a Te Reo pronunciation for Russian strategy.


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  1. ‘Idiocracy’
    Watch and learn dumb asses an’ Brawndo’ makes plants grow an’ that.
    “Joe’s life changes when he is chosen to be the guinea pig for a secret hibernation experiment. When he wakes up from 500 years of slumber, he realises that he is the smartest man on the planet.”

  2. Biden is dealing with Putin? haha

    Biden shuffles to the microphone and then incoherently repeats the words of his advisors……all the while wondering when his health care personal assistant will change his diaper for him.

    If Biden is the answer, WTF was the question? Which US President wears a diaper and produces a comedy show for Putin and Xi Jinping’s entertainment every time he’s wheeled onto the stage?

    It’s appropriate this is put on the same table as “NZ sends Russia a strong message”. haha

    • It is not just Biden when we consider all Presidents since Kennedy. Puppets to the Industrial/military machine each and every one of them. Two faced lying sycophantic media friendly corrupt millionaires…. products of the American dream!

    • ““NZ sends Russia a strong message”. haha”

      and I hope it was as strong as the one we didn’t send to USA when it illegally invaded Iraq.

    • TM
      Putin withdraws all troops after Mahuta tweets and Ardern SLLLLLLAAAAMMMMS Putin…according to The Herald. The Herald, our own Hello magazine.

  3. This commentary is a definite step up on the politics of the situation compared to your last one Martyn. Putin has always been clear about what he wants to happen, which is for Nato countries to pull out of the Ukraine and for it to be a non-aligned buffer state – quite a sensible suggestion. And has just stated this goal again (at around 8am on Thursday morning NZ time). He’s always been upfront about this and the only thing that is surprising people is that he’s acted on his threats. Sadly, I don’t see the current Ukraine government accepting these demands, and the United States won’t because it has a sociopathic foreign policy which largely won’t take no for an answer unless a force greater than itself gets in the way. As for the New Zealand media and government – well, they are towing the American line as per usual, highlighting once again that this country does not have an independent foreign policy.

    • Yep, I was pleased to discover this analysis – it’s way better than anthing else I’ve found. I’m particularly sad about what’s happened to Democracy Now! where once again they seem to be relying ‘safe’ academics in the US who support the US government.

    • Esoteric Pineapples, Yes, but I never thought that Putin would go this far, and he is probably slightly mad. His faced is puffed like somebody on steroids, he is rumoured to have Parkinson’s, may have been taking male hormones- witness his photos bare chested on horses etc a while back.

      New Zealand’s marriage to the USA was cemented during Key’s misrule and sycophancy to Hollywood with Clark no better sneaking us into tragic Afghanistan, and the SAS shopping itself around like mercenaries. The audacity of Green co-leader Marama Davidson now suggesting that New Zealand should advise China to be guided by us in its stance on Russia, beggars belief in its clumsiness and naivety. We should be instantly waiving visa and other requirements for Ukrainians wanting or needing to come here- and, for that matter, for Russians also. The possible implosion of the USA might force our politicians to enter an adult world.

      • and where would we put these ukrainians? or any other refugees for that matter? a list of available properties and street addresses would be appreciated.

        I’m not against immigration I’m against the cruelty of falsely advertising NZ as a paradise, when we get the housing built fair enough but right now….well if jacinda had bothered to extract the digit….but she didn’t and here we are.

  4. I said previously that Russia would not invade Ukraine. The recognition of the breakaway republics effectively dismembers Ukraine, Russian military presence will gaurantee them. The other aim seems to be to demilitarise the rest of Ukraine without occupation. That can be done remotely.

    NATO aka USA are entirely to blame for this fiasco.

    • What an absolute joke.

      Putin, an increasingly unhinged dictator, invaded a independent state – a democracy – and its none of his fault.

      It’s the equivalent of saying “she deserved the beating – I saw her flirting with another guy”.

      • Oh, Come on Gordon. During the Vietnam War we already heard the lie about the so-called
        democratically elected government of South Vietmam..
        Reda the history books and see what a farce that was. Same applies here. Propaganda…

        • 2 wrongs don’t make a right.
          Maybe some people have forgotten the good tenets of old religion since woke mantra took over and “anything is justified if it backs my superior moral position.”
          A bunch of unjustified wars by the USA and everyone else don’t justify this one.

        • Hate to tell you it In Vino, but Ukraine isn’t Vietnam, and this isn’t 1963.

          A foreign policy mistake in the 1960s does not give a dictator a right to invade an independent country now.

          I seriously don’t understand the rabid idiocy floating around in this forum. Is your anti-American hatred so propogandised that you would support literally any country – for any trumpted up reason – invading any ally of America? Putin’s speech was riddled with historical revisionism and misinformation. But that’s ok, because American did a bad thing, once.

          You can dislike American foreign policy AND recognise there is ZERO justification but utter horror at the military invasion by Russia.

        • “Propaganda”.. One only needs to watch three or more of the different western news outlets, and I’m including Al Jazeera in that group now, to understand that it just isn’t possible foe every single oneof them to be using exactly the same sentences, and descriptions of the situation unless they have all been given the same lyric sheet to sing from… That defines propaganda… I’ve said this many times in the last couple of weeks, and will repeat, that this parrellels the level of hyperbole and bullshit that presaged the beginning of the first world war… A totally pointless war that killed millions in barbaric ways… I know this may be unpopular, but the criminals in this situation are the Americans.. And that is the truly frightening aspect of this whole mess.. It was totally avoidable in a world dominated by common sense, and rationality.. Neither of which relate to American foreign policy aims, or behavior

      • It’s the equivalent of saving her from her new seig heil boyfriend, a swastika wearing mongrel mobster who has her hooked on armaments P and together they are pointing guns out the window at you.

      • This immediate crisis could easily have been avoided if Ukraine had pledged not to join NATO and to remain non-aligned militarily.

        • You seem to want to keep the abusive relationship metaphor going.

          Do what I say or I will invade/beat you.

          Apparently Ukraine has no autonomy and is not actually an independent state. It’s all just fine to kill thousands of civilians because an elderly former KGB henchman is trying to reclaim former glory.

          I don’t give a flying fuck whether NATO is good or bad – it’s the choice of Ukraine, and some might say a pretty rational choice based on recent Russian invasions into Georgia and the Crimea. Is that what you bang on for days about an “independent foreign policy” – a country is free to choose alliances or not to alliance.

          Your gaslighting is ridiculous. It’s not a “crisis” – it’s tanks steamrolling in and bombs falling military invasion.

      • ukraine is many things but a democracy isn’t one of have 2 authoritarian regimes facing each other so can we please leave the ‘democracy unicorn’ out of it.
        What we’re probably looking at is prolonged low intensity warfare in the donbass…how to solve it? I have my theory as do we all but there are forces who want that conflict and would love it to drag out….the sad thing is ukrainian and russian lives will be the collateral damage.

  5. Yes M. The Project and 7 Sharp will announce,”Putin Bad! Jacinda Kind!! And that’s our in-depth war coverage from somewhere in Europe, near Germany somewhere where NATO is at War too with Ukraine in Russia.”


  6. There is nothing “divine” in watching the NZ media struggle to comprehensively, with balance, report on a situation like The Ukraine. A democratic society relies on the freedom of the news media to inform us. When the news organs in NZ are by and large so hungup on right leaning rhetoric and ignorance our very way of life which we take so much for granted – our freedom and democracy – is threatened.

    This is not to back Putin or Biden. This is about presenting coherently and comprehensively on what is going on, on the ground and in diplomacy.

    It is a sad day when politically motivated, uninformed, populists dominate our news media. It is also dangerous.

  7. The Russian offensive is military targeted and seeks to protect communities, flush out terrorists and ensure stability in the region. The US reaction is to inflict more harm on the region’s people by sanctioning access, finances and resources, not to mention the weapons and support already pumped in to Ukraine by the West.

  8. There is nothing “divine” in watching the NZ media struggle to comprehensively, with balance, report on a situation like The Ukraine. A democratic society relies on the freedom of the news media to inform us. When the news organs in NZ are by and large so hungup on right leaning rhetoric and ignorance our very way of life which we take so much for granted – our freedom and democracy – is threatened.

    This is not to back Putin or Biden. This is about presenting coherently and comprehensively on what is going on, on the ground and in diplomacy.

    It is a sad day when politically motivated, uninformed, populists dominate our news media. It is also dangerous.

  9. Strip this down to behavioral psychology and effectively the West has green lighted the invasion of Taiwan and parts of Eastern Europe. Putin is playing chicken with an increasingly limp wristed West.

    The best course of action is now to treat Russia like North Korea but we know they won’t and Iphones and designer commodities from the West will still flow into Russia.

    • “I phones and designer commodities from the West will still flow into Russia.”
      made with raw materials from Russia .

    • Putin is clever and as cold as a fish.
      He has the west over a barrel because they are over reliant on Russian oil and gas while rushing to decommission nuclear power plants- especially Germany.
      He is striking while he sees weakness in his western opponent – social division, woke navel gazing and rushed energy policy for climate change – all weakness.
      I’ve said before, climate change itself is unlikely to kill you but war for resources certainly can.

      And in NZ we have a shadow of a defence force, are decommissioning our only oil refinery and becoming energy dependent on the whims of our own biggest security threat China.
      At least Australia is going to go down fighting.

      • you don’t get to be a colonel in the KGB by being stupid, plenty of other attributes, mostly not positive but stupidity ain’t one of ’em.

      • “ As Russian troops pile into Ukraine, and Russian bombs fall on Ukrainian cities, what are the security services in the UK focusing on? White privilege. This is not a joke. As the Daily Mail reports today, ‘Britain’s spies are being urged to consider their “white privilege” and declare their pronouns as Europe descends into war’. This comes from a leaked report on ‘improving diversity’ in the security services, written by Sir Stephen Lovegrove, the UK’s national security adviser. It also advises against using gendered terms like ‘manpower’ and even words like ‘strong’ and ‘grip’, which can ‘reinforce dominant cultural patterns’. And there you have it: as Putin plays the strongman, our security bosses are saying ze and zir and advising against inappropriate usage of upsetting words like… ‘strength’.”

  10. Cmon Bomber don’t you enjoy the Mrs Robinson charade that they are playing on OnePravda at 7pm. I get the feeling NewsBoy is starting to get uncomfortable however his champagne socialist co-host seems to be delighted in playing the part.

    As for the Project there was a little bit of light want Kanoa was on maternity lead and when Mulligan was absent but alas the gang is in back now therefore makes TheView look positively center-right in its approach

  11. Watch fuel prices go through the roof.

    Biden’s woke / green agenda has measurably weakened the USA after just one year in office, and emboldened tyrants around the world.

    • naw andy I think you’ll find 40yrs of neo-liberalism fucked yankland and your hero trumpy was the cherry on top of americas decline…biden is just the current t-shirt.

  12. You are so right with our amateur news services. The new zealand herald giving its own award to itself year after year. Their journalists would even know a news story if it fell over one. All our new zealand news covers is new zealand topics most of which are of dubious value and just noise. No insight, nothing of value just pap. Thank god for overseas news sites that I can easily get into and read for free. I get first hand knowledge of what is happening in situations.

    As for Russia toughening up, fair enough. Russia has let to much of its buffer territories go in the last 30 years, and now wants them back because they are under an existential threat with a lot of former Russian allied countries filled to the brim with nato forces. So there are no buffer zones no more. The last straw was when Kazakhstan was made unstable by western countries’ intelligence forces. Putin has rightly said “thats enough reneging on your promises you have made to us in years past. Europe distinctly said it would not allow nato forces into former soviet block countries. But no, the west had to get too greedy. So the West and Europe only have themselves to blame.

    And just a reminder Russia is no longer a communist country so we in the West really need to stop thinking of them like that. Russia is now back to being Russian Orthodox (church) And Putin is 100 times worse than communist. He is an imperialist. By that he wants all Russias land back under control during the time of the Tsars. So Russia under the Tsars had big hunks of land around Europe.

    You think Putin won’t do that ? Just you watch him

    Russia is the bear, but this time showing nuclear armed teeth.

    • it’s true we don’t have subject orientated news in this country no one with the depth to attempt context..just talking heads of all genders and ethnicities who’s only attribute is having excellent dental care on show.
      And NOPE wheeling in the usual university or business reps contributes nothing.

      it’s a sad fuckin thing but sometimes I see more knowledge, insight and creative thinking(from both sides)here on this blog than anyone is ever likely to get from the NZ media…and that is truly tragic

  13. I’d just like to thank Putin for ending the global pandemic.

    How long until we don’t care about covid? and how will Jacinda rationalize a war when we have been saying even 1 death is too much!

  14. “He [Putin] would require at least 450 000 troops to occupy the whole of the Ukraine ”
    Who told you that? Is there a table one can look up or an established formula?

  15. Biden on Putin.

    “He has no soul”

    Nek minute,

    “He’s bright, he’s tough and I’ve found he’s a worthy adversary”


    “He’s a killer”

    Ok Sleepy Joe. Which one is it?

    My take = “Biden has been completely outplayed by Putin”

    • Oh no, have I been wrong all along? What about the insightful analytical Heather Du Plessis Allan and her equally boring, sorry, analytical husband Barry Soper with their regular ad nauseum mocking, jeering and sniggering banter at anything the government does with Soper decrying the government for not talking to the protesters. Isn’t that in-depth journalism? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, sorry just had a big yawn which seems to happen every time I have the misfortune of listening to these two intrepid journalists.

      What I am saying Gagarin is that you are spot-on.

      On the topic of Soper decrying the government for not talking to the protesters – a typical suck the lollipop brave-boy response from someone who hides behind a microphone in the safety of some poxy parliamentary media studio, feeling all brave and strong but not having to deal with real issues. Hey Barry, I wonder how you would feel if there was a credible clear and present danger against your life by a group of angry aggressive people (the hallmark of these protesters) who were demanding to see you?

  16. Don’t forget when Hillary giggles, Jeremy will respond with hilarious awkward silence and a smug smile making Hillary giggle again. Then comes the punchline, ‘oh well, at least no-one’s obsessing about my body today…like that guy John who emailed last week complaining about my hips, these are my hips John, this is what hips look like…”

  17. Putin had “listed the four steps needed to be taken by the Ukraine to avoid direct, unilateral, Russian action:

    The Ukraine must recognize Crimea and Sevastopol as Russian territory
    The Ukraine must officially renounce joining NATO
    The Ukraine must negotiate a settlement with the LDNR Republics
    The Ukraine must be demilitarized and declared neutral” …

    …. “Since Russia has recognized the LDNR in their original, administrative, regional borders, this means that all the Ukie forces between the current Line of Contact (LOC) and the borders between the original borders of the LDNR and the rest of the Ukraine are now de facto and de jure a foreign occupying force on the territory of a Russian ally which Russia promised to protect.

    Just ponder the implications of that for a while, let it sink in: until yesterday, the Ukronazi forces were on their own territory, at least legally speaking. Now they are abroad and unwelcome.”….

    … “Some LDNR official have offered this: stop the shelling, move at least your heavy force away from the LOC as you are supposed to under the ceasefire agreements and we won’t move our forces in. In other words, if the Ukies move out, the LDNR forces will stay out, but the territory vacated by the Ukies will become legally LDNR’s.

    Since there is exactly zero chance that the Nazis in Kiev will accept, what does that tell you about the next move by the LDNR and, possibly, Russia?’

    …. “If the US/NATO/EU had any brains, they would quickly accept the total and final loss of the LDNR, following by a declaration that the Ukraine has become a neutral, demilitarized, state. In exchange for that, Russia would provide firm security guarantees and cheap energy. But that would be common sense, not exactly the kind of mindset which brought us to today’s crisis.

    NATO Too Weak to Face Russia: Scott Ritter on Russian Offensive

    P.s ,,,,, justinda ardern is a Blair faced liar when it comes to ‘standing in unity’ with the Nazi infused, usa installed, puppet Govt of Ukraine,,,, which has waged a war for the past 7 or 8 years against ukraine people not wishing to be under it…..

    ….. Killing over 14,000 of them,,, which is the Christchurch terror attack repeated 280 times over.

    She’s a neo-con as well as a neo-lib.

    NATO woman. …….

    • Are you a dumb unreasonable commie. I was one once until I went behind the iron curtain looking for the promised utopia. I was soon converted to a social democrat – following Scandinavia and Netherlands way.

  18. A catastrophic outcome but not entirely unexpected. Still, it is hard to get past the hypocritical cant coming out of the “western” leaders and the MSM. Watch how the language shifts and terms like “war machine” [=armed forces], “WW2-style invasion” [actually US-style invasion] etc are applied. Compare with how the US/UK “interventions” were treated by the media. Putin may have over-reached now but NATO etc have been utterly useless and intransient, stoking up hate for Russia over decades since the end of Communism (supposedly the big enemy) while invading and destroying other countries themselves. It is all so depressing.

  19. Yeah it’s like “oh how terrible” and then they get the latest sharemarkets update and then they realise that it’s much much worse. Enough to make even Mr Cool Giles Beckford (RNZ) wince.

  20. I wonder if the Gubmint will put Fox News on our screens as they did for the Iraq war? Somehow I’m unsure as blind support of the Lord Of Lies has changed Fox’s messaging on illegal wars.

  21. Agree 100% esoteric pineapples.
    This is what happens when the MIC have full control.
    Destabilisation, which means weapons sales and profit.
    The world is run by sociopaths/psychopaths who never get called out, least of all by the MSM.
    Western armed Saudi Arabia’s non-stop bombing of Yemen is a humanitarian catastrophe, constant Israeli bombing raids in Syria and the US bombing in Somalia in the last 48 hours is just a small sample of the connected US hegemonic mentality but their will be not be any investigative journalism on the power behind all their thrones.
    The MIC is so powerful that when it seems to lose it still wins.
    Fear and paranoia drives inflated Defence budgets especially in conflict zones and now Eastern Europe has joined the queue.
    Peace is not a word the MIC want to hear and their stooges have been prodding the bear for decades and now it has woken up the human price will be high.
    But the blood spilt will be Ukrainian/Russian and not from any of the protagonists.

  22. Bruce Jesson RIP is remembered as a light for NZ journalism and you could listen to past speakers at the annual lectures and get some background.

    Here is Stuff’s Sinead Boucher and after the promotion she might get down to details – the 2020 Bruce Jesson Lecture. 45.53 mins

    Info –
    23/12/2021 The Bruce Jesson Foundation will part-fund a Stuff investigation into saving our kauri forests – a recognition that mainstream commercial media now need support to fund important public-interest journalism.
    The planned five-part series by Stuff Northland reporter Denise Piper and photographer Jason Dorday will investigate whether we are doing enough to save the taonga of our kauri trees from kauri dieback.

    Bruce Jesson Lectures have been delivered by: David Lange (2000), Brian Easton (2001), Chris Trotter (2002), Jane Kelsey (2003), Ani Mikaere (2004), Colin James (2005), Gordon Campbell (2006), Laila Harre (2007), Mike Lee (2008), Robert Wade (2009), Annette Sykes (2010), Paul Dalziel (2011), Nicky Hager (2012), Ted Thomas (2013), Mike Joy (2014), Rod Oram (2015), Lisa Marriott (2016), Tāmati Kruger (2017), Bernie Smith (2018), Russel Norman (2019) and Sinead Boucher (2020).
    You may download PDF versions of past lectures by using the ‘Download PDFs‘ link in this menu.

  23. it’s worth noting that it seems, seems I say that the russians apart from an airfield near kiev are only attacking military targets outside the donbass, although action there is an invasion no doubt…

    some casualties in kiev where caused by a shoot down of a russian aircraft not a russian missile, though you could argue if the russian plane wasn’t there…….

  24. After the ’84 coup TV news suddenly started reporting the sharemarket and currency exchange figures every night as so it was news. I remember saying to my flatmate (Mum) about the tenor of ‘the news’, it was news for children. It so struck me. Playschool dramatics. Instead of getting in there like several print outlets at the time. It didn’t help reason and democracy. They are ball-less ever since, let alone mindless (compare even the US media in its grand days).

    No depth, no help. Simon Dallow is the def of shallow.

    Mainly, why didn’t they help in the immediate fight against the freemarket revolution/coup, unlike the equally publicly owned RNZ? Empowering the powerful and leaving behind those we’d contracted to carry along with us is something worth a NZer’s concern, which is what RNZ thought.

  25. the beeb never was impartial, the inspiration for Minitru in 1984 was Orwells own experiences working for the BBCs burma service in ww2.
    lord reith who beeb apologists like to quote on ‘inform educate and entertain’ but rarely refer to ‘the BBCs role is to support the govt of the day’ also one of his.

    there never was a ‘golden age of journalism’ but there was a time when it was at least run by competent professionals.

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