David Carter – Worst. Speaker. Ever.


David_Carter_t460Mallard & Hipkins have just been kicked out of Parliament for trying to get answers by points of order.

I have watched David Carter take on the role of Speaker with a terrible gnawing horror that this sanctimonious flake has been allowed to rise so high within our system.

Sweet Christ, Tau Henare would have been a thousand times better.

After the golden reign of Lockwood Smith who did the unthinkable, actually hold the Government to account by forcing them to answer questions, Carter’s reluctant ascendence gave no comfort whatsoever.

His admission that he would find it difficult to be unbiased has proven to be woefully true…

Carter admits being an unbiased Speaker ‘a big ask’
National’s David Carter admits it will be “a big ask” to be non-partisan as Speaker but says it was a critical part of being the Speaker and he would give it all he had.

… Carter’s bullshit ruling that Ministers could give 3 flippant answers and then that’s it, move onto the next question makes Parliament an absolute farce.

The Speaker’s job is to help the minority hold the majority to account – Carter is actively undermining that, today’s debacle is a hideous day for NZ democracy.

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The Opposition should just get up and walk out when he does this again. Allowing Carter to get away with protecting the Government enables, Labour and the Greens should show they are better than that and walk out.

If Carter is going to be this biased, participating in question time is the wrong thing to do. Opposition politicians should walk from the chamber straight to the steps of Parliament and protest Carter’s appalling rulings.

Carter. Is. The. Worst. Speaker. Ever. No question.


  1. I was hoping that opposition MP after MP would stand up to put the same point of order that got others sent to early showers… would have shown question time for the one sided farce that it was. As for Key being allowed to get away with using a point of order to repeat the issue being debated, just shows how Key plays with the Speaker and the house. He did this repeatedly yesterday, and surely is treating both the Speaker and parliament with contempt.

  2. David Carter is the worst Speaker of The House in New Zealand, ever, Period. (in front of “international dignitaries”; his words). What a freakin’ joke NZ has become; only Tremain, Tolley, Collins, well, most of the current Tory stooges are worse. Jesus Wept!

    • Jesus would be going in there and throwing all the tables over and shaming the politicians for their bollocks.

      • Then tasered, beaten and crucified by Police. Happy Easter! Upon resurrection, he would probably take a walk across the ditch.

  3. They’ve created a banana republic, and it didn’t happen behind our backs either. They’ve done it in full sight of the press gallery.

  4. Pretty short memory there Bomber if Carter is the worst ever
    Remind me how Labour dealt with questions to Ministers

    • The sarky comment as part of a ministerial answer is a long standing tradition in the House. It’s just that, historically, the Member was required to withdraw and apologise, instead of skating off scott free like Dear Leader is doing here.

      • And Key is bad at it. He comes off like a smirking bully than a savvy, confident operator; YM, of course, MV, but he’s still a dick.

  5. I hereby table the motion that Judith Collins be hereafter barred from using “Owned” in any discourse, political or otherwise.

  6. Sweet Christ, Tau Henare would have been a thousand times better.

    Really think so? Perhaps, but not necessarily on this occasion he and Mallard might have chosen to go “discuss the matter in the lobbies” mano-a-mano. Has the bad blood washed away since last time?

  7. Tau Henare would not have been better. I struggle to think of any NAct member who has anything but contempt for Parliament. I also hold Parliament pretty much in absolute contempt, but I’m not putting up my hand to work there and pretend otherwise.

  8. he did,nt want to be there and it shows upshot of it all the minute an opposition
    mp goes anywhere putting a government minister under pressure Carter will get them off the hook by shutting the member down i agree they should all walk out

  9. It’s too soon to tell if he will be the worst.

    But it’s not too soon to tell that Labour are trying to make him the worst, and National are misusing the mayhem.

    Both National and Labour have a responsibility to ensure appropriate behaviour during question time and give the chair the resepct it deserves. Currently they are setting a terrible example. They should put their own sides of the house in order and let Carter do his job without undue pressure.

  10. My daughter and son in law used to work for David Carter in a bar he owned, total pig of a boss, always trying to get longer hours for shorter pay.
    At least Lockwood had a fair attitude, Carter didn’t want the job because he knew he’d be biased…when are the people of this country going to wake up?
    What bastardry do Hooding John and his cohorts have to commit to be voted out?

    Robin Hood robbed the rich to help the poor
    Hooding John robs the poor to help the rich.
    A la $44mill per week to help out his buddy-buds who were earning over $40,000 per year with a nice tax break, those earning under got nothing, and they are 50% of the work force.
    I hope these bastards rot in hell.

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